Leaguegaming - Your Virtual Career

# User Gamertag Primary Position Questions or Comments
1 Kilargan Kilargan Goalie
2 bertone2909 bertone2909 Center
3 tbeat- tbeat- Right Defense
4 bobbatta bobbatta Goalie
5 Sinksmasher Sinksmasher Center
6 Coldshot1982 Coldshot1982 Right Defense
7 Hra-ow Hra-ow Left Wing BETA SZN AND OWNER HERE
8 XGEnErAL 420X XGeneral420X Goalie Top G;)
9 SMx71- SMx71- Left Wing L2 szn - LD/C as well
10 Rivnasty Rivnasty Right Defense
11 Lehk- Lehk- Right Defense yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer
12 lBl2llNlK lBl2llNlK Right Defense
13 Dc_Deke92 Dc_Deke92 Left Defense
14 WaterwingWarrior Krvstoffer Left Wing
15 JasonGC13 JasonGC13 Left Defense
16 Big_LCorleone139 RaGoTheGod Left Wing
17 Tidan-16 Tidan-16 Right Defense
18 SilvaL15L Silval15l Goalie
19 sherer20 sherer20 Left Defense S8 CHL AllStar
20 Canate_ Canate_ Right Defense
21 Gourr- Gourr- Right Defense
22 believe_vlady believe_vlady Goalie
23 CabRelix CabRelix Goalie
24 The_Pigeon__ The_Falcon__ Left Wing
25 kstormx74 kstormx74 Right Wing RW/C
26 Holland-989 Holland-989 Right Wing lets get it
27 GoalieGodz GoalieGodz Center
28 NinjaGamer762 NinjaGamer762 Center C/LW
30 mhogan5 mhogan5 Right Defense
31 BrandonUtd BrandonUtd Left Defense
32 DJ4040 DJU4040 Left Defense
33 TheGua2dian TheGua2dian Right Defense very good d guy
34 Capitalsfan_08 Capitalsfan_08 Goalie
35 nehxC nehxC Right Wing
36 APX x 93 APX93- Right Wing I want free trophy points
37 R1SK66 R1SK66 Right Wing
38 xDudester DudNastyy Goalie Top G here!!!
39 worf35 worf26 Goalie
40 xGrapeCherry Alby_x_93 Left Defense will rd too
41 ScooTz-10 ScooTz-10 Right Wing
42 RockyRaccoon402 SuupBaby Left Defense
43 Jlm1410 Jlm1410 Center
44 nitrxM nitrxM Right Defense
45 Jasono_I96I JaSoNo_I96I Right Wing
46 thebigrabooch thebigrabooch Right Wing Can play any position
47 Perkosaurus13 Perkosaurus13 Right Defense
48 One_Nut_Phil81 One_Nut_Phil81 Right Wing
49 DRxZEUS xGREEKFR34Kx Left Defense
50 iCallsoWhat55 iCallsoWhat55 Goalie boobies
51 xCaptainComeback xCaptainComeback Left Defense
52 XxJusT4TheShoWxX XxJusT4TheShoWxX Center
53 EarlTheGoat1979 EarlTheGoat1979 Goalie
54 TakeNotes97 TakeNotes97 Left Wing
55 Claeys Claeys19 Right Wing
56 J-yardy J-yardy Left Defense
57 TheNortoriousBIG TheNortoriousBIG Center
58 Ghostx7787 Ghostx7787 Right Wing
59 nazzy2face nazzy2face Left Defense
60 oBEASTo19 oBEASTo19 Goalie Élite Goalie
61 malliaman Malliaman__ Goalie
62 XxKickaPooXx XxKickaPooXx Goalie
63 Soup_61 Soup_61 Left Wing
64 l x Dumais x l Dumais93 Right Wing
65 HyperDeezNutz HyperDeezNutz Center
66 ZeRo-I92I ZeRo-I92I Left Wing
67 o_VikiNGz__ o_VikiNGz__ Right Wing Y
68 dshann88 dshann88 Right Defense Can play LD too
69 Twistnee Twistnee Left Wing
70 Captain--Luu Captain--Luu Right Defense
71 l-x_Marner_x-l l-x_Marner_x-l Goalie
72 The_Canadian777 The_Canadian777 Goalie
73 FndigBigfootBobo FndigBigFootBobo Right Defense
74 gumster09 Gum---09 Left Wing Yo
75 Berrakov Berrakov Right Defense
76 Fleury-_l29l Fleury-_l29l Goalie
77 xCOACH_19 xCOACH_19 Left Defense Can play LD or RD
79 Labrat Labrat Center
80 BK_0994 BK_0994 Right Wing
81 Bruggzy87 Bruggzy87 Goalie
82 JamesCoyle GreenBeanBatchBz Left Wing
83 AAli x 21 AAli-21 Center Either side wing
84 vKaybee vKaybee Center no
85 dleah87 dleah87 Right Defense
86 TeeSibs TeeSibs Goalie
87 Enjoy__The__Show Enjoy_The_show Right Wing
88 Royalkc85 Royalkc85 Left Defense
89 STLstash STLstash Goalie
90 l Murray x 30 l lFleuryx29l Goalie
91 lxl sakic19 lxl Happy-Gilmore-27 Left Defense
92 Jordanbrown1891 Jordanbrown1891 Goalie
93 Stav 98 Stavio_98 Right Wing
94 Carm95 Carmstrong95 Center
95 KingKonz- KingKonz- Goalie
96 alonzi401 alonzi401 Goalie
97 Andrew_1up Andrew_1up Right Wing
98 Canadas__Game416 Canadas__Game416 Right Defense
99 Mike813499 Mike813499 Right Defense
100 BROKEN9216 BROKEN9216 Left Wing Gamer tag is Frody16
101 Dicknavis165 Backhandjamboree Left Defense
102 ItsWillee ItsWillee Right Wing
103 MikeeTeeze MikeeTeeze Center Best decision you ever made.
104 zTaylorHall4z zTaylorHall4z Left Defense
105 Goostaav Goostav_12 Right Wing
106 JLAden12 JLAden12 Goalie
107 SuDzy92 SuDzy92_ Right Wing rw/lw/c
108 oneeye15 oneeye15 Center Just want to play
109 MrPurpleCrush MrPurpleCrush Right Defense
110 JonFromEarth JonFromEarth Left Defense
111 Ransom613 Ransom613 Left Wing
112 DufOurmick DufOurmick Right Wing
113 Robbed95 Robbed95 Right Wing
114 TaPoisse DFirst28 Center
115 sniz420 sniz420 Left Defense
116 OG-CrispyCreamy CrispyCreamy- Left Wing
117 TurmoiIz lvlrT-_- Right Defense
118 Pezdemic Pezdemic Center
119 bigMonge12 bigMonge12 Right Wing
120 HeartNSoul-X HeartNSoul-X Right Defense Can play LD also
121 F0G 19 Fo0o0G-19 Right Wing
122 Nickelj6 Nickelj6 Center
123 YuhYuhYuhYuh1 YuhYuhYuhYuh1 Goalie
124 SidTheKid_PiTT87 SidTheKid_PiTT87 Center Lwrw
125 Marner93 aslamsaleh Right Wing
126 BKerslake8 NjDevil08 Left Wing
127 snake16doctor snake16doctor Goalie
128 HazeeHype HazeeHype Right Wing
129 i-CrAzYLiiSh-i i-CrAzYLiiSh-i Left Wing
130 Jpinvmt Jpinvmt Right Defense
131 lllTrick lllTrick Left Defense
132 BigFreeze064 BigFreeze064 Center
133 Bucktowners Bucktowners Center
134 redflag33 redflag33 Center
135 PrometheusXVII PrometheusXVII Right Defense
136 Mclub326 Mclub326 Right Wing
137 RJ_MacReady_27 RJ_MacReady_27 Left Defense can play LD or RD doesn't matter
138 Bry2230 Bry2230 Right Defense
139 dparans dparans Left Defense no RD
140 goalscorer9 goalscorer9 Left Defense
141 Mooner2014 Mooner2014 Goalie
142 Pfarrcyde23 Pfarrcyde23 Left Wing
143 Ryan_x_28 Ryan_x_28 Goalie
144 StackedPads StackedPads Goalie
145 J_Rose_19 MaxwellMurder19 Center
146 Sammy_2512 Sammy_2512 Right Defense
147 Wadden l32l GucciRollie-Hype Center Ghetto blaster
148 Domix28- Domix28- Left Defense
149 Benny B-__E-N Right Wing
150 Jxsse-21 Jxsse-21 Right Wing
151 shockers2004 shockers2004 Center
152 Full_melt707 Drewl24l Right Defense
153 IceAJ420 IceAJ420 Right Defense I suck
154 Fresher_than23 Fresher_than23 Left Wing
155 Meestah Don MeestahDon Right Wing
156 canuckftc12W canuckftc12W- Right Defense
157 RBCressor RBCressor Left Defense
158 ChobanLacot ChobanLacot Left Wing
159 Jyuhnn Jyuhnn Center
160 Soapy412 Soap412 Right Wing
161 j_marz25 j_marz25 Right Wing
162 MMurph Murph6897 Center
163 xMeLLoGANg XMeLLoGANg Goalie
164 Bo-Dangles10 Bo-Dangles10 Left Defense
165 Hatred_Ghost Hatred_Ghost Right Wing
166 Reider15-15 Reider15-15 Left Wing
167 BLong67- BLong67- Goalie
168 iEskimo- iEskimo- Goalie
169 BurnsForNorris BurnsForNorris Left Defense
170 m_muellerr m_muellerr Right Defense
171 Girgs28 Girgs28 Right Defense
172 BlaisIsOnFire BlaisIsOnFire Left Wing