Leaguegaming - Your Virtual Career

# User Gamertag Primary Position Questions or Comments How many nights a week can you play? (on average) System
1 Lolfunny1202 Lolfunny1202 Striker Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday PS4
2 AfrO-Desiac112 AfrO-Desiac112 Striker In the process of moving so schedule could get dicey in a week or so. But will be good after that Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday PS4
3 Crub | Tater Striker 76561198142959728 Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday PC
4 Slomo Striker http://steamcommunity.com/id/slomo_/ 76561198090324944 Xbox: "Slomo" Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday PC
5 Ninja in a Bag Goalie Fight me lil bih! BEWUH 76561198216284152 Tuesday,Wednesday PC
6 nick_k12 nick_k12 Striker psn: xtilt4 Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday PS4
7 Seabreeze Defender http://steamcommunity.com/id/theartermis and http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198019224501 Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday PC
8 BumbleBeeTuna Defender 76561198056642602 Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday PC
9 Zer0 RL Striker 76561198403066383 Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday PC
10 LudiChris1214 LudiChris1214 Striker PS4
11 Criminal Vidal Inform_Vidal Goalie xbox owner season 4 champion still waiting for my banner EIN............... 76561198191922461 Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday PC
12 sam000mx sam000mx Defender Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday PS4
13 CSM0419 CSM0419 PS4
14 NeverFiner Goalie So many questions 76561198007144050 Monday,Tuesday PC
15 TLEJ Striker hi i have a perfect 4 shot br am a trained ghandi hopper + sick strafe that ogre twins cannot hit i have superbounced on multiple headlong buildings and usually kmS when rockets 76561198041350518 Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday PC
16 UCant-_-SeeMe UCant-_-SeeMe Defender Last season was my first when i was low plat n now im diamond. Ive grown a lot n im rdy n better than ever! Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday PS4
17 GRZLY Striker http://steamcommunity.com/id/drgrizz/ 76561197963466157 ps im nuts Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday PC
18 CaptainStarphase CaptainStarphase Defender Monday,Tuesday,Thursday PS4
19 lpfortin lpfortin Striker Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday PS4
21 GapShotTV TGil36 Striker 76561198037180877 Monday,Tuesday,Thursday PC
22 MicrowaveTheCp MicrowaveTheCp Striker Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday PS4
23 Aggieboy11 Aggieboy11 Goalie how many sausages can I fit in my mouth??? 76561198126742613 Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday PC
24 HohoMcAngles Hohenheim-VL Striker Available ALL Mon/Wed Available 2nd half of Tue/Thurs 76561197999723917 Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday PC
25 FFS Blymp Defender My schedule will be a little strange due to looking for work and possibly getting work, but i will keep my team owner updated on anything that may jeopardize my availability 76561198047115823 Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday PC
26 Le_CLO Le_CLO Defender Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday PS4
27 Uchiha_Blood133 Uchiha_Blood133 Goalie Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday PS4
28 Deathmachine475 Deathmachine475 Defender Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday PS4
29 Jfsauseda Jfsauseda Defender Monday,Wednesday PS4
30 darthjesse69 darthjesse69 Striker rl striker Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday PS4
31 iD4N3_90 iD4N3_90 Defender 76561198263078774 Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday PC
32 Wsheikh90 Wsheikh90 Striker Thursday PS4
33 lMicheaI lMicheaI Striker 76561198055855037 Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday PC
34 Carm95 Carmstrong95 Defender Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday PS4
35 Biggimpin57 Biggimpin57 Goalie Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday PS4
36 tjoc8 tjoc8 Striker Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday PS4
37 FidellCastro84 FidellCastro84 Defender Still some what New but I play good Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday PS4
38 IRAQIPLAYER_16 IRAQIPLAYER_16 Striker Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday PS4
39 Austin l 33 l Striker 76561198139056731 Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday PC
40 xOneTimer xOneTimer Goalie Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday PS4
41 rfuci1207 fdawg22 Striker cant wait Tuesday,Wednesday PS4
42 mrkeiwuan mrkeiwuan Defender Been playing since the start. My strengths are my rotations, my passing and my redirects. Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday PS4
43 the special potato Striker 76561198321863295 Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday PC
44 ded279 Ded_V2 Striker http://steamcommunity.com/id/ded279/ I drive with right stick 76561198073083891 Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday PC
45 l x Dumais x l N_DUMAIS Goalie I’m excited! Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday PS4
46 supremacy-blingz supremacy-blingz Striker i am a diamond 1 player who can play all over i have great rotataions. i am willing to play and practise with anyone Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday PS4
47 vapor Striker 76561198413420859 Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday PC
48 Dushi Striker zdoosh 76561198140360314 Xbox: dushi Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday PC
49 Chronix | Hurley Striker 76561198236864882 Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday PC
50 blackhamster_21 blackhamster_21 Defender sdoy1l60 Tuesday,Thursday PS4
51 JOSHGORDON845 JOSHGORDON845 Striker Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday PS4
52 w1llyum96 w1llyum96 Striker Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday PC
53 l Meat Salad l Striker 76561198355084374 Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday PC
54 Reverse Kilowatt Kilowatt Striker YEAAAHHHHAAAA 76561198193795154 Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday PC
55 Reider15-15 Reider15-15 Striker Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday PS4
56 ThomaLong ThomaLong Striker number 1 striker in lg Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday PS4
57 mikemoran19 mikemoran19 Goalie I am top goalie Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday PS4
58 Capitalsfan_08 Capitalsfan_08 Goalie Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday PS4
59 Tharealconvict Tharealconvict Striker Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday PS4
60 Hra-ow Hra-ow Striker I'm a god Thursday PS4
61 Prenades Striker 76561198189952425 Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday PC
62 TheRabidPanther TheRabidPanther Striker LGCHL comes before LGRL... so scheduling will be difficult lol Monday,Tuesday,Thursday PS4
63 Leftcide Defender I can play any role, but I'm the most successful when on the offensive. Rotation is key and is never overlooked. Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday PC
64 PoopinSince95 PoopinSince95 Defender Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday PS4
65 Gour_x_71 Gour_x_71 Goalie Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday PS4
66 Itt79 Itt79 Striker Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday PS4
67 T Jenx Striker Monday PC
68 Nyl x 29 BBegrand Striker Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday PS4
69 JCSTREETz JCSTREETz Striker Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday PS4
70 Boston_Rulez Boston_Rulez Defender Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday PS4
71 QC_SPRITS_QC QC_SPRITS_QC Striker :) Monday,Tuesday PS4
72 belisleluc63 belisleluc63 Goalie Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday PS4
73 Hockeygamer0314 Hockeygamer0314 Striker Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday PS4
74 DirtyDeeds200 DirtyDeeds200 Defender Monday,Tuesday PS4
75 SynCraftrz SynCraftrz Defender Can play all 3 positions. Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday PS4
76 goalscorer9 goalscorer9 Striker Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday PS4