Leaguegaming - Your Virtual Career

# User Gamertag Primary Position Questions or Comments
1 Happy-Gilmore-27 Happy-Gilmore-27 Left Defense
2 tbeat- tbeat- Right Defense
3 Murbayn Murbayn Goalie
4 Malliaman Malliaman Goalie
5 Rahzki Rahzki Left Defense
6 Sinksmasher Sinksmasher Center
8 XGEnErAL 420X XGeneral420X Goalie Top G
9 Carm95 Carmstrong95 Center I enjoy long walks on the beach and having a nice bottle of wine by the fire.
10 mhogan5 mhogan5 Right Defense
11 ThomaLong ThomaLong Right Wing
12 Javaherforoush NyIsles3 Left Defense Ld or rd
13 Gubplt Gubplt Right Defense
14 DJ4040 DJU4040 Left Defense
15 sherer20 sherer20 Left Defense S8 CHL All Star
16 Rivnasty Rivnasty Right Wing
17 J_Pedro13 J_Pedro13 Right Wing
18 LittleRaGoo28 LittleRaGoo28 Left Wing
19 D3S7R0Y3RZ_FTW D3S7R0Y3RZ_FTW Center
20 Robbed95 Robbed95 Right Wing
21 Shaggy2448 Shaggy2448 Left Wing
22 Williams_55 Williams_55 Right Wing
23 shockers2004 shockers2004 Center
24 j_sherminator j_sherminator Right Wing
25 iTapOn1stDate iTapOn1stDate Left Defense
26 TakeNotes97 TakeNotes97 Right Wing
27 Capitalsfan_08 Capitalsfan_08 Goalie
28 oneeye15 oneeye15 Center Can play any position
29 nickybee28 nickybee28 Center
30 beernpickles beernpickles Right Defense RD looking for a chance
31 MistaWilliams8 MistaWilliams8 Left Wing
32 Class Act 27 Class_Act_27 Left Wing
33 SmearedPap Smearedpap Right Wing play any wing
34 worf26 worf26 Goalie :)
35 The_Real_Teal The_Real_Teal Left Defense
36 HadjiBomber HadjiBomber Goalie if you don't draft me you're ego 100%
37 soul2cold77 soul2cold77 Left Wing
38 TikleMySackic TikleMySackic Left Wing
39 GuruGreg79 GuruGreg79 Left Defense
40 PattyIce14 PattyIce14 Left Defense : )
41 priceless_1982 priceless_1982 Goalie
42 TaPoisse TaPoisse Center
43 xTiDanKilleR--55 xTiDanKilleR--55 Right Wing
44 Schmidty51 Schmidty51 Goalie
45 SyNSxCrusade SyNSxCrusade Center
46 KNIFEinYOURguts NONEbutTHEbrave Left Defense Que?
47 Ducksfanwaterloo Ducksfanwaterloo Left Wing
48 Jasono79 jasono79 Right Wing
49 AAli x 21 AAli-21 Center
50 Stubby Stubby75 Right Defense stubby75 psn name
51 iCallsoWhat55 iCallsoWhat55 Goalie hi
52 Crease-Fire Crease-Fire Right Wing West Coast
53 mikenaughty mikenaughty Left Defense
54 SilvaL15L SilvaL15L Goalie TopG
55 Rico Suave TOS JulianI21I Left Defense
56 KingWillum KingWillum Right Wing Derp!!
57 Reider15-15 Reider15-15 Center
58 xDudester TheRealDudester Goalie Don’t pick me if you are cheeks
59 OhBakk OhBakk Right Defense
60 Chipy_19 Chipy_19 Center
61 xSS_GotEmCoach_ xSS_GotEmCoach_ Left Defense Can play LD or RD
62 BrandonUtd BrandonUtd Left Defense
63 Chikenbiskit Chikenbiskit Left Defense
64 HeartNSoul-X HeartNSoul-X Right Defense
65 Rockan40 Rockan40 Center
66 Mclub326 Mclub326 Right Wing
67 Coach3344 Coach3344 Left Wing Any.
68 mooresy 27 therealmooresy Center or RW
69 Markz_51 Markz_51 Right Defense I refuse to bag my own groceries.
70 NinjaGamer762 NinjaGamer762 Center
71 Hyperr x 97 iHyPeR_97 Left Wing i may or may not be available, dm me if u wanna know hyper#3031
72 Ghostx7787 Ghostx7787 Right Wing Get me
73 Five5Hole_ Five5Hole_ Right Defense
74 Jimbo_Slice093 Jimbo_Slice093 Left Defense
75 KittyKing69 KittyKing69 Goalie Im the best goalie ever
76 goalieman92 goalieman92 Goalie
77 RollanDubs RollanDubs Left Defense
78 Berrakov Berrakov Right Defense
79 mratchet mratchet Right Defense
80 ti-jake66 ti-jake66 Right Defense ti-jake66
81 Girgs28 Girgs28 Right Defense
82 BK_0994 BK_0994 Right Wing
83 francey2325 Francey2325 Left Defense I'm elite
84 TheNortoriousBIG TheNortoriousBIG Center
85 Jg3542jg Jg3542jg Left Defense This should be your sixth pick right here
86 xHedman- xHedman- Right Wing esketit
87 x57 Chedda G0LD-KUUSH Right Wing
88 bobbatta bobbatta Goalie
89 Bruggz-_- Bruggz-_- Right Wing
90 i9-Stamkos-1i i9-Stamkos-1i Right Wing
91 CUP_CHECK_ IMaBEASTkidd19 Goalie Top goalie :) check stats
92 Dc_Deke92 Dc_Deke92 Left Defense LD/RD
93 XxJusT4TheShoWxX XxJusT4TheShoWxX Center
94 Markush709 Markush709 Left Wing
95 gocanucks01 gocanucks01 Right Wing
96 Triiio 4 Trio_Bigmac- Right Defense
97 GFalquez GFalquez Left Wing
98 HazeeHype HazeeHype Right Wing
99 Flowshow8988 Flowshow8988 Left Defense
100 Leg_al Leg_al Right Defense WASHED UP
101 RBCressor RBCressor Left Defense
102 MMurph Murph6897 Right Wing
103 dparans dparans Left Defense Do not pick for RD or until the 4th round. I am bad.
104 BioIogics BioIogiks Left Wing Lw c rw ld
105 Changuito74 Changuito74 Right Defense Let's go
106 RyOfTheBeholder RyOfTheBeholder Left Defense
107 SuDzy92 SuDzy92_ Right Wing rw/lw/c
108 NH4JP NH4JP Right Defense
109 RaZCuL RaZCuL Right Defense
110 Jennjamty Jennjamty Right Wing
111 Dencope Dencope Center Will play LW as well
112 Kingboivin31 Kingboivin31 Right Wing Can Play ld/rd too
113 Ligma Leafs leafs1791 Goalie Trophy points?
114 Nick_x_98 Nick_x_98 Center
115 Xeazyklllx Xeazyklllx Goalie
116 Bo-Dangles10 Bo-Dangles10 Left Defense
117 l x Dumais x l N_DUMAIS Right Wing
118 Krvstoffer Krvstoffer Goalie
119 Dherms18 Dherms18 Center Happy to play RW as well!
120 PrometheusXVII PrometheusXVII Right Defense
121 JamesCoyle JamesCoyle Left Wing
122 Kingbling647 kingbling647 Center no
123 troy2499 troy2499 Right Wing Can also play LW
124 Mike813499 Mike813499 Right Defense
125 BA_Sports_Fan BA_Sports_Fan Left Defense
126 L-_0-_o-_p-_s_88 L-_0-_o-_p-_s_88 Center
127 OG-CrispyCreamy OG-CrispyCreamy Left Wing
128 xGourrrrr xGourrrrr Right Defense
129 TheSpot_G_Spot TheSpot_G_Spot Center
130 Goouuu x 27 Goouuu_x27 Left Defense
131 EmptyLsAwesome EmptyLsAwesome Right Defense
133 Fooldawg83 Fooldawg83 Goalie Yawwn
134 JDFRYE31 JDFRYE31 Center
135 i-CrAzYLiiSh-i i-CrAzYLiiSh-i Left Wing
136 QUicK_ScOpE_14 QUicK_ScOpE_14 Goalie
137 lllTrick lllTrick Left Defense
138 Hra-ow Hra-ow Left Wing LW OR C
139 Davy3000x Davy3000x Goalie
140 azdek63 azdek63 Left Defense
141 X_2-Domi-8_X X_2-Domi-8_X Left Defense
142 xl_JDE0201_lx xl_JDE0201_lx Left Wing
143 CANADIANxBACON1 canadianxbacon1 Left Wing Or right
144 Tychi66 Tychi66 Center
145 BigFreeze064 BigFreeze064 Right Wing
146 Meestah Don MeestahDon Right Wing
147 kershaw1984 kershaw1984 Left Wing
148 Gold Mete LEHKONENN Goalie
149 BR_549er BR_549er Goalie
150 CantTreadOnMe_ CantTreadOnMe_ Center
151 ZoGood ZoGood Right Defense
152 balake96 Balake96 Goalie
153 Gamingfreak911 Gamingfreak911 Right Defense Nope
154 LudoBoss87 LudoBoss87 Center C-RW
155 Canadas__Game416 Canadas__Game416 Goalie
156 XxicePick28xX XxicePick28xX Goalie
157 Stav 98 Stavio_98 Center
158 hyperd321 hyperd321 Center
159 Jwilly_24 Jwilly_24 Left Defense
160 nismo_l18l nismo_l18l Left Wing
161 Goostav_12 Goostav_12 Center
162 JRGreaterThan JRGreaterThan Left Defense IM A MOTHA FOOKIN THUGGGGGGGGG
163 HoPeLeSs PyLoN8 SpAmR1_hOpE4bEsT Left Defense
164 FrenchMoron FrenchMoron Left Defense
165 Spooer69 Spooer69 Left Defense
166 Malkin71_- Malkin71_- Right Defense
167 SMx71viii-ix SMx71viii-ix Left Wing cause you learn more from falling then watching your step - C/LD
168 habsdan18 habsdan18 Center
169 ChyzNasty ChyzNasty Right Defense
170 GhostMK GhostMK Right Wing I have commish cheats
171 DeathClown27 DeathClown27 Center
172 bonwl bonwl Center
173 Nyl x 29 BBegrand Left Defense
174 Jawoba_9 Jawoba_9 Left Wing
175 jhawkman81 jhawkman81 Goalie
176 Miikeyx09 Miikeyx09 Left Wing LW or C.