Leaguegaming - Your Virtual Career

# User Gamertag Primary Position How many nights a week can you play? (on average) Questions or Comments
1 AAli x 21 AAli-21 Center 2 Hi
2 CANNIFF- CANNIFF- Right Defense 3 I’m cracked at fortnite
3 lastingimpact lastingimpact Goalie All -
4 KarlssonIsGod KarlssonIsGod Left Wing All Lets kick some ass!!!
5 Dxjoseph93 Dxjoseph93 Right Defense All none
6 SidTheKid_PiTT87 Barzyyx13 Right Wing 2 Monday Tuesday availability
7 Dradavich Dradavich Left Wing All AHL Non playoff All Star Cleveland MVP
8 Cotachoda7 Cotachoda7 Goalie All Na
9 Bilal x 19 Bilal-I96I Right Defense All None
10 mottly39 mottly39 Left Defense All NA
11 premierplayer Premierplayer Center All none
12 cHELIOS-7x cHELIOS-7x Right Defense All Can play anywhere
13 jojodevil91 jojodevil91 Center All Silver medal check
14 Osuits89 Osuits89 Left Defense All Number of night will depend on work
15 xR34-_- xR34-_- Left Wing 3 None
16 bonwl bonwl Right Wing All I'm just trying to place 3rd for the 3rd straight season
17 Stav 98 Stxvio Right Wing 1 Avail will be 1 night a week most likely
18 Shlarchey Shlarsh Right Wing All stat check me im valid
19 xLangz- xLangz- Left Wing 3 No comments
20 TorLeaf-67 TorLeaf-67 Center All Lw
21 JCpens22 Jcpens22 Left Wing All Can also play Rw
22 Pizzasready Pizzasready Left Wing All .
23 Debrxsk Debrxsk Goalie 4 No
24 MURPH0270 MURPH0270 Left Wing 2
25 Rob1nsky Left Wing All .
26 xReignMan- xReignMan- Left Wing All No
27 BLuuRy_sPh BLuuRy_sPh Right Wing All No
28 Djnel2011 Dj_Kurosaki_ Goalie All We can do it
29 Jakeypoogoham Jakeypoogoham Right Defense All n/a
30 defty_lefty defty_lefty Left Defense All Would manage if needed
31 zKoivu zKoivu Right Defense 6 None
32 IsaacRixon IsaacRixon- Right Defense All .
33 DylbertDangles- DylbertDangles- Right Wing All saying avail for all but doesn't mean i want to play all thanks
34 Nappiboy3594 Nappiboy3594 Right Wing All Legggo
35 tbeat-- tbeat-- Right Defense All oops thought this was league of legends
36 OGBobbyBartIett OGBobbyBartIett Left Wing 4 no
37 GhostxBearx GhostxBearx Left Wing 6 N/A
38 BobeyX BobeyX Goalie All .
39 Smxrsh- Smxrsh- Goalie All TOP G
40 WeekendNachos19 WeekendNachos19 Center All
41 KSKrish Kskrish Left Defense 3 Norway alumi
42 Benny B-__E-N Goalie All .
43 DCLightt DCLightt Right Defense All WEOOOOOOOOOOOOO
44 BLong67- BLong67- Right Wing 2 no
45 Hedmxnn Hedmxnn Right Wing All hey
46 Lxppy-- Lxppy-- Center All none
47 AdxmI1I AdxmI1I Left Defense All U
48 xl-Memory-lx xl-Memory-lx Center All Ready to roll
49 Pxnarin Pxnarin Left Wing 5 None
50 Malkin71_- Malkin71_- Right Defense All None
51 Mata__95 Mata__95 Left Wing All None
52 Jyuhnn Jyuhnn Left Wing 2 No
53 AyoDoogs AyoDoogs Right Wing All Nothing
54 OhhCrosby87 OhhCrosby87 Left Defense All YEAHHHHHH
55 Aceyx76 Aceyx76 Left Defense All NA
56 Actiiz- Actiiz- Center 5 .
57 ItsWillee ItsWillee Center 5 .
58 JClaus33 JClaus33 Right Defense 2 Give me Sweden pls
59 Pagzz-- Pagzz-- Right Wing 5 n/a
60 Hra-ow Hra-ow Center 3 .
61 Royalkc85 Royalkc85 Left Defense 5 No
62 that70srock that70srock Left Defense All hi
63 ItsCxcky ItsCxcky Right Wing All Rw or C
64 Vxkingz-- Vxkingz-- Right Wing 4 no
65 Miipanton Yak_JesusIsLord Center All .
66 xguenzel59 Jake_guentzel Right Wing All .
67 Sharpxo Sharpxo Right Wing All Jone
68 MikeTysonzTiger- MikeTysonzTiger- Right Defense All Good
69 eHxns eHxns Left Wing 4 No
70 lTheShadyLemurl lTheShadyLemurl Left Defense All Hi
71 TMiIls TMiIls Center All N/A
72 Mrxzek- Mrxzek- Goalie 4 .
73 Reshuffled Reshuffled Center All .
74 Cartzy-_- Cartzy-_- Right Wing 3 no
75 Blades-l59l Blades-l59l Right Wing All .
76 YuhPerf YuhPerf Left Defense All hi
77 TakeNotes97 TakeNotes97 Goalie All Hi
78 xBXLDYx xBXLDYx Right Wing All RW/C
79 Hervieux09 Hervieux09 Center All No
80 Sphyze-SZN Sphyze-SZN Center All Yeye
81 DracGodx-_- DracGodx-_- Center All hi
82 Bigsmeiis Bigsmeiis Center All I’m the best
83 Roboavenger420 Roboavenger420 Right Defense All Ahl
84 xCmess xCmess Left Wing All .
85 BTL_MoTi BTL_MoTi Center All no
86 ECHXMPO ECHXMPO Right Defense All No
87 GoochLicker_23 GoochLicker_23 Left Defense All
88 T--o--M--M---y T--o--M--M---y Left Wing 3 Nah
89 Pawdiddy Pawdiddy Left Wing 3 No comment
90 ICJI 17 ICJI17 Right Defense All None
91 zZenkyyy- zZenkyyy- Right Wing 4 ..
92 Nealrambo Nealrambo Right Defense All None
93 Shamzyl15l Shamzyl15l Right Defense All
94 Hardie x 96 Hardiie- Right Wing All Ok
95 MikehTheGod MikehTheGod Right Wing All .
96 TURTLE-98- TURTLE-98- Right Wing All .
97 Reider15-15 Reider15-15 Left Wing All O
98 Hilary-_21 Hilary-_21 Left Wing 6 Hilary Knight is OP
99 Joffman- Joffman- Left Defense 3 -
100 zdball zdball Right Defense All .
101 ibosky91_ ibosky91_ Center 1 Can LW/C
102 xKipp-- xKipp-- Right Defense All No
103 xBrocc xBrocc Right Wing All ok
104 Fonz8981 Fonz8981 Right Defense 3 no
105 Elfpha Elfpha Center 1 .
106 XxNoaim711xX XxNoaim711xX Right Defense All I like lg league
107 Laucekx Laucekx Left Defense 5 2
108 SquishyTootz DrFurryNips Right Defense 5 None
109 WaddaSzn WaddaSzn Right Defense All Non
110 Besslah Besslahh Left Wing All .
111 Demyy-- Demyy-- Goalie 5 nah
112 captstaIechips captstaIechips Right Wing All None
113 Brxndamour Brxndamour Left Wing All .
114 l0lCorbzzl3l l0lCorbzzl3l Goalie All .
115 ViLLvoN_10 ViLLvoN_10 Left Defense All no
116 xMids-_- xMids-_- Right Defense All no
117 BillCrxsby-_- BillCrxsby-_- Goalie All no
118 iCookie91 iCookie91 Right Wing 3 I suck
119 Therealpolopolo Therealpolopolo Right Defense All Let's goooo
120 Alpha-33x Alpha-33x Right Defense All None
121 Mxzzin Mxzzin Left Defense All I’m bad
122 Gunitdex Gunitdex Center All No
123 Stiifler-_- Stiifler-_- Left Defense 5 Can play Rd aswell if needed
124 Smittyy-91 Smittyy-91 Left Wing All ok
125 LiIjegren LiIjegren Right Defense 5 ...
126 XxKovalchuk17 XxKovalchuk17 Left Wing All :)
127 xB-Red94 xB-Red94 Right Wing All I’d like to be an owner
128 Badbradguy5 Badbradguy5 Right Wing All LW/C/RW
129 tony_snipeQC tony_snipeQC Goalie All no question
130 PXSTRNAK-_- PXSTRNAK-_- Left Defense All Weoooo
131 Th3Fr3akSh0w76 Th3Fr3akSh0w76 Center 3 Yes
132 Catigory Catigory Center 4 .
133 Nhlbot Nhlbot Left Wing All no
134 Goostaav Goostaav Center All yes
135 Karlssxn Karlssxn Right Defense All None
136 Dodsy x 17 dodsyyy- Left Wing All none
137 Zerik___ Zerik___ Center All Left Wing , Center , LD , RD , RW in that order
138 xgoalscorer9 xgoalscorer9 Left Defense All N/A
139 Duder_mcguder Duder_mcguder Center All East
140 xGenzy-_- xGenzy-_- Right Defense 6 Hi
141 xMarny-_- xMarny-_- Right Wing All No comments
142 xMatteo77- xMatteo77- Left Wing All No comment
143 Mazzzyyy_ Mazzzyyy_ Left Wing 3 Heat up
144 Crowe x 43 Crowe-43 Right Defense All no
145 D_SPORS_5 D_SPORS_5 Left Defense 3 Nah
146 MikeyD I7I MikeyD-_-7 Right Defense 4 Good event
147 RanchX41X RanchX41X Goalie All Im à New goalie next saison. Try me
148 MrOsgood24 MrOsgood24 Goalie All Hi
149 Yantzer Yantzer Right Wing 4 this is cool
150 jonny__ross jonny__ross Right Defense All No
151 GreasyReesey- GreasyReesey- Left Defense All *
152 TheKaner x 88 TheKaner_ Center All .
153 KripticCG KripticCG Right Defense All no
154 II-Megga-II II-Megga-II Goalie All Signup ?
155 Norris Dud DudNastyy Left Defense 1 No
156 Mxkar- Mxkar- Left Wing All na
157 Mooner2019 Mooner2019 Goalie All None
158 Nolan_M-30 Nolan_M-30 Left Wing 4 -
159 Frozy27 Frozy27 Right Defense 3 ok
160 TK_I98I TK_I98I Left Wing All Send off to 22
161 Paradis-7117 Paradis-7117 Left Defense 4 No
162 Noblood777 Noblood77 Left Wing All I
163 juniorrock86 juniorrock86 Goalie 4 g
164 kevboud10 kevboud10 Right Defense 4 .
165 TeixeiraFanatic TeixeiraFanatic Left Defense All Can play RD as well
166 Tassoboss- Tassoboss- Center 2 U
167 Hall of Fame31 hockey305 Right Defense All none
168 Mondsy- Mondsy- Right Wing All PS5 > PS4
169 AgedQuod AgedQuod Left Wing All mhm
170 DjNoMemba DjNoMemba Right Wing All No
171 I Ckim I ckim-87 Right Defense 3 No
172 Astrrro-_7 Astrrro-_7 Left Wing All
173 SelkeSean SelkeSean Right Defense 2 N/A
174 xServz-- xServz-- Goalie All Non
175 jeiel9876 jeiel9876 Goalie All N/A
176 Dangs92 Dangsy92 Left Wing All .
177 Shoobie4 Shoobie4 Goalie 4 none.
178 Pelley_ Pelley_ Goalie All ..
179 ttommyboiii ttommyboiii Center All .
180 SirGab- SirGab- Left Wing All ok
181 CHARAx33z CHARAx33z Right Defense All -
182 JMalarkie JMalarkie Left Wing All LW
183 Bxrt1_ Bxrt1_ Center 3
184 oFlxcka oFlxcka Left Defense All .
185 IHoganI IHoganI Right Defense All .
186 Kingerr_- Kingerr_- Right Defense All .
187 xMankii xMankii Center All .
188 xSpeevy xSpeevy Center 3 Let’s go
189 OVXCHK8N OVXCHK8N Center All /
190 Bweissss iiTzz_B Right Wing All none
191 Bo-Dangles10 Bo-Dangles10 Left Defense 3 Don’t let Tommy draft me
192 OGKJ-_- OGKJ-_- Left Defense All Available for any game
193 Farabee- Farabee- Center All N/a
194 Jxson71- Jxson71- Right Wing All None
195 kylej83 kylej83 Right Defense All .
196 TennisTurkeyTrot TennisTurkeyTrot Goalie All No
197 mjbenny- mjbenny- Center All Questions or Comments
198 x-Andersxn-_- x-Andersxn-_- Goalie All Hi
199 AyoMoran AyoMoran Center 4 -
200 I MT98 I I-MT98-I Left Wing 4 I legitimately want to play left wing.
201 BarryWoodsDong BarryWoodsDong Center All toppy
202 Zachjeet ZachMann_ Left Wing All lw/rw
203 Enzoren- Enzoren- Center 5 none
204 Lanslay Lanslay Left Defense 5 .
205 lRomeyl lRomeyl Goalie 4 Idk
206 budfly budfly Right Wing 3 hi
207 xZeZeL- xZeZeL- Right Defense 6 nope
208 V RBK Sniper V vrbksniperv Center 4 AHL.
209 Domi_x_13 Tyler_Hayward77 Center All cheers
210 Pavelbure_10 Pavelbure_10 Right Defense All None
211 JDFRYE31 JDFRYE31 Left Defense 3 N/A
212 Jibad- Jibad- Right Defense All no
213 Tropics_White Tropics_White Left Defense All N/A
214 xJohnny03 xJohnny03 Right Wing All Hi
215 g544322109987643 Ducksfanwaterloo Left Wing 3 hey man whats up
216 BartIettt vBartlett Center All None
217 PieR Talent PieR_Talent Right Wing 3
218 Darkl79l DarkI79I Right Defense All .
219 yobkcuf yobkcuf Left Defense All -
220 hypey- hypey- Center All hi
221 GingerNHL GingerNHL Right Defense All I am afraid of women. There, I said it. I’m not proud of it, but it’s true. Women terrify me. I’m only afraid of two things in this world, and one of those things (things is not the right word, god damn my stupid man-ape brain) is women. The other is clowns. Clowns grip my heart with hands made of ice, with their dead eyes and their bone-white skin and their oversized shoes and fiery red hair. *shivers* But I can live with my fear of clowns — it’s called Coulrophobia, and it’s a real thing — because I don’t really care if they like me or not. But I do care what women think of me, and maybe that’s the problem. But I’ll never know, as I’m too afraid to ask.
222 J Peeace JPeeace Left Wing All Donda, Donda, Donda, Donda, Donda, Donda Donda, Donda, Donda, Donda, Donda, Donda Donda, Donda, Donda, Donda, Donda, Donda Donda, Donda, Donda, Donda, Donda, Donda Donda, Donda, Donda, Donda, Donda, Donda Donda, Donda, Donda, Donda, Donda, Donda Donda, Donda, Donda, Donda, Donda, Donda Donda, Donda, Donda, Donda, Donda, Donda Donda, Donda, Donda, Donda, Donda, Donda Donda, Donda, Donda, Donda, Donda, Donda
223 Gourr- Gourr- Right Defense All hm
224 xGrhymes xGrhymes Left Defense All Yes
225 ClutchDaddy91 ClutchDaddy91 Center 4 N/a
226 LaFleuR11 LaFleuR11 Right Defense All hey
227 DomSquad100 DomSquad100 Left Wing All no
228 Bxckstrom_19 Bxckstrom_19 Center All When it is and how it works?
229 missRogue__ missRogue__ Goalie All meh
230 XMurray30X XMurray30X Center All .
231 xKazyy-- zeidell Center All na
232 Effect l40l Effxct-30 Goalie 4 NO
233 YuNgWuN413 YuNgWuN413 Left Defense All nope
234 Meso_Trippie MesoTrippie Left Defense All :)
235 CorrosiveJake CorrosiveJake Right Wing All sonk
236 jasonx1755 jasonx1755 Goalie All hey
237 BaconStaysCrispy BaconStaysCrispy Goalie 4 Oink
238 Beened Beened Right Defense All I'll Left or Right
239 HazeeHype HazeeHype Right Wing 4 hi
240 xDoer3 xDoer3 Left Wing All Yes
241 Dxhlin Dxhlin Right Defense All Thanks for organizing this
242 Crazykid_1818 Crazykid_1818 Right Defense All
243 Time2Shineee xDixie_Damelio Right Defense 1 I don’t have questions
244 SyNS x Crusade SyNSxCrusade Left Wing All Horny
245 GriffQC- GriffQC- Right Defense All .
246 Playoff Fow FowuhI Left Wing All hi i suck
247 Vasiii-_- Vasiii-_- Goalie All :)
248 x_Pepsi8_x x_Pepsi8_x Right Wing 5 No
249 P--D--M- P--D--M- Center All none
250 JaYI77I JaYI77I Right Wing 3 .
251 l Careen l Careen-- Goalie 5 .
252 MaTh_HaBs MaTh_HaBs Right Wing All No
253 SiIkyy-- SiIkyy-- Right Defense 2 .
254 PPClubber PPClubber Left Wing All None
255 Boughss Boughss Left Defense All badussy
256 ll GOHST ll GohstAHW Center 1 Need trophy points
257 Duchesne x10 Check_My_Deeck Right Wing 6 I can play from 4pm to 10:30pm for the upcoming weeks because of work.
258 vViperrz vViperrz Left Wing 4 ...
259 Swarko- Swarko- Left Wing 3 no
260 jblaze0514 jblaze0514 Right Defense 5 None
261 Bazlund Bazlund Right Defense 1 i suck
262 xARMYYY_ xARMYYY_ Goalie 3 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
263 TheBobbyOrr4 TheBobbyOrr4 Left Defense All avail for all