Leaguegaming - Your Virtual Career

# User Gamertag Primary Position Questions or Comments
1 actiondave13 actiondave13 Right Wing
2 Bmottly Bmottly Left Defense
3 cjwght cjwght Right Wing
4 Kuchersnipe_86 Kuchersnipe_86 Left Defense
5 Nobesy25 Nobesy25 Goalie
6 XvUNCL3SPiiCYvX XvUNCL3SPiiCYvX Right Defense
7 VonSuppe VonSuppe Right Defense can also play C
8 MustachoMexicano MustachoMexicano What+happens+if+i+sign+up+and+make+it+to+the+2nd+round+in+LGCHL%3F
9 codytheawesome1 codytheawesome1 Left Wing I prefer LW, but can play any skater position.
10 KStormmmmmmmmmmm KStormmmmmmmmmmm Right Wing Can play any forward position, preferably winger.
11 Habs3105 Habs3105 Goalie
12 Pugz_360 Pugz_360 Left Wing
13 savageornah28 savageornah28 Right Defense
14 Edog-11 Edog-11 Right Wing
15 xBrickwall-_- xBrickwall-_- Left Wing I can play every forward position and goalie well I am also an okay defender
16 Ath0miiic Ath0miiic Center C/RW I'm on a playoff team but am a TC after starting the year as a roster player I see this as a chance to prove myself to owners I am a roster player.
17 BReWsKiiS BReWsKiiS Center In CHL playoffs though..
18 Dysfunction07 Dysfunction07 Left Wing
19 Chowx7 Chowx7 Right Wing
20 JKayy_ JKayy_ Right Defense
21 Chikenbiskit Chikenbiskit Left Wing
22 M16_ANDpregnant5 M16_ANDpregnant5 Left Wing
23 Itz_Clutchtato Itz_Clutchtato Left Wing
24 CCM_77 CCM_77 Right Defense
25 asstchief209 Asstchief209 Can+play+RD+also+if+needed.+
26 hotwheels9966 hotwheels9966 Goalie
27 brian000000082 brian000000082 Left Defense
28 Cardinalsin47 Cardinalsin47 Left Defense
29 Morty_m- msbga29 Right Defense Can play C aswell as D
30 Dirtyduster88 Dirtyduster88 Center
31 Rubbershoes Rubbershoes Goalie
32 WarLock_1994_380 WarLock_1994_380 Goalie
33 arogame123 arogame123 Right Wing I have applied to be an owner of a team.
34 daytonsoccer daytonsoccer Goalie Can play defense too
35 xErik65Karlssonx IcedFire97 Left Defense Team is in playoffs. This is if team does not advance.
36 dankatsva13 dankatsva13 Goalie
37 Peeace--- Peeace--- Left Defense
38 Pawdiddy Pawdiddy Left Wing
39 Mike_yacoub Mike_yacoub Right Wing
40 NinjaGamer762 NinjaGamer762 Center
41 xx-vortex-xx94 xx-vortex-xx94 Goalie
42 x2McDonagh7x x2McDonagh7x Goalie
43 GoalieBro GoalieBro Goalie Looking to be a 6 game/wk goalie.
44 DeeReCK001 DeeReCK001 Left Wing Party on garth lets go
45 WesleyS1971 WesleyS1971 Right Defense LD or RD....Rd preferred
46 nbistline nbistline Goalie
47 YoBOIKEOntavious YoBOIKEOntavious Goalie
48 Maida2theb Maida2theb Left Wing
49 sfcman sfcman Center
50 Vapetokes77 Vapetokes77 Right Defense
51 KingWillum KingWillum Center
52 SyNSxCrusade SyNSxCrusade Center
53 ODucks182 ODucks182 Center Can play either wing.
54 STLstash STLstash Left Wing Can also play C,Ld and G
55 CJSnipes3 CJSnipes3 Center
56 LittleRaGoo28 LittleRaGoo28 Left Defense
57 Johnnywest14200 Johnnywest14200 Right Defense
58 Kerrobert9 Kerrobert9 Left Defense
59 Bukurak_1 Bukurak_1 Goalie
60 C_hawk04 C_hawk04 Center
61 jacksdawgs jacksdawgs Goalie
62 Kevdak Kevdak Goalie
63 areo0764 areo0764 Center
64 jonny__ross jonny__ross Right Defense
65 austinchiasson00 austinchiasson00 Right Wing
66 Panetta55 Panetta55 Right Wing Another day another beer.
67 Zerginjection Zerginjection Right Wing
68 b_b_gun77 b_b_gun77 Right Wing
69 No Friills NoFriills Right Wing
70 nibblingwalrus nibblingwalrus Goalie
71 RaZCuL RaZCuL Left Defense
72 Baba_Booey22 Baba_Booey22 Center
73 Gritty13 Gritty13 Right Wing
74 mamm7216 mamm7216 Left Defense Won't be back until August 3rd as I'm going out of town to visit family. Should be back for the following weeks.
75 Pyromaniac15423 Pyromaniac15423 Left Defense
76 XX_A_DeBrin_12XX XX_A_DeBrin_12XX Center
77 Cloud0911 Cloud0911 Right Wing
78 Melanson4 Melanson4 Left Defense
79 jayyyyb23 jayyyyb23 Goalie
80 Tarasenko-Show91 Tarasenko-Show91 Center
81 Big superkid Big_Superkid Goalie
82 FriedNoggin FriedNoggin Left Defense
83 natedogg1122 natedogg1122 Right Wing
84 Heaters50in07 Heaters50in07 Goalie Can play forward lw or c, defense ld
85 Looped61 Looped61 Left Defense
86 MikeK59 MikeK59 Right Defense
87 dragon8ye dragon8ye Center Can also play D.
88 xGrapeCherry xGrapeCherry Center Can also play rw rd and lw
89 Jumbokipling Jumbokipling Right Defense
90 zGuentzel zGuentzel I'm+elite+
91 Bhyman1220 Bhyman1220 Right Defense
92 jcbwyn mcloven244567 Right Defense I'll also play RW or C
93 iCb4uC iCb4uC Goalie
94 Mitchdelia815 Mitchdelia815 Left Wing
95 Boosted2ggsx Boosted2ggsx Left Wing
96 Chernoble29 Chernoble29 Left Wing
97 Tystone99 Tystone99 Center
98 jasonx1755 jasonx1755 Goalie
99 Pulverize_vL Pulverize_vL Right Wing
100 GoodFellaJP GoodFellaJP Left Wing
101 iLegend_Trippy iLegend_Trippy Right Wing I can play both wing positions but Id prefer RW.
103 AlexHellCZ AlexHellCZ Center
104 Sgt_Fryman Sgt_Fryman Right Defense
105 Jbone070789 Jbone070789 Left Wing I am also a Centre
106 KllerJ KllerJ Right Wing
107 JLAden12 JLAden12 Left Defense Can play any side of defense.
108 Jeown Jeown Right Wing
109 fearbefore22 fearbefore22 Goalie
110 xTNxcr4zym4n xTNxcr4zym4n Right Defense play LD RD OR C
111 tengaray tengaray Center
112 elias261 elias261 Right Defense Both sides on D
113 jetsareawsome1 jetsareawsome1 Right Wing
114 DankDojaDoobie DankDojaDoobie Left Wing
115 K-bagg978 K-bagg978 Left Wing
116 UrAnNub UrAnNub Right Wing
117 Tychi91 Tychi91 Center Axe about me
118 Dlcjr75 Dlcjr75 Left Defense
119 Bradley3322 Bradley3322 Right Wing Can play LW if needed
120 TheP1ck6 TheP1ck6 Right Defense
121 TheMonkeyShow TheMonkeyShow Left Defense
123 RippedJockStrap RippedJockStrap Right Defense
124 Sniperx18x Sniperx18x Left Wing
125 Mwhite27 Mwhite27 Right Wing
126 Kingparker613 Kingparker613 Left Wing
127 T_B_61 T_B_61 Goalie
128 pop_zilla420 pop_zilla420 rd+or+rw
129 DrNash8 DrNash8 Goalie Can also play D also
130 cyclone1189 cyclone1189 Left Wing
131 Pink-punisher87 Pink-punisher87 Goalie
133 MikeTheMonkey MikeTheMonkey Left Wing
134 Schwaziza Schwaziza Left Defense Play goalie to
135 Bardownbeauty19 Bardownbeauty19 Right Wing
136 UltimateAquaman UltimateAquaman Goalie Experience with defenseman.
137 BrandonDoubleB BrandonDoubleB Left Defense Can play LD
138 iMaBEASTkidd19 iMaBEASTkidd19 Left Wing I can play Left Defense as well.. Prefer LW. Thanks
139 barrdown barrdown Right Defense Also play center. Currently on Moncton TC
140 Kylemykn Kylemykn Right Defense
141 SaundersMachine SaundersMachine Center
142 Rob4343 rob4343 Left Wing
143 Big_Gren Big_Gren Left Defense I am teal
144 gumster09 Gumster09 Center Yo yo
145 XDoctor-jackalX XDoctor-jackalX Left Wing
146 El_Guapo41Six El_Guapo41Six Right Wing
147 CJB721 CJB721 Center
148 YouCanGetIt__ YouCanGetIt__ Right Wing
149 Shaggy420412 Shaggy420412 Center
150 Connor_olstad24 Connor_olstad24 Goalie
151 Popeskill Popeskill Goalie Must be starting goalie
152 N_DUMAIS N_DUMAIS Right Wing
153 Snipe_2_Kill_27 Snipe_2_Kill_27 Left Wing
154 mike71111 mike71111 Left Wing
155 xXFrANz420Xx xXFrANz420Xx Left Wing
156 JKHank07 JKHank07 Left Wing
157 mmclaughlin88 mmclaughlin88 Center
158 McGoogles50 McGoogles50 Goalie
159 Brian_7931 Brian_7931 Center
160 x ScrumZzyy xScrumZzyy Right Defense Fuck u all. CALE MAKAR IS DA BEST
161 DomP123 DomP123 Right Wing
162 Neexmo Neexmo Center
163 aharquail aharquail Right Defense
164 McSmellyDigit McSmellyDigit Right Defense
165 flavadave613 flavadave613 Right Defense
166 foustyfoost foustyfoost Right Wing
167 bradlayman23 bradlayman23 Left Wing
168 grassi__ GRASSI__ Left Wing
169 jhawkman81 jhawkman81 Right Wing
170 KILLERsamich KILLERsamich Left Wing
171 xLaFleur-- xLaFleur-- Right Wing
172 Key_Tops Key_Tops Goalie
173 kingbrad42 kingbrad42 Left Wing
174 wildstajan1 wildstajan1 Right Wing
175 dj_kreation dj_kreation Right Wing
176 CaponeUptop66 CaponeUptop66 Center Can play RW lw and G
177 KilluminatiKro KilluminatiKro Left Wing
178 Deko2004 Deko2004 Left Wing
179 mcanadiens24 mcanadiens24 Left Defense
180 WamstanChurchil WamstanChurchil Right Wing
181 Hugosav Hugosav Left Wing
182 rat48180 rat48180 Left Wing
183 Taso971 Taso971 Right Wing
184 Camelot28 Camelot28 Goalie
185 JafGaming14 JafGaming14 Right Wing
186 Back342 Back342 Right Wing
187 Thebaldeagle69 Thebaldeagle69 Right Defense
188 Coolboy-1_ Coolboy-1_ Left Defense
189 XlxLegacy xIxLegacy Left Wing
191 SilentEcho97 SilentEcho97 Goalie
192 playmaker x 7 Playmaker_x_7 Left Wing
193 Captnobody420 Captnobody420 Right Wing
194 Tony2251 tony5122 Left Defense
195 Jazzx1607 Jazzx1607 Right Defense
196 Duckweed1989 Duckweed1989 Left Wing
197 gunz4013 gunz4013 Can+play+any+position+besides+G.+Shoots+left.+Prefer+C%2C+RD%2C+then+Wings.+Available+evenings.
198 Drippy Hardin DrippyHardin Right Wing
199 CiNcHxUp CiNcHxUp Right Wing
200 JRG173188 JRG173188 Left Wing
201 BennettX96 BennettX96 Left Wing
202 steezy steezybabeh Right Wing
203 hello_its_yello_ hello_its_yello_ Right Defense
204 AvengedJoker15 AvengedJoker15 Right Wing
205 xX_PARAYKO_55Xx xX_PARAYKO_55Xx Left Defense
206 BBuster20 BBuster20 Right Wing Left handed RW, enjoy playing as a power forward/hitting sniper and cutting in for shots/screening the goalie
207 TheShaftDaddy TheShaftDaddy Left Wing
208 Slowdethmarch420 Slowdethmarch420 Goalie
209 GZUS19 GZUS19 Center
210 Eccoldsteel Eccoldsteel Center
211 spaclear spaclear Left Wing
212 JaySgr92 JaySgr92 Center
213 monster_mania771 monster_mania771 Left Defense
214 redbeef1 redbeef1 Right Defense
215 Ojibwe_skillz Ojibwe_skillz Right Defense
216 kingsofavalon kingsofavalon Left Defense
217 xBOBARINOx xBOBARINOx Left Defense
218 alexander1032 alexander1032 Right Wing
219 priceless_1982 priceless_1982 Goalie
220 RedhaChedda G0LD-KUUSH Center
221 The_Canadian777 The_Canadian777 Center
222 BigOLsalami BigOLsalami Right Defense
223 Capitalsfan_08 Capitalsfan_08 Goalie
224 llscumdogll llscumdogll Left Wing
225 Taylormade1129 Taylormade1129 Center
226 Evan_simpy Evan_simpy Left Defense
227 Mikel98809 Mikel98809 Left Wing
228 dlrp03 dlrp03 Center
229 frenchieisback frenchieisback Center
230 Tink-Show Tink-Show Can+play+C-RD
231 SmokeyGagne SmokeyGagne Goalie
232 Theo_a_kats Theo_a_kats Goalie
233 Gym_Lahey69 Gym_Lahey69 Left Wing
234 Spudnick6077 Spudnick6077 Right Defense
235 Meatwad1062 Meatwad1062 Center
236 SUMAwtf sumawtf Right Defense
237 LEHKONENN LEHKONENN Left Wing i dont do tryouts
238 snake16doctor snake16doctor Goalie I can "help" an owner if needed
239 Cage nielsen1702 Goalie If you draft me to play C, I won't play.
240 Burns88X Burns88X Left Defense
241 Peril_G2 Peril_G2 Left Wing
242 Metisboy36 Metisboy36 Right Wing
243 Harmanm44 Harmanm44 Right Wing
244 xxcardsharkxx406 xxcardsharkxx406 Right Wing
245 MajorDixieRect MajorDixieRect Center Scrub here
246 zDUJ- zDUJ- Left Wing
247 Kipperboy33 Kipperboy33 Left Defense
248 Redlater Redlater Right Defense
249 smooth_op41 smooth_op41 Left Wing
250 Re1nbrecht Re1nbrecht Left Wing
251 Jason_23 Jason_23 Right Wing
252 tissuebox24 tissuebox24 Left Wing
253 ToughCutsYT ToughCutsYT Right Wing
254 Stav 98 Stavio_98 Right Defense
255 El_cucuy79 El_cucuy79 Right Wing
257 LHSbrad35 LHSbrad35 Right Wing Was owner in season 5 CHL - availability is pretty much open and play both ends (offense and defense).
258 NoobTasticss NoobTasticss Right Wing
259 beatzr beatzr Right Wing
260 2TROUT its2TROUT Left Defense
261 Willy8wonka1234 Willy8wonka1234 Center Pick me
262 Sovinnia Sovinnia Left Defense Can play d or wing in either side
263 Icrashbikes Icrashbikes Right Defense
264 hunt_em_up_26 hunt_em_up_26 Right Wing
265 Marts79 Marts79 Goalie
266 SlayberhamLincon SlayberhamLincon Left Wing
267 Jwilly_24 Jwilly_24 Left Defense
268 LGx 2MadTurtles Carpenter7-4 Goalie
269 DufOurmick DufOurmick Right Wing Can also p'ay GREAT GOALIE
270 PatSajakATTACK Ramza_LGHL Goalie
271 Stooner20 Stooner20 Right Wing
272 Trapppgawddd Trapppgawddd Left Wing
273 x25j75x x25j75x Left Wing
274 firepenguin17_ firepenguin17_ Center Can also play d if needed but c is prefered
275 Igotdat420 Igotdat420 Center
276 chpmnk1121 chpmnk1121 Goalie
277 Jennjamty Jennjamty Left Wing
278 FU2-GnomeofDeath FU2-GnomeofDeath Left Wing
279 leafs1791 leafs1791 Goalie
280 EarlTheGoat1979 EarlTheGoat1979 Goalie
281 Feeneykid93 Feeneykid93 Center C rw lw rd
282 frostygta frostygta Left Defense dedicated left D, decent CHL stats on an average team
283 chabz2001 chabz2001 Right Wing
284 Kable_72 Kable_72 Center
285 TuckItTeal TuckItTeal Right Defense
286 DG_Keeper DG_Keeper Center
287 TopShelfSniper7 TopShelfSniper7 Left Wing
288 Jthersch16 Jthersch16 Goalie
289 Officer_Bob72 Officer_Bob72 Goalie
290 Thegetupkid_289 Thegetupkid_289 Left Defense
291 Mikedubski Mikedubski Left Wing
292 Towel5566 Towel5566 Center
293 m0rdred13 m0rdred13 Right Defense
294 TheGoalie1212 TheGoalie1212 I+got+about+600+games+as+goalie+and+I+usually+can+play+it+about+5+days+a+week+and+I+always+try+to+keep+a+good+attitude
295 TheyCallMeDevo24 TheyCallMeDevo24 Left Wing
296 WhippinDaSR5 WhippinDaSR5 Left Wing
297 sml09 sml09 Right Wing
298 Deadlyone910 Deadlyone910 Goalie
299 Chanderson773 Chanderson773 Goalie
300 blando85 blando85 Left Defense
301 Noodin13 Noodin13 Left Defense
302 Capsrule19 Capsrule19 Left Wing
303 Austin_Levesque Austin_Levesque Left Wing
304 b_tpa b_tpa Right Defense
305 Youngtko13 Youngtko13 Right Wing
306 Imcanedianehh Imcanedianehh Goalie
307 donron011 donron011 Right Defense Play any position
308 magnum_316 M-A-G-N-U-M_316 Left Defense
309 EmptyLsAwesome EmptyLsAwesome Left Defense
310 FrannieDeVito FrannieDeVito Left Wing
311 D1ggy420 D1ggy420 Center
312 IrishKiller_420 IrishKiller_420 Left Defense
313 Bosanceros1992 Bosanceros1992 Right Wing
314 Madernwarfare58 Madernwarfare58 Right Defense
315 J MeeHoff JimGottaP_S_4 Left Wing
316 kered93 kered93 Right Wing
317 Guesshoo1 Guesshoo1 Left Defense
318 Onionface18 Onionface18 Center
319 Demolisher304x Demolisher304x Goalie
320 SniffyMeatal566 Sniffymeatal566 Goalie
321 roscoclibbins RoscoClibbins Left Defense
322 Titler73 Titler73 Goalie
323 BlNAURAL BlNAURAL Right Wing