Leaguegaming - Your Virtual Career

# User Gamertag Primary Position Questions or Comments
1 Chooch780 Chooch780 Right Wing I like turtles
2 msmth msmth Center n/a
3 Ernie_Adams Ernie_Adams Left Wing Don't ask where Bert is. I don't know.
4 Impulse8811 Impulse8811 Goalie Goalie
5 nolnick14 TTV_nolnick14__ Goalie none
6 StillMaalik StillMaalik Right Defense RD for mississauga steelheads
7 ZERO_MERCY487 ZERO_MERCY487 Right Wing Can play C as well
8 MyBladesOnFire03 MyBladesOnFire03 Right Defense No question or comment
9 gramdrew gramdrew Left Wing
11 BigIrishJim BigIrishJim Goalie None
12 dlp3273 dlp3273 Right Defense N/A
13 x_PastaQC_x88 x_PastaQC_x88 Right Wing Juniors are only if you don’t go to round 2 in ploffs correct?
14 YuhPerf YuhPerf Left Defense .
15 Nealrambo Nealrambo Left Defense Also rd
16 CastroNY516 CastroNY516 Left Defense 9/9 Avail
17 xlKN0Xlx xlKN0Xlx Left Wing World jr
18 rdsmitty105 rdsmitty105 Right Wing
19 ti-jake66 crimsonfever1 Right Defense crimsonfever1 #2637
20 krackerboi krackerboi Right Wing can be lw
21 NoussGP NoussGP Left Defense N/a
22 Rbobby1420 Rbobby1420 Right Defense None
23 bk_theMan bk_theMan Right Wing Looking to make a strong impact on any team that decides to select me. Goal scorer.
24 CeeElGee17 CeeElGee17 Goalie none
25 sendit519 sendit519 Center Looking to GM as well.
26 Evilclock Evilclock Left Defense Will I actually get to play?
27 MN_Caleb_Gamin MN_Caleb_Gamin Left Wing Heyy
28 Billybobjo12344 Billybobjo12344 Right Wing No
29 Rejusty ProRawdogger6_9 Goalie None.
30 Co-Kane88 Co-Kane88 Right Wing Rw/C
31 Jiipystamkos Jiipystamkos Center Vétéran
32 BucketOfPucks BucketOfPucks Goalie No
33 LGallagherL11 LGallagherL11 Center .
34 churchy1707 churchy1707 Right Defense Let’s go
35 JTRv91 JTRv91 Right Defense No
36 xiTz_McKenzie_-x xiTz_McKenzie_-x Goalie .
37 xTrEdz_- xTrEdz_- Center When does this start
38 lMike2Dopel lMike2Dopel Right Defense Ld as well
39 Abysses Abysses Right Defense gg
40 Kennethf_33 Kennethf_33 Right Defense None
41 Shottaflow_wells Shottaflow_wells Right Wing none
42 Capsrule19 Capsrule19 Goalie No
43 FryStarZero FryStarZero Right Defense N/A. Let's have some fun
44 Ice_Runner72 Ice_Runner72 Left Defense Really am looking to join and prove myself in this league. Consider me please
45 Zeus_Zwick Zeus_Zwick Left Defense Hello
46 Bar-Downski-1999 Bar-Downski-1999 Right Wing How can I find team discord’s to scout?
47 Itt79 Itt79 Left Wing I am interested in being an owner
48 SPA350 SPA350 Right Defense SPA350
49 Pucks4Breakfast9 Pucks4Breakfast9 Left Defense .
50 Honest90 Honest90 Goalie No
51 Paulmurr9 Paulmurr9 Left Defense LD or RD
52 Dawg_Nation09 Dawg_Nation09 Right Defense .
53 mikenaughty mikenaughty Left Defense None
54 JPW3030 JPW3030 Left Defense I play for armada but they said tc on playoff teams can play this year
55 USMC6199 USMC6199 Right Wing Not sure if I can even sign up for this but trying anyway
56 Voltigeurcb Voltigeurcb Right Wing none
57 Corkster19 Corkster19 Goalie None
58 Eh_SO_TeRiC Eh_SO_TeRiC Left Defense .
59 CronicJ18 CronicJ18 Goalie g here played many years in lg xbox version look me up same name same tag
60 Leprechaun4488 Leprechaun4488 Center Still in Contention
61 Sweht_- Sweht_- Left Wing ?
62 WalkingManiac77 WalkingManiac77 Left Wing Nothing
63 GodlyXJohn GodlyXJohn Goalie Currently in Playoffs depends on if im currently in CHL
64 LeHomieYosh LeHomieYosh Right Wing No
65 Happy77dd Happy77dd Left Defense None
66 Hockeytendy39 Hockeytendy39 Left Wing Heat up
67 Silent_Rocker30 Silent_Rocker30 Right Wing None
68 REAPZx74 REAPZx74 Left Defense sign up
69 Sheldog7704 Sheldog7704 Goalie none
70 DreamzVIL DreamzVIL Goalie lol
71 Pierre92bourque Pierre92bourque Goalie Able play many games if needed
72 Mtl_Raze Mtl_Raze Center Nop
73 Lankeez Lankeez Left Wing For the gold baby
74 TTwinky_ TTwinky_ Right Defense Top RD Here
75 tcar23 tcar23 Goalie Nothing
76 lilmitzvah lilmitzvah Left Wing NANE
77 Glimi-1 Glimi-1 Goalie 6-9/9 avail, mostly 9/9
78 Brxdyx- Brxdyx- Center .
79 Faldze- Fxldze Left Defense Let’s get it
80 Jimbo_Slice093 Jimbo_Slice093 Left Defense .
81 Carriere-qc98 Carriere-qc98 Goalie Hi
82 a_p_l_e_K---AP apleK-1999 Right Wing Pass the puck
83 TuckItTeal TuckItTeal Left Defense w
84 C9yostty C9yostty Goalie What time are the games?
85 ARSR--27 ARSR--27 Goalie N/A
86 Scottdunlop1 Scottdunlop1 Right Wing Need a team
87 Cameron_c46 Cameron_c46 Left Wing NANE Preferred
88 MrHappyhappy1 MrHappyhappy1 Right Wing None
89 jpc77ttv jpc77ttv Left Wing none
90 Spenny780 Spenny780 Center No comments
91 X-z3tt3rbergzz-X X-z3tt3rbergzz-X Right Wing None
92 FreeZe_PF FreeZe4PF- Left Wing
93 Heedlessjem420 Heedlessjem420 Center Let play
94 NuttyOutlaw13 NuttyOutlaw13 Left Wing Hi
95 Obrien42295 Obrien42295 Left Wing Let's do this!
96 xx-_-Venom- xx-_-Venom- Right Wing .
97 lilShing lilShing Right Defense mailman
98 XxWeTheNORTHxX XxWeTheNORTHxX Goalie hi , goalie here
99 hockeyplaya4life hockeyplaya4life Center NA
100 SKY_symfuhny SKY_symfuhny Left Wing No
101 DragonlordKhaiga DragonlordKhaiga Center Ok
102 PT-Leafs08 PT-Leafs08 Goalie available for all games
103 solar_forseen solar_forseen Center N/A
104 yaBoyMaks yaBoyMaks Left Wing None
105 Can_u_c_me Can_u_c_me Right Wing None
106 ItsJustJFonz ItsJustJFonz Left Wing Secondary positions include Center and LD
107 TorLeaf-67 TorLeaf-67 Left Defense LD
108 Blades_of_Steal_ Blades_of_Steal_ Left Defense Thanks
109 MotherShabubu066 MotherShabubu066 Left Wing Why do the corner boards have rounded edges? Because if they were 90 degrees, the ice would melt.
110 J_Gedds J_Gedds Center Y
111 CamSteals- CamSteals- Left Wing N/A
112 Xiphos462 Xiphos462 Goalie Secondary position: Ld
113 J_Pedro13 J_Pedro13 Right Wing LW
114 Ty__2__FLy Ty__2__FLy Right Wing I can play G also
115 Onlyfans_Urgirl Onlyfans_Urgirl Goalie just wanting to get into it!
116 Xicyyyy--- Xicyyyy--- Right Wing Hi
117 Broussbat_Gg Broussbat_gg Left Defense No
118 Sumaaa-- Sumaaa-- Right Defense none
119 TheImperial757 TheImperial757 Left Wing N/A
120 WillyStroker14 WillyStroker14 Center
121 Chico_Galgueiro5 Chico_Galgueiro5 Right Defense lets go
122 iZhu_ iZhu_ Left Wing Can also play RW
123 Stag_Arms-USA Stag_Arms-USA Right Wing Hi I’m Stag
124 GreasyBenito GreasyBenito Left Defense None.
125 vegasmtl vegasmtl Right Wing thanks
126 Mxte-Oshnut- Mxte-Oshnut- Left Wing N/A
127 RedMast22 RedMast22 Right Defense Can play LD too.
128 Farrott_ Farrott_ Left Defense .
129 timhorton28 timhorton28 Left Wing Na
130 R03N1K R03N1K Right Wing Center or RW
131 chief_copperking chief_copperking Left Wing ?
132 KiD-KaNucK77 KiD-KaNucK77 Left Wing All good
133 SpiashX- SpiashX- Right Wing I also can play LW or LD
134 kAbAL-Wins1 kAbAL-Wins1 Right Defense iam back
135 WasabiiiSann WasabiiiSann Goalie what days are we playing? and what time?
136 xIIstxpItImtrxsh xIIstxpItImtrxsh Left Defense No
137 Brandflakes29 Brandflakes29 Right Wing .
138 UnkyWinks69 UnkyWinks69 Left Wing mcdonald told me to sign back up and I was hoping I can get this resolved asap as I was asked to play a couple games up in the AHL tonight
139 Whoshotya_eljefe Whoshotya_eljefe Right Wing None
140 hewittdave0 hewittdave0 Goalie Woo
141 TJaremey TJaremey Right Defense No
142 lil_skw3rl lil_skw3rl Left Defense Let’s goooo
143 Natale_59 Natale_59 Goalie
144 xARMYYY_ xARMYYY_ Left Defense Bronze
145 MDicus96 MDicus96 Left Wing n/a
146 Carbeen- Carbeen- Right Wing hi
147 T-Minnow T-Minnow Left Defense Can also play RD
148 TheeMcVicz TheeMcVicz Center .
149 Abrizzle11 Abrizzle11 Center Na
150 Dr_Juice7 ATX_CHOKE_DEALER Goalie !
151 mgb2092 mgb2092 Left Wing none
152 Blues4Lyfe420 Blues4Lyfe420 Goalie I
153 marsh1417 marsh1417 Left Wing .
154 ItzAlive__ ItzAlive__ Left Defense Hi
155 emvee2022 emvee2022 Left Defense I look forward to playing in the league
157 jayyyyb23 jayyyyb23 Goalie solid goalie here
158 LeKotkaniemi LeKotkaniemi Center .
159 daddydelicious69 daddydelicious69 Right Defense Sunday and Late Games Only
160 Nxva_Deleted Nxva_Deleted Right Defense I’m pretty good at defense
161 Ti-yan36 Ti-yan36 Goalie Days and hour please
162 MikeJonesxX42 MikeJonesxX42 Goalie only a goalie
163 Kuuch86 Kuuch86 Left Wing comeback szn
164 xRaymondx23 xRaymondx23 Right Wing Hello!
165 darthjesse69 phat_pappy Right Wing n/a
166 ydntumanup ydntumanup Right Defense Need Gold!
167 cloys_8 cloys_8 Right Wing N/A
168 x2Mandalorian2x x2Mandalorian2x Left Wing Hello
169 Bucktowners Bucktowners Goalie No
170 XxJones49 XxJones49 Left Wing i love dawgs
171 sevinski sevinski Left Defense .
172 kingprather kingprather Right Defense Can play either RD or LD and am also availability for management if anyone is interested.
173 Maxpain456 Maxpain456 Right Wing None
174 maher86 maher86 Right Wing No
175 Xx-mayygagghurr- Xx-mayygagghurr- Left Wing Let's go
176 xKillhouse Diewithonor Left Wing 9/9
177 smatthew9 smatthew9 Right Defense no
178 talkingstick92 talkingstick92 Right Wing Secondary Position: C
179 DillDawg77 DillDawg77 Right Defense N/A
180 xBxllxgxrde- xBxllxgxrde- Center -
181 MadLuigi_Qc MadLuigi_Qc Goalie No comment
182 Method018 Method018 Right Defense 9/9 can play either side prefer RD.
183 Fethdar Fethdar Left Wing Good avail.
184 dantas101 dantas101 Left Defense !!!
185 EliteDesjardin34 EliteDesjardin34 Left Wing None
186 Ah-xX-FooStY-Xx Ah-xX-FooStY-Xx Right Wing None
187 ClassicHughez ClassicHughez Goalie what happens in general
188 NEON_ANGEL27 NEON_ANGEL27 Left Wing None
189 x-Toews19x x-Toews19x Right Defense Hi
190 thatbaillieguy thatbaillieguy Center Blazers owner who is distraught beyond belief. Wants to try and find fun again
191 Rosa-Leaf Rosa-Leaf Goalie Its asking me to comment? I can't see why on phone but here.
192 X-Top_Garbage-X X-Top_Garbage-X Left Defense ZzZzZ
193 jonshadow12 jonshadow12 Left Defense 9/9 Avail, NANE
194 tjoc8 TJOC420 Left Defense im not sure how to sign up anymore its been years but i wanna get back into it
196 DirtyDeeds200 DirtyDeeds200 Left Defense Cause my lg team
197 Melzy_13 Melzy_13 Goalie :)
198 bxnana-- bxnana-- Center My last teams management was very toxic so please fix your vetting process for future management
199 xCryptoGod xCryptoGod Center Hello
200 Krysh55 Krysh55 Right Defense Gold or GTFO
201 MikeK59 MikeK59 Right Defense Hi
202 oDeletedUser oDeletedUser Center Hi
203 BillCrxsby-_- BillCrxsby-_- Left Wing none fuck kuddy
204 Lauro22 Lauro22 Right Wing Looking forward to competing
205 Rubyrose201506 II-RubyRxse-II Left Wing Hi
206 S-C-A-R-F-A-C-E S-C-A-R-F-A-C-E Left Defense Let's go!
207 Dmacjr2 Dmacjr2 Center Can play any skater position
208 Geno x 51 Geno_x_51 Right Defense Nope
209 P_Po_Patches P_Po_Patches Right Defense Pylon
210 AlphaWolfCK92 AlphaWolfCK92 Left Defense N/A
211 kuddy-76 kuddy-76 Goalie ><
212 Briffbuddy26 Briffbuddy26 Goalie .
213 MazelTovMalkin MazelTovMalkin Right Wing Need a team badly
214 XxBerny-_X29xX XxBerny-_X29xX Right Wing Goat
215 I--Ghosty--I I--Ghosty--I Right Wing Willing to be GM or AGM
216 NappyLuke EasyxMoneyx Left Wing Lw / rw
217 FartBoxSniffer- IcedFire97 Left Defense LD/RD
218 sugarcoatz sugarcoatz Right Defense can also LD
219 Yourdadleftyou1 Yourdadleftyou1 Goalie No
220 Wrath_SiNz Wrath_SiNz Right Wing Rw
221 Asperzion Asperzion Goalie .
222 KinGDooGi KinGDooGi Left Wing None
223 AssRanchero AssRanchero Left Wing I will play either wing
224 MacK-AttacK16 MacK-AttacK16 Right Defense Blazers szn
225 Duce2020 Duce2020 Left Defense None
226 Evildoink666 Evildoink666 Left Defense back to LD after a bad regular season as RD need to get back to what i know best Left Defense
227 FakeBlobby FakeBlobby Left Wing I can play LW or RW, I can also play both defenseman positions but I’m primarily a LW. I can sometimes play center but I’m not too good on face offs yet
228 xDave7790x xDave7790x Right Defense .
229 Hazlitt5 Hazlitt5 Center Comment
230 SOLIDBLOOD204 SOLIDBLOOD204 Left Defense 9/9 Avail
231 BR3Wx25 BR3Wx25 Right Wing RW
232 arpineoq arpineoq Right Wing How you doing?
233 Muise1993 Muise1993 Right Defense Go for GOlD
234 DL9ine Maineiack- Goalie G
235 Terror-72 Terror-72 Goalie When does the season start
236 lpfortin lpfortin Center .
237 DarksBackk DarksBackk Goalie G
238 Kush ObsidianKush519 Center ww
239 Matarazzo1738 Matarazzo1738 Left Defense no
240 xChoo-_- xChoo-_- Goalie Will not have full 9 avail.
241 Nyboy914 Nyboy914 Center N/A
242 Billygary9 BigBadBillyy Goalie Goalie
243 Hot_logger Hot_logger Goalie none
244 x-sayers-x AjijaakNini Center None
245 Anthonyd8616 Anthonyd1686 Right Wing 9 to 9 avail
246 FinesseHoops FinesseHoops Left Wing Lw,c
247 wild_boal_crew wild_boal_crew Goalie Boalie The Goalie is Alive
248 Nelsungrams21 Nelsungrams Center thank you
249 Fus1on-GamingYT Fus1on-GamingYT Right Wing I'm supposed to fill this out.
250 JePeto_132 JePeto_132 Center .
251 Bigman1993Jon Bigman1993Jon Left Wing I can also play Center if needed. Looking to play more often than I did this year
252 ChRoMe-USAF ChRoMe-USAF Goalie None
253 gregroth12 gregroth12 Right Wing N/A
254 VulgarGentleman VulgarGentleman Left Defense No
255 KQ31 KQ31 Center None
256 vanh33zi3 vanh33zi3 Right Defense I love chooch
257 muted-nobody2 muted-nobody2 Goalie N/A
258 xCLOUTIER10x xCLOUTIER10x Left Defense Central
259 Terrance2Nice Terrance2Nice Goalie Hope this can show case my skill and potential
260 PriceSZN4 PriceSZN4 Goalie n/a
261 Th3Fr3akSh0w76 Th3Fr3akSh0w76 Left Wing Hey
262 Ryan_2021 Ryan_2021 Center What days
263 i-Envvy- i-Envvy- Right Wing .
264 Tretxak Relevant_Yuri Goalie Go team
265 siriushp0904 siriushp0904 Right Defense Can also play LD. Doesn’t matter to me.
266 Jaycee2424 Jaycee2424 Center None
267 ThumbLessBaldy ThumbLessBaldy Goalie
268 Tendrr_ Tendrr_ Right Wing Hi
269 JellyFamBrandon- JellyFamBrandon- Center No questions. Interested in owning a team
270 Maddens26 Maddens26 Left Wing ...
271 JRush JRush Right Defense None
272 Snipersteve19884 Snipersteve19884 Right Wing Can play lw too. High availability
273 GingerNHL GingerNHL Goalie Grind.
274 Gum---09 Gum---09 Center I can do lw ld
275 MNxWILDx MNxWILDx Goalie Hi Chooch
276 ArtVanNostrand ArtVanNostrand Goalie hi
277 Yellow_612 Yellow_612 Left Wing None
278 Capitalsfan93 Yodes934 Left Defense I can play lw n g
279 Breeezy2129 breeezy2129 Left Defense Breeezy2129
280 spudsmcnuffy spudsmcnuffy Left Wing No
281 Jondo8303 Jondo8303 Center 9/9
282 oneeye15 oneeye15 Right Wing Can play any position
283 itsgally itsgally Right Wing .
284 C-McAvoy73 C-McAvoy73 Center no questions. hope to get a shot
285 dylan-_-carr94 dylan-_-carr94 Left Wing Nah
286 ItsbOnG42o itsbOnG42o Right Wing no
287 x-Eagles-_- x-Eagles-_- Center None.
288 cf_pat_652 cf_pat_652 Right Defense No questions
289 Papa_Johns101 Papa_Johns101 Goalie None
290 Jesta_Actual Jesta_Actual Left Defense No.
291 ToneCarbone ToneCarbone Center OG
292 Kwaz15 XxKwXaXzYxX Right Wing hi
293 PlayBoiCenterSG- PlayBoiCenterSG- Goalie Goalie
294 Habs3105 Habs3105 Right Wing Na
295 Tommyallidoiswin Tommyallidoiswin Center Ready to win the gold
296 MDConMan MDConMan Goalie Hi
297 xBanks99x xBanks99x Goalie No
298 DBuckeye0140 DBuckeye0140 Center Let’s go!!!
299 DaVyrus13 DaVyrus13 Left Wing Ok
300 jakeger10 jakeger10 Right Wing none
301 Corbett_11 Corbett_11 Right Defense Am I eligible to sign up?
302 Chester12X Chester12X Center N/A
303 Lostinthesauce15 Lostinthesauce15 Left Defense N/A
304 xBaxky xBaxky Right Wing no
305 TheRawdawg69 TheRawdawg69 Goalie Go team
306 Jmoneypreludesi Jmoneypreludesi Right Wing .
307 X_Booty_X3 X_Booty_X3 Right Defense GO BOYS
308 TantBerit TantBerit Left Wing I guess im ameture?
309 MastaHams-_- MastaHams-_- Right Defense None
310 JJs_Taxi JJs_Taxi Goalie
311 Bear-_-48 Bear-_-48 Left Wing lw
312 Stat1c40 Stat1c40 Right Wing Mediocre at best.
313 Hakimbo1997 Hakimbo1997 Left Wing Availability 7 on 7
314 bigg101 bigg10101 Goalie No