Leaguegaming - Your Virtual Career

# User Gamertag Discord Primary Position Questions or Comments
1 Blitzburgh_31 Blitzburgh_31 Blitzburgh_31#7488 Left Defense None
2 Wozy97 Wozy97 Center Rw as well
3 JGod350 JGod350 Right Wing N/A
4 pizzasready pizzasready mxdanol9l#8473 Left Wing Lw
5 Jaylude Jaylude Jaylude#4010 Center Lets go
6 SAKICx19x SAKICx19x Right Wing N/A
7 Wheelchairdevon8 Wheelchairdevon8 Wheelchairdevon8#9963 Right Defense N/a
8 AngryTigers777 AngryTigers777 Goalie G
9 DracGodx-_- DracGodx-_- Right Wing daddy
10 Thee_Ghosty Thee_Ghosty Right Wing 3X Gold medal winner
11 Le_Homie_Yosh22 Le_Homie_Yosh22 Le_Homie_Yosh22#7101 Right Wing No
12 Beeper_tha_1st_a Beeper_tha_1st_a Right Defense ???
13 G_bone8 G_bone8 Goalie N/A
14 I Minsky I vMinsky35- vMinsky35-#4912 Center -
15 oneeye15 oneeye15 Right Wing Play all forward
16 Habs3105 Habs3105 Right Wing Hi
17 KllerJ KllerJ Center No
18 Heedlessjem420 Heedlessjem48 Center Let have fun
19 lMike2Dopel lMike2Dopel mike_yacoub (Kazakhstan Owner)#4200 Left Wing .
20 WillLovesCrytns WillLovesCrytns will™#0747 Goalie N/A
21 LxBriinkk LxBriinkk Right Wing LW secondary, Central, 8
22 Aztec066 Aztec066 Aztec066#8879 Right Defense T
23 Dedstarks dedstarks Dedstarks#9685 Right Defense !
24 tydalton16 tydalton16 Right Wing
25 TheFrogman77 TheFrogman77 Left Defense None
26 Lou-Sainiss Lou-Sainiss Goalie No comment.
27 xVerci- xVerci- verci#1389 Right Wing Did not mean to sign up for XBOX
28 churchy1707 churchy1707 Right Defense Fun
29 Timmycdogg Timmycdogg Left Defense .
30 Sabreshockey716 Sabreshockey716 Left Wing None
31 SPED3409 Perry-94- sped3409#2927 Left Wing Hi
32 LGallagherL11 LGallagherL11 Left Wing ?
33 nicholas08chick8 nicholas08chick8 nicholas08chick8#4873 Left Wing None
34 YaBoiOvn YaBoiOvn YaBoiOvn#5344 Left Wing N/A
35 BoatsnHoes333 BoatsnHoes333 Right Wing N/A
36 l Vengy l PensCanuks PensCanuks#9825 Center top goaler
37 Changuito74 Changuito74 Left Defense Yeehaww
38 Pono92- Pono92- Ryder | Salty x 14#8675 Goalie top g
39 TheNotoriousNHL TheNotoriousNHL TheNotoriousNHL#4672 Left Wing Float like a Cadillac, Sting like a Beamer
40 Mxte-Oshnut- l55l-M-O-X-X- Left Wing None
41 Shock-wave230 Shock-wave230 Right Wing Good luck and have fun
42 sendit519 sendit519 sendit519#2408 Right Defense RD
43 smatthew9 smatthew9 smatthew9#1611 Right Defense no
44 Griffdog79 Griffdog79 Left Wing i got nothing to say other than stop making me fill this out lmfao
45 YaBoiWattsy YaBoiWattsy Goalie .
46 Dylan7272_ Dylan7272_ Right Defense None
47 Damorien Damorien Damorien#9582 Center None.
48 iTxHawk iTxHawk Right Wing NA
49 YOJE88 YOJE88 YOJE88#3419 Right Defense no comments or question
50 LHSbrad35 LHSbrad35 LHSbrad35#3535 Right Wing RW/C
51 LeBig613 LeBig613 Left Defense I can play C and LD as well
52 Der_Todesengell Der_Todesengell Right Defense
53 Brandflakes29 Brandflakes29 Right Wing Let’s go
54 Method018 Method018 Method018#9669 Right Defense 12/12 availability, plays both sides.
55 MadLuigi_Qc MadLuigi_Qc MadLuigi_Qc#7500 Goalie No comments
56 Donkey_Biytchass Donkey_Biytchass Left Defense None
57 Fethdar Fethdar Fethdar#4854 Left Wing Full availability
58 TheeMcVicz TheeMcVicz Center .
59 desiredsno3 desiredsno3 desiredsno3#3813 Center No
60 CntrllsYe njdfx Right Wing no
61 Flydwin79 Flydwin79 Left Wing .
62 Abc6171992 Abc6171992 Left Wing I'll be available
63 JPC77- JPC77- Left Wing None
64 Kapo x96 Kapo_x96 Houde l86l#7169 Center Let's Go !
65 CapitalDefense21 Capitaldefense21 Center -
67 DaKnot DaKnot DaKnot#6160 Left Defense no
68 Winkle_09 Winkle_09 Winkle09#4184 Right Wing Waivewinkle
69 muted-nobody2 muted-nobody2 Goalie No questions at this time.
70 Interplanetaryy Interplanetaryy Right Defense None
72 jasonw1978 jasonw1978 Right Wing Heat up
73 ClassicHughez ClassicHughez Goalie can't wait
74 Hulksmash8649 Hulksmash8649 Left Defense None
75 xFxrxoxdxy xFxrxoxdxy Left Defense Can play rd
76 Mr_Exc1tm3nt205 Mr_Exc1tm3nt205 Goalie no
77 DeebsFuk xDeebs- DeebsFuk#0067 Right Wing Ready to represent Team North Korea
78 Springdogg Springdogg Left Wing K
79 Antg310 Antg310 Left Wing Yo
80 GrittyWitty856 GrittyWitty856 GrittyWitty856#7827 Goalie Let’s goooo!
81 MajesticPotato28 MajesticPotato28 Majestic Potato#2234 Left Wing no
82 jm_2419 jm_2419 Goalie No
83 X_apex-killa_X X_apex-killa_X Left Wing Let’s get at it
84 Jcarney17 JCarney17- Right Defense N/a
85 IrIsh__InVaSiOn IrIsh__InVaSiOn Left Wing Lw
86 worf35 worf26 worf26#8694 Goalie :)
87 xXalp1n3Xx xXALP1N3Xx Christian#2349 Center No question
88 FRNDOG FRNDOG Left Wing I play LW
89 Scoble812 Scoble812 scoble812#9923 Center No comments
90 b_e11iot819 b_e11iot819 Right Wing Let's Pick me Up and roll out
91 iPovrty iPovrty iPovrty#2906 Goalie looking to own
92 Da_ginga_swindla Da_ginga_swindla da_ginga_swindla#5075 Left Defense None
93 Brubix Brubix Brubix#4829 Left Defense Uhhh. No questions.
94 DavidNarnia DavidNarnia Center PS5
95 Scrueyouhippy hippie__97 hippie__97#2631 Center lets do this
96 HandsOnWood HandsOnWood HandsOnWood#9916 Right Defense no
97 Mitchellspinks Mitchellspinks Left Defense I'll RD as well
98 Googan85 Googan85 Googan85#3046 Right Wing Down low
99 OffensiveLoon OffensiveLoon OffensiveLoon#3169 Right Wing N/A
100 marsh1417 marsh1417 Left Wing .
101 BXLDY_x_56 BXLDY_x_56 Center Hi
102 in2themystic49 in2themystic49 jengal#1299 Left Defense I also play rd
103 Gnew543 gnew543 gnew543#1055 Left Wing No
104 dantas101 dantas101 dantas101#5067 Left Defense
105 ItzRipper98 ItzRipper98 Right Wing Any fwd pos
106 Stxxmkos- Stxxmkos- Left Defense Lets go
107 Kjustin87 Kjustin87 killjustin87#9003 Right Defense Nothing
108 Alpha-33x Alpha-33x Alpha-33x#0742 Right Wing Central
109 talkingstick92 talkingstick92 Center Shutdown C
110 Ozzy77_ Ozzy77_ Right Wing First Rd knockout ghost pirates
111 Hawkeye1403_ Hawkeye1403_ hawkeye1403_#9792 Right Wing n/a
112 Artiqx-_- Artiqx-_- Artiqx-_- (G)#0064 Goalie .
113 isles44 isles44 Left Defense Hi
114 Blinding-Light-- Blinding-Light-- Right Defense hi
115 Pixel_Pwn Pixel_Pwn Right Wing Top shelf
116 Papa_Johns101 Papa_Johns101 Goalie N/A
117 aubzz88 aubzz88 aubzz88#9138 Left Wing Right Handed only
118 Goldy__002 Goldy__002 Goldy#6280 Center Hello
119 eye2797 eye2797 Left Wing bump
120 kbelau kbelau KBelau#0260 Goalie Roster on team eliminated in first round of playoffs
121 The1_Teflon_Don The1_Teflon_Don Left Defense
122 Rogerdega Rogerdega Right Defense Signing up for Rd
123 RushingPringler RushingPringler Center No
124 Barbuffe Barbuffe Left Wing thanks
125 iamTano iamTano Tano#1746 Goalie
126 Ninuch7 Ninuch7 Left Defense None
127 joe_canzo1987 joe_canzo1987 Left Defense Left d
128 TTV-Munch-Sr TTV-Munch-Sr Left Defense Thank you.
129 Stevens-I4I- Stevens-I4I- Stevens I4I#4035 Right Defense None
130 Natale_3 Natale_3 Left Defense
131 big_orca_killa93 ItzOrca93 Right Defense Nope
132 xBobby92- xBobby92- xBobby92-#1595 Right Wing No
133 Shesterkin-31 Shesterkin-31 Goalie
134 KnightLax27 KnightLax27 Left Defense NA
135 wkory wkory wkory#8882 Center ..
136 B-DOG33 B-DOG33 Right Defense No
137 K35H1A-L-96 K35H1A-L-96 Right Wing Hh
138 Dr-budheavy Dr-budheavy Left Wing Yes
139 xWicki- xWicki- Left Defense No
140 Dacrewzzzz Dacrewzzzz Dacrewzzzz#6239 Right Wing None
141 JPW3030 JPW3030 Left Wing no
142 laydownfool61 laydown61 Center jk
143 sevinski sevinski sevinski#8548 Right Defense .
144 Bolts4Six Bolts4Six Left Wing None
145 Drunk-Albino Drunk-Albino Drunk-Albino🏆#3309 Right Wing Psn: drunk-albino Discord: drunk-albino
146 vanh33zi3 vanh33zi3 Right Defense Let's go
147 ferdadeenee ferdadeenee Left Defense Hi
148 earthlng earthlng Center No questions.
149 FLOWSOCLEAN FlowSoClean Left Defense Sign me up
150 Metzz420 Metzz420 Mangiapane88_#0912 Left Wing West
151 TheWillskii TheWillskii Willski#1776 Goalie No
152 Snake123436 Snake123436 Snake123436#6859 Center C
153 Capsrule19 Capsrule19 Goalie Go Caps Go
154 Mikedeth_drums Mikedeth_drums Left Wing
155 IbraxxI IbraxxI IbraxxI#8927 Right Defense When does it start and from when to when dates?
156 eM Syko Boomeerr__ Boomer#9906 Right Wing No
157 WutangCreamx0 WutangCreamx0 WutangCreamx0#8883 Goalie Hi
158 FOGDEVIL17 FOGDEVIL17 Left Wing Hey you guys!
159 xSandin38 xSandin38 Left Defense na
160 Waxmqn Waxmqn waxman#8001 Right Wing hi
161 G_Baby_Spot G_Baby_Spot Right Defense No
162 BucketOfPucks BucketOfPucks BucketOfPucks#1111 Center No questions
163 TheDonFatherMTTM TheDonFatherMTTM Center Only playing for gold
164 Paulmurr9 Paulmurr9 Right Defense Can play LD or RD both shot sides
165 lizotte1104 lizotte1104 Left Wing What's the answer to the question
166 SheLuvvDJ20 SheLuvvDJ20 SheLuvvDJ20#2836 Left Wing none
167 TopazPuma TopazPuma Goalie G
168 DoNcEnZ13 DoNcEnZ13 Right Wing Hi
169 BIGxZIZ BIGxZIZ Goalie Hi
170 Jinglebells96 Jinglebells96 Left Defense
171 xBarbzzz xBarbzzz Center .
172 Mr_SiMMER Mr_SiMMER Right Defense I
173 Hazlitt5 Hazlitt5 Center Yas
174 Theburmeister94 Theburmeister94 Goalie N/A
175 TheLastCutScene TheLastCutScene LastCut#8239 Left Wing My name is cutttt
176 Brett_14x Brett_14x Brett_14x#9223 Left Defense .
177 Crafty_Mitts-97 Crafty_Mitts-97 Right Wing C
178 Nyboy914 N_Y_youonmyD Center Hey
179 vegasmtl vegasmtl Right Wing thanks
180 phillygonaspanku phillygonaspanku phillygonaspanku#2928 Left Wing None
181 BigL1ttleGuy BigL1ttleGuy Left Wing Hi
182 JBanks709 JBanks709 LankeeLimbs#8680 Right Defense Hey
183 brokendragon7 brokendragon7 brokendragon7#8229 Center Hi
184 Mk7_god Mk7_god campayne13#4522 Center None
185 SixNyneGaming SixNyneGaming SixNyne#7938 Right Wing Na
186 Frenchy_gaming99 Frenchy_gaming99 Frenchy_gaming99#7126 Right Defense Na
187 JDHogg7813 JDHogg7813 JDHOGG7813#7528 Center None
188 X-_Belzyy_-X X-_Belzyy_-X Left Defense No
189 akp91 akp91 Left Defense Just trying to win
190 Diggi8469 Diggi8469 Right Wing ..
191 Co-Kane88 Co-Kane88 Right Wing Rw/C
192 pemm pemm pemm#5389 Goalie 111
193 CabRelix CabRelix CabRelix G#2772 Right Defense no
194 NoAIex NoAiex Right Wing No
195 Slapnutz_2 Slapnutz_2 Left Wing Looking for team
196 Klaybuckets- Klaybuckets- Goalie .
197 K_Lemieux66 K_Lemieux66 Left Defense .
198 IcyHot777 IcyHot777 Left Defense
199 Nealrambo Nealrambo nealrambo#2198 Right Defense Rd ld
200 ledge424 ledge424 ledge424#3005 Right Defense None
201 Cummins_4YOU Cummins_4YOU Right Wing Ok
202 ultimate0joe ultimate0joe Right Wing N/a
203 charltonchew15 charltonchew15 Right Wing C aswell
204 Darbyclark31 Darbyclark31 Goalie Steady, positional hybrid goalie.
205 Mabzz05 Mabzz05 Mabzz05#9921 Right Wing None
206 ShadowSlayer2204 ShadowSlayer2204 ShadowSlayer2204#4291 Right Wing N/A
207 CoyoteSZN-ttv CoyoteSZN-ttv Goalie Goalie
208 K1773rm0nk3y K1773rm0nk3y k1773rm0nk3y(LW & RW)#6958 Left Wing Yes