Leaguegaming - Your Virtual Career

# User Gamertag Primary Position Questions or Comments
1 Ducksfanwaterloo Ducksfanwaterloo Left Wing Biggie
2 headhunter9872 headhunter9872 Goalie
3 Hyperr x 97 iHyPeR_97 Left Wing will play if picked up
4 jeff0012 jeff0012 Right Wing
5 jayvee028 jayvee028 Left Defense
6 XGEnErAL 420X XGeneral420X Right Wing
7 XxJusT4TheShoWxX XxJusT4TheShoWxX Right Wing
8 NoThumbSweatyAF PteCyr Left Defense
9 Davy3000x Davy3000x Goalie
10 RyOfTheBeholder RyOfTheBeholder Left Defense LUL
11 Tantillo818 Tantillo818 Left Defense
12 hockeyman22996 hockeyman22996 Goalie Hi
13 JonFromEarth JonFromEarth Left Defense
14 NH4JP NH4JP Right Wing
15 BoRuSS_QC BoRuSS_QC Center can play LW too
16 OBrien x 8 OBxOBrien Center
17 foxpresentation redfangs Left Defense
18 Tactfeezy88 Tactfeezy88 Center
19 Goostav_12 Goostav_12 Center
20 Einx29 Einx29 Left Wing
21 xBrickwall-_- xBrickwall-_- Goalie
22 xl_JDE0201_lx xl_JDE0201_lx Left Wing
23 nitram308 nitram308 Right Defense Cachow
24 Kroeger71 Kroeger71 Right Defense Might be able to make it, I’ll let jt know if i can’t before the draft
25 Und3rSh0tkid Und3rSh0tkid87 Left Wing
26 TheyCallMeRevv TheyCallMeRevv Goalie
27 IllVIBEZIll IllVIBEZIll Right Wing
28 B-Bunny B-Bunny Right Wing 10m check
29 The_Falcon__ The_Falcon__ Center Lw also.
30 Mooner2014 Mooner2014 Goalie
31 Deathmachine475 Deathmachine475 Left Wing Can play c as well.
32 mikemoran19 mikemoran19 Goalie TopG
33 Pfarrcyde23 Pfarrcyde23 Left Wing
34 WestSideHockey WestSideHockey Goalie
35 PoopinSince95 PoopinSince95 Center
36 charmingdonut charmingdonut Left Defense
37 ivegotyour6 ivegotyour6 Right Wing
38 MikeeTeeze MikeeTeeze Right Defense
39 Williams_55 Williams_55 Right Wing .
40 Xx LoL xX 9 xLOL-9 Center
41 Iplay_for_keeps Iplay_for_keeps Right Wing
42 HazeeHype HazeeHype Right Wing
43 ICExCREAMxTRUCK dont_cone_me_bro Left Defense
44 Chaskin12 Chaskin12 Right Defense Can play all posistions
45 Do87oA Do87oA Goalie
46 Igotdat420 Igotdat420 Left Wing
47 greatzilla007 greatzilla007 Goalie
48 prodigytolegend prodigytolegend Left Wing Can play starting at 930
49 Goouuu x 27 Goouuu_x27 Goalie
50 ThomaLong ThomaLong Left Wing x
51 CJSnipes3 CJSnipes3 Center
52 DrFurryNips DrFurryNips Right Defense
53 Enjoy__The__Show Enjoy__The__Show Right Wing
54 STerryI23I sterryxc23 Right Defense
55 NoSleeves12 NoSleeves12 Left Defense
56 azdek63 azdek63 Left Defense
57 SilvaL15L SilvaL15L Left Wing
58 debarrd debarrd Left Wing
59 KMAC5 KMcDonald_24 Left Defense
60 Happy-Gilmore-27 Happy-Gilmore-27 Left Defense
61 Hockeyman2917 Hockeyman2917 Right Wing
62 DirtyNewf613 DirtyNewf613 Right Wing
63 ovoPhillyy ovoPhillyy Left Wing
64 Bubba17- Bubba17- Left Defense
65 Skinnasty 53 x-Skinner-_53_- Goalie
66 Nba2k16islife201 Nba2k16islife201 Center
67 alonzi401 alonzi401 Center