Leaguegaming - Your Virtual Career

# User Gamertag Primary Position How many nights a week can you play? (on average) Questions or Comments
1 nickybee28 nickybee28 Center 5 no
2 chaRbennn chaRbennn Right Wing All Go Canada
3 mratchet mratchet Right Defense 4 ...
4 J_Pedro13 J_Pedro13 Right Wing All Can also C
5 cjwght cjwght Right Wing 5 none
6 churchy1707 churchy1707 Goalie All Put me in coach
7 Cookie6471 Cookie6471 Center All Cant wait
8 HadjiBomber HadjiBomber Goalie All USA USA USA USA
9 Kingbling647 kingbling647 Center All no
10 mikenaughty mikenaughty Left Defense 4 Or rd
11 SRT8PRUIS SRT8PRUIS Left Defense All I'm free all nights and this would be my first time in the IHL. Hope to have fun. Have a great day!
12 MDConMan MDConMan Goalie All Win
13 mikemoran19 mikemoran19 Left Wing All Top 3s player
14 c-fo-fizzle c-fo-fizzle Left Wing All Sign me
15 Hattrick1717 Hattrick1717 Center All Sign me up
16 xX__CINEMA__Xx xX__CINEMA__Xx Center 6 Just cant play tuesdays
17 ImSikBoi ImSikBoi Left Defense 6 I Play LD, but will play anywhere
18 Fooldawg83 Fooldawg83 Left Wing All Love 3s
19 jasonx1755 jasonx1755 Goalie All hey
20 Resimist_ Resimist_ Right Wing 3 None
21 Heavyarms97 Heavyarms97 Goalie All What time will the games be?
22 Maddens26 Maddens26 Center All LEt's Go.!.
23 lBl2llNlK lBl2llNlK Right Wing 2 Monday Wednesday avail
24 Soupy0016 Soupy0016 Center All .
25 HandsOnWood HandsOnWood Right Defense All Hi
26 DirtyDangles426 DirtyDangles426 Left Defense 3 Sweet
27 FatDinosaurz FatDinosaurz Right Wing All Bleh
28 RickyRick69 RickyRick69 Center All .
29 bure-x-10 bure-x-10 Left Defense 5 Everyone is an trap queen
30 Jmm420 jmm420 Left Wing All .
31 Krok-o-dill Krok-o-dill Goalie 5 CANADIAN
32 J-BAUWENS J-BAUWENS Left Defense All Ask if u have any!
33 LAVENTURE_91 LAVENTURE_l91l Left Wing All Ok ok
34 Malliaman Malliaman Goalie All Currently in playoffs signing up just in case
35 Hyperr x 97 iHyPeR_97 Left Wing All avail anytime
36 BioIogics BioIogiks Left Wing 3 Lw c rw ld
37 JKHank07 JKHank07 Goalie 5 None
38 x-SCY-x x-SCY-x Left Wing All LW/C
39 APX x 93 APX93- Right Wing 3 If your ass dont draft me
40 kershaw1984 kershaw1984 Left Wing All G
41 Mike_Okizichy MIKE_OKIZICHY Left Defense All Or right defence
42 phillygonaspanku phillygonaspanku Center All Will play anywhere but goalie
43 mikey_ducks mikey_ducks Left Wing All im good.
44 iCb4uC iCb4uC Goalie All 9/9
45 smooth_op41 smooth_op41 Left Wing All Can play c as well
46 Avenger__50 Avenger__50 Right Wing 4 None
47 Jasono79 jasono79 Right Wing All Hi
48 Igotdat420 Igotdat420 Left Wing All Left wing
49 A Dumb Bigfoot ADumbBigfoot Goalie All Lit
50 mostwanted026 mostwanted026 Left Wing All N\a
51 skeymour skeymour Right Defense 4 i
52 fwillis fwillis Left Wing All I can play
53 Weenczi90 Weenczi90 Left Wing All Can play LW/RW/RD/LD
54 dj_kreation dj_kreation Left Wing All Can play anywhere up front
55 NH4JP NH4JP Goalie All
56 killer_habs25 killer_habs25 Right Defense 5 None
57 Bbrawler84 Bbrawler84 Goalie All Ld/Rd Secondary Position
58 xajc90x xajc90x Center All ??
59 wmbrkskillaz wmbrkskillaz Left Wing All N/A
60 J4Minnes0tahh J4Minnes0tahh Right Defense 4 .
61 ZVM93 ZVM93 Right Wing All go Kazakhstan
62 Agesquod Agesquod Center All no comment
63 jayvee028 jayvee028 Left Defense All Nah
64 Eng_champion Eng_champion Center 2 Wing or Center
65 Too-Rough-2008 Xx-Stickyhand-xX Right Wing 5 Yes
66 Xx92Drouin92xX Xx92Drouin92xX Left Wing All None
67 spenscot1984 spenscot1984 Center All i like to play hockey
68 Dperron97 Dperron97 Right Wing 3 Can only play 3 or 4 time a weeks
69 joeja15 joeja15 Goalie All nhl
70 AxiS_AKIO AxiS_AKIO Center All Good for all, willing to scout add me on PSN- AxiS_AKIO
71 IcePheonixG IcePheonixG Right Wing 5 none
72 goalieman92 goalieman92 Goalie 3 Nope
73 RBCressor RBCressor Left Defense 5 Trees is fun
74 JamesCoyle JamesCoyle Left Wing All
75 DrewGMR DrewGMR Right Wing 5 None
76 Maxpain456 Maxpain456 Right Wing All None
77 hockeyfan552 hockeyfan552 Right Defense 4
78 PistolPete7788 PistolPete7788 Left Wing 4 Hi
79 BReWsKiiS BReWsKiiS Left Wing All Og BReW
80 Chews_n_Brewss Chews_n_Brewss Right Defense All None
81 DC_sk8er16 DC_sk8er16 Goalie All Gg
82 Berrakov Berrakov Right Defense All Fuck the Cuda
83 DR_T_BAGG DR_T_BAGG Left Wing All Put me in coach!
84 TheWalmartThugB TheWalmartThugB Right Wing All steaming hot pile of dumpster fire trash here
85 Nba2k16islife201 Nba2k16islife201 Center All Center
86 oshlag oshlag Center All Yup
87 Gredner Gredner Left Defense All Im slick
88 x Tka c h uk 19 Polska_B0SS_780 Right Wing All Zz
89 Rockies_4 Rockies_4 Right Wing 5 None
90 BFORTHEV BFORTHEV Goalie 6 nothing
91 enb016 enb016 Right Defense All none
92 Pk_exclusive Pk_exclusive Goalie All No
93 SmokinCannons101 SmokinCannons101 Goalie All None
94 Slothster44 Slothster44 Left Defense All
95 GonzoArmstrong GonzoArmstrong Right Wing 1 I suck
96 kingsofavalon kingsofavalon Left Defense All
97 JTStunner26 JTStunner26 Left Defense All
98 BFLO_HOCKEY716 BFLO_HOCKEY716 Center All If I'm signed up for other seasons will it affect my schedule?
99 BOUNDING-MOOSE BOUNDING-MOOSE Right Wing All I can play all night long baby
100 Ransom613 Ransom613 Center All I have to fill this with something
101 Rahzki Rahzki Left Wing All I was on TC of a team that lost in the second round, I just want to play thats all
102 priceless_1982 priceless_1982 Goalie 5 Hey peeps
103 roB_wHitEy roB_wHitEy Center All None
104 kevboud10 kevboud10 Right Wing 4 No questions
105 niveD_99 niveD_99 Left Wing All none
106 SilvaL15L SilvaL15L Left Wing All I’m fucking elite
107 Jg3542jg Jg3542jg Left Wing 6 .
108 LtJimDangles LtJimDangles Center 5 C/LW - i can haz IHL?
109 x-_price-31_-x X-_price-31_-x Goalie 4 Let me know if needed
110 Reaper_Of_Soul82 Reaper_Of_Soul82 Goalie All None
111 Beast_Mode1323 Beast_Mode1323 Right Defense All Can play LD as well.
112 Jlm1410 Jlm1410 Center All Hi
113 DFA_Loons11 DFA_Loons11 Goalie 6 EXTREME GOALIE TALENT
114 chasenewman17 chasenewman17 Left Wing All Lol
115 Jarrett_42 Jarrett_42 Center All None
116 CaNnOnEeR352 CaNnOnEeR352 Left Defense All Yes
117 Acesiciliano Acesiciliano Right Defense All Solid RD looking for a great team!!
118 The_Blind_Ref The_Blind_Ref Left Wing All RH
119 JTresatti JTx11- Center All Hey
120 WartorianT wartoriant Left Wing 2 .
121 KittyKing69 KittyKing69 Center 4 Idk why its makin me fill this out
122 chilly007 chilly007 Center 3 none
123 griznectar griznectar Right Defense 3 Poop
124 sherer20 sherer20 Left Defense All 2x CHL All Star
125 DrOz2385 DrOz2385 Goalie All No
126 Reider15-15 Reider15-15 Left Wing 5 any position
127 TheDox22 TheDox22 Left Wing 3 House Leauger
128 TylerW371 TylerW371 Right Defense 4 Nat Really
129 JLAden12 JLAden12 Right Defense All I can play both sides
130 JRickk_ JRickk_ Left Wing 5 i left a xmas party that had strippers coming for an lg game, thats dedication or im just a loser
131 Leester24554 Leester24554 Right Defense All K
132 Goodie99 Goodie99 Right Wing 5 k
133 JJ83Puck JJ83Puck Right Wing All
134 XxNorthside26xX XxNorthside26xX Right Wing 5 Really interested in this community. I have been apart of a great madden league for years now and also enjoy NHL.
135 snake16doctor snake16doctor Goalie 4 .
136 MiDamDikBurnsHot MiDamDikBurnsHot Goalie All Always available
137 sanboy_badboy sanboy_badboy Center 6 I Play Center mostly but can play anywhere
138 sniz420 sniz420 Right Defense All RD and LD
139 scoot13 scoot_13 Center 6 looking forward to playing!
140 xSicKMoTioNz xSicKMoTioNz Left Wing 5 I play LW
141 Jacob Voz411 Center All I can play every night, I’m really good defensively, and an amazing playmaker, I look to use the D and cycle the puck
142 CANADIANxBACON1 canadianxbacon1 Left Wing All Can play rw c
143 SGDragonSlayer SGDragonSlayerYT Left Wing 4 no
144 Krampk31 Krampk31 Left Wing 3 I prefer lw but will play rw too and centre if needed
145 Dopeboiiiz Dopeboiiiz Center 5 New to league gaming trying to get drafted to a team
146 greenwayraider8 greenwayraider8 Right Wing 5 Just want to play and win
147 Bad_Girl_Qc84 Bad_Girl_Qc84 Left Wing All :)
148 thebigrabooch thebigrabooch Right Wing 4 none
149 Rockerofthe40oz Rockerofthe40oz Right Wing 4 Can play center as well
150 MTL_CHRONIC MTL_CHRONIC Left Wing All new at lg but an experiened player
151 Strick9Comics Strick9Comics Center 6 Decent Defensive Center
152 CANUCK_420 CANUCK_420 Goalie All None
153 Black_Shadow_Bro Black_Shadow_Bro Goalie 5 Good overall goalie
154 xMelom Itz-A-WaterMelom Goalie All hmmmm
155 palmBROchills16 palmBROchills16 Right Wing All Rw/lw
156 PartyDrew PartyDrew Right Wing All Just looking to play
157 Markush709 Markush709 Left Wing All When does the new season star
158 xGourrrrr xGourrrrr Right Defense All shut up
159 Goodfella1489 Goodfella1489 Right Wing All solid
160 goalscorer9 goalscorer9 Left Defense All .
161 Jake From State Farm Jake91x Center All .
162 Cor1454 Cor1454 Right Defense 2 .
163 TommyVirtueNYC TommyVirtueNYC Left Wing All Best
164 VRain_19 VRain_19 Goalie 5 Yo
165 M-L-N83 M-L-N83 Left Wing All Can play any fwd position.
166 Yrakcaz Yrakcaz Goalie 4 How do I sign up to possibly be an owner?
168 Ghostx7787 Ghostx7787 Right Wing All GOAT
169 l_kill_streak_l l_kill_streak_l Left Wing All .
170 feldman67 feldman67 Right Wing 3 no
171 pdm--92 pdm--92 Center 4 negative
172 Helixtex Helixtex Center 4 When does this league start up?
173 ShizzleMaNiizzle ShizzleMaNiizzle Center 3
174 ndrdog ndrdog Right Defense All What up?
175 TheMcKapy themckapy Left Wing All SpongeBob SquarePants is an energetic and optimistic sea sponge who physically resembles a rectangular kitchen sponge. He lives in a submerged pineapple with his pet snail Gary (who meows like a cat) and has a childlike enthusiasm for life - which carries over to his job as a fry cook at a fast food restaurant called the Krusty Krab. SpongeBob's favorite pastimes include "jellyfishing" (which involves catching jellyfish with a net in a manner similar to butterfly catching) and blowing soap bubbles into elaborate shapes.
176 SidTheKid_PiTT87 SidTheKid_PiTT87 Center 5 LW, RW
177 LRKrazyLR LRKrazyLR Left Defense 3 Pizza?
178 xMAssStAtiC- xMAssStAtiC- Left Defense 5 5/9 Availability
179 Servnspike Servnspike Center 4 Also play spnhl
180 KiNgFLiPS Flipking91 Right Wing 5 8pm after
181 Miikeyx09 Miikeyx09 Left Wing All Canadian
182 Mooner2014 Mooner2014 Goalie All Available all nights
183 Lives4Hockey Lives4Hockey Left Defense All Go jets go
184 Mclub326 Mclub326 Right Wing All .
185 Beaverclopsx27 Beaverclopsx27 Right Wing All .
186 Dallas1262x Dallas1262x Left Defense 2 teet
187 zBernatchez zBernatchez Goalie 3 Looking to get back into 6s
188 SgtVandoos SgtVandoos Goalie 3 I can play any position in 3v3
189 keleher4 keleher4 Right Defense All Just wanna play
190 Attackthemac AtTaCkThEmAc Left Defense 6 Play both sides
191 SCOOPY75 SCOOPY75 Left Defense 3 Availability fluctuates as I work shift work.
192 nazzy2face nazzy2face Left Defense 3 Thanks
193 Einx29 Einx29 Right Wing All None
194 OsamaBinSTABBIN OsamaBinSTABBIN Goalie All No
195 ThomaLong ThomaLong Right Wing All NA
196 chpmnk1121 chpmnk1121 Goalie 3 Na
197 Braaandonnn-- braaandonnn-- Center 3 ye
198 Heaters50in07 Heaters50in07 Left Wing All g
199 nitram308 nitram308 Right Wing All No games no carnivals ya dig
200 Therabidpanther Therabidpanther Left Wing 5 I can play pretty often
201 believe_vlady believe_vlady Goalie 4 Also play D
202 big_joe12323 big_joe12323 Center All Jo
203 FOXYHRC0314 FOXYHRC0314 Center 6 No
204 l ARO x 10 l Aro_x_10 Left Wing All I also play Xbox side
205 NINETY ElGHT supermario66x Left Wing All
206 king_katool king_katool Center All Yes
207 Lucust_killer8 Lucust_killer8 Center All I can really play any position.
208 Charliebiscuit12 Charliebiscuit12 Center All M
209 azdek63 azdek63 Left Defense All I don't know how to break out
210 Leafs780 Leafs780 Center All No
211 OdessaSteps OdessaSteps Right Defense All Pas capable de toucher mes orteils
212 GallyDomi__ GallyChucky Right Wing All Rw or lw
213 Mike813499 Mike813499 Right Wing All .
214 R1SK66 R1SK66 Right Wing All Umm, im good
215 xBealski Mattbealski Goalie 1 Hi
216 Navyynick Navyynick Goalie All Hi
217 Lonsovich24 Lonsovich24 Left Wing 3 IDK lol
218 CompleteLuck21 CompleteLuck21 Right Wing All No
219 ll_Larkin_71_ll ll_Larkin_71_ll Center 4 I like my chel
220 DeathClown27 DeathClown27 Right Defense 2 Hi
221 HazeeHype HazeeHype Right Wing All hi
222 KeEn_CJ KeEn_CJ Goalie All I am the best goalie of all time, draft me you fuckers
223 eliesalhany_ eliesalhany_ Left Wing All finished top points leader in every team ive played
224 ChyzNasty ChyzNasty Right Defense All Can play D or F
225 Boog x 91 B00gie_man--- Left Wing All No
226 Nyl x 29 BBegrand Left Defense All nae nae
227 TheShadyLemur TheShadyLemurV2 Center 5 .
228 X_2-Domi-8_X X_2-Domi-8_X Left Defense All i love chel
229 meka DVA meka nyBARISny Center 3 Please message me before you draft me. Please please please or you’ll be more upset then the last person to draft me in IHL.
230 Goostav_12 Goostav_12 Center All Ok
231 Streetsmurf Streetsmurf Right Wing All Ha
232 Capitalsfan_08 Capitalsfan_08 Goalie All No
233 Charmop82 Charmop82 Center All Ill play wing or C
234 iCallsoWhat55 iCallsoWhat55 Goalie All //( . )( . )\\
235 B L A M E x 67 BlamelessmeanQc Left Defense All No comment
236 Mr_BURR0W5_ Mr_BURR0W5_ Right Defense All Cant wait to play
237 R34RYAN R34RYAN Left Wing 2 kinda nice in 3s
238 eastons17 eastons17-- Left Wing 1 .
239 BBuster20 BBuster20 Right Wing All I am kinda new to this so a rundown on the rules and stuff would be cool
240 OG-CrispyCreamy OG-CrispyCreamy Left Wing All Hi
241 Scotian_I47I Scotian_I47I Right Defense All None
242 x Braydenn xBraydennn Right Defense 1 .
243 Cage nielsen1702 Goalie 1 .
244 Lazy Pedestrian Lazy_Pedestrian Right Defense 1 What does a female vagina look like?
245 xBongg1017 xBongg1017 Left Defense All Ligma.
246 Scully_450 Scully_450 Right Defense All ok
247 Rivnasty Rivnasty Right Wing All can play C as well
248 Position banc PositionBanc Right Wing 2 .
249 EPICxSKILLZY EPICxSKILLZY Center All Leggo my ego
250 Sinksmasher Sinksmasher Center 4 Active center can play rw also
251 WillyG_0y WillyG_0y Left Wing 3 Hi
252 xl_JDE0201_lx xl_JDE0201_lx Left Wing All Hi
253 SenatorsFan SenatorsFan Right Defense All 3 seasons of LG experience! Lots of experience playing 3s as well!
254 Royalkc85 Royalkc85 Left Defense 4 No
255 Stubby Stubby75 Right Defense 5 none
256 xSS_GotEmCoach_ xSS_GotEmCoach_ Left Defense All Can play RD as well
257 Davy3000x Davy3000x Goalie All Late sign up
258 spaced42 spaced42 Right Defense All I play alot of d in 3s
259 robinski88 robinski88 Left Wing All .
260 jared2112 Brkaway89 Center 2
261 Nhlxultimatuim Nhlxultimatuim Center All Idk what to say or ask
262 kingggermaan17 kingggermaan17 Left Wing 4 Active player here.
263 xGrapeCherry xGrapeCherry Left Defense 5 i can play Right hand or left hand
264 Jeown Jeown Right Wing 4 hey :) !!!
265 CUP_CHECK_ IMaBEASTkidd19 Center All Excited for a 3v3 league :)
266 ShawnR ShawnR Left Defense All
267 TheBobbyOrr4 TheBobbyOrr4 Left Wing All Pick me
268 hypey- hypey- Center All esketit
269 Dc_Deke92 Dc_Deke92 Left Defense All Put me in coach
270 dparans dparans Left Defense 4
271 xOneTimer xOneTimer Goalie All .
272 FrenchMoron FrenchMoron Left Defense 1 Why not? TC player here.
273 ItzAlive__ ItzAlive__ Left Wing All Hi
274 AlwaysFigh7ing AlwaysFigh7ing Left Defense 4 Na
275 SMiiRK-_- SMiiRK-_- Right Defense All N/A
276 xNav61 xNav61 Center 2 L
277 xDudester TheRealDudester Left Wing All Nond
278 Mr08Wrinrey Mr08Wrinrey Left Wing All 3v3 sign up
279 Mc-_-donal Mc-_-donal Left Wing All thx have a good day
280 Heedlessjem420 Heedlessjem420 Center 3 Hey
281 Dysfunction07 Dysfunction07 Center All none
282 woeisme2185 WOEisME2185 Right Defense 3 LD or RD
283 Eh CanadianHobo C-Flowz Center All play rw aswell
284 asstchief209 Asstchief209 Right Wing 4 Good player
285 Chikenbiskit Chikenbiskit Left Defense 5 .
286 Five5Hole_ Five5Hole_ Right Defense All Ready en tbk
287 ti-jake66 ti-jake66 Right Defense 5 Ti-jake66 RD/LD
288 HeartNSoul-X HeartNSoul-X Right Defense 3 ...
289 cLaPPxD cLaPPxD Right Wing All B
290 Alltro1 Alltro1 Goalie All Goalie
291 coltcrazy coltcrazy Right Defense 4 Hi
292 wildstajan1 wildstajan1 Right Defense 4 -
293 beernpickles beernpickles Right Wing 6 fwd or d, doesnt matter
294 EarlTheGoat1979 EarlTheGoat1979 Goalie All Yaahoo
295 Str8offDATteet Str8offDATteet Left Defense All ...
296 Bardownski69 Bardownski69 Right Wing 4 Can play any forward position
297 gumster09 Gumster09 Left Defense All Ld here boyZz
298 Customs_lll Customs_lll Left Wing All G
299 Southtowns01 Southtowns01 Center All No
300 honestmonast honestmonast Center 5 None
301 xKLuTchDoLphiNx xKLuTchDoLphiNx Goalie All A
302 Gritty13 Gritty13 Right Wing All All
303 KingNateMoore KingNateMoore Left Defense All 1
304 Franchise Matty Matty_A_31 Right Defense All None
305 MistaWilliams8 MistaWilliams8 Right Defense 4 N/a
306 L-_0-_o-_p-_s_88 L-_0-_o-_p-_s_88 Right Wing All Im rdy to win
307 shepard-88- shepard-88- Left Defense 4 None