Leaguegaming - Your Virtual Career

# User Gamertag Primary Position Questions or Comments
1 jayvee028 jayvee028 Left Defense
2 The_Drac-_- The_Drac-_- Center
3 allstar5067 allstar5067 Left Defense
4 Dustinkeefe19 Dustinkeefe19 Center
5 nitram308 nitram308 Right Defense Cachow
6 MikeeTeeze MikeeTeeze Goalie FNP champ here
7 mikemoran19 mikemoran19 Goalie Top G
8 Moranaconda Moranaconda Left Defense
10 XGEnErAL 420X XGeneral420X Goalie thx
11 ll923ll SilvaL15L Left Wing
12 Drfootball909 Drfootball909 Right Defense Or LD
13 j_sherminator j_sherminator Right Wing
14 grapevines22 Grapevines22 Center
15 mikey_ducks mikey_ducks Left Wing
16 Davy3000x Davy3000x Goalie No
17 Marner93 aslamsaleh Right Wing
18 RamsBAAAA-SON RamsBAAAA-SON Right Defense Hi Erybody
19 Assult_Sniper_1 Assult_Sniper_1 Left Defense
20 foxpresentation redfangs Left Defense
21 Ghost_Reaper__82 Ghost_Reaper__82 Center
22 Polska_B0SS_780 Polska_B0SS_780 Right Defense
23 Shaggy2448 Shaggy2448 Right Wing
24 mikenaughty mikenaughty Right Defense
25 alonzi401 alonzi401 Goalie
26 charmingdonut charmingdonut Left Defense
27 j_marz25 j_marz25 Left Wing
28 hockeyman22996 hockeyman22996 Goalie
29 gohawks48 gohawks48 Center
30 tball612 tball619 Left Defense Can Rd
31 Showtime6919 Showtime6919 Left Wing Sex drugs and rock and roll