Leaguegaming - Your Virtual Career

# User Gamertag Primary Position Questions or Comments
1 FrannieDeVito FrannieDeVito Left Wing None
2 iMaBEASTkidd19 iMaBEASTkidd19 Left Wing Can play LD LW and Goalie :)
3 irok_399_ irok_399_ Left Wing let's get it!
4 Slowdethmarch420 Slowdethmarch420 Goalie ?
5 Bludz131 Sinksmasher Center Active player... pass first defensive oriented
6 Hainesy1291 Hainesy1291 Center I'm excited to play wjc
7 msbga29 msbga29 Center
8 TheRealDudester TheRealDudester Left Wing Actual Season 6 Stats: 12-8-1 66 Points 30 Goals 36 Assists Lost 6 wins and 25 points due to a 2nd tag being in games with me
9 jaredbenge88 jaredbenge88 Center What’s the game format ?
10 Brendan8816 Brendan8816 Left Defense Both
11 CrazyDiablo212 CrazyDiablo212 Right Wing Na
12 WarLock_1994_380 WarLock_1994_380 Left Wing None
13 MrPeppa777 MrPeppa777 Center Good defensive center that can pass well. Was on Flint Firebirds. Would love to play world juniors. Could play either side D also.
15 CP3-III CP3-III Right Defense ELITE
16 Joshhillie Joshhillie Left Wing Looking for a Jr team
17 New360Guy New360Guy Right Defense derp
18 sniper261981 sniper261981 Left Wing Willing to play anywhere
19 Lynyrd_Skynyrd Lynyrd_Skynyrd Left Wing Available for all games most weeks
20 Diggi8469 Diggi8469 Right Wing ..
21 dj_kreation dj_kreation Right Wing Can play anywhere up front, also have management experience.
22 hewittdave0 hewittdave0 Goalie I play goalie on LG
23 OBrien x 8 OBxOBrien Center Go team go
24 Mike_yacoub Mike_yacoub Right Wing Backup Center
25 gtpursuit gtpursuit Left Defense ?
26 jhawks543 jhawks543 Left Defense None
27 Kable_72 Kable_72 Left Wing LG left winger
28 Nba2k16islife201 Nba2k16islife201 Goalie I’m a goalie that’s wants to play in world jour
29 jhawkman81 jhawkman81 Left Wing none.
30 Str8offDATteet Str8offDATteet Right Defense ....
31 Avenger__50 Avenger__50 Right Wing I can play whenever where ever needed
32 Andrewcarlisle15 Andrewcarlisle15 Left Wing Play any spot if needed
33 xBrickwall-_- xBrickwall-_- Goalie WJC is COOL!
34 crazeematt1 crazeematt1 Left Defense Will be available most game days (assuming team doesn't make it past first round). I will not be available the 27th (Wednesday) for sure.
35 Hiasdamoon Hiasdamoon Right Defense Yep
36 Appa2008 Appa2008 Center Regular center for Steelheads.
37 nibblingwalrus nibblingwalrus Goalie Na
38 hello_its_yello_ hello_its_yello_ Right Defense Thanks for bringin it back
39 CiNcHxUp CiNcHxUp Center Switch from LW
40 MrBVA MrBVA Left Defense Would like to play LD but can also play RD.
41 xHedman- xHedman- Right Wing chl team was dogshit, get me in this tournament
42 Gamingfreak911 Gamingfreak911 Right Defense I'm a shitter apparently.
43 D1ggy420 D1ggy420 Right Defense Looking to get drafted for world juniors
44 Jopetto75 Jopetto75 Left Defense None
45 Kotkaniemi Kotkaniemi Left Wing I guess I must write one...
46 Chapmango chapmango_ Center lets go!
47 bkeis bkeis Left Defense None
48 DomP123 DomP123 Right Wing lmao
49 SmokeyGagne SmokeyGagne Goalie Skol
50 Williams_55 Williams_55 Left Wing Play and fwd
51 GreenTurkey GreenTurkey Left Defense None
52 MrHappyhappy1 MrHappyhappy1 Right Wing What's up all
53 ShrumBucket ShrumBucket Left Wing Hi
54 OwNeDbYaGiRl02 OwNeDbYaGiRl02 Right Wing Or right defence
55 memphisonfire memphisonfire Center Play any F spot
56 GRIMEYNI44A GRIMEYNI44A Center C (1) or RW(2) Available 24/7
57 Enragedfury Enragedfury Goalie None
58 Bettercallsaul18 Bettercallsaul18 Center Can also play LW/RW
59 KllerJ KllerJ Right Wing None
60 Big-willber99 Big-willber99 Right Wing Island and
61 Topshotman53827 Topshotman53827 Goalie Solid goalie played lg looking to win
62 leftbench671 leftbench671 Right Wing howdy
63 WhippinDaSR5 WhippinDaSR5 Left Wing primary LW can play C, RW, RD
64 Jeown Jeown Right Wing I LIKE APPLES
65 BigOLsalami BigOLsalami Left Defense I can play either side for defense
66 B93Bujold B93Bujold Center None
67 DetoNATE420 DetoNATE420 Left Wing I can also play Center
68 Zelo Almighty_Zelo Right Wing When does it start?
69 Igotdat420 Igotdat420 Left Wing Canada!!!!
70 N_DUMAIS N_DUMAIS Right Wing gg
71 Firefighter58 Firefighter58 Left Wing Can play anywhere.
72 O-jay23 O-jay23 Goalie .
73 Thatguyscamping Thatguyscamping Left Wing Left Wing Or Goalie
74 Tmoney5423 Tmoney5423 Goalie I can play rw or rd if needed
75 naaaliatch naaaliatch Center i can sufficiently play any position but prefer C/RW/RD/G. I was the leading goalscorer for S8 Seattle Thunderbirds with 96 hits in tota;. Also play ESHL and AHL for Belleville where i average 4.5pts/g
76 reggiecush88 reggiecush88 Right Wing hope i get picked up
77 cf_pat_652 cf_pat_652 Goalie can play 5 nights a week, Goalie for Seattle Tbirds.
78 Tyler_Hayward77 Tyler_Hayward77 Center Should be fun
79 darkcam_1337 darkcam_1337 Left Defense I play either LD or RD
80 GetBigOrGetHuge GetBigOrGetHuge Right Defense Either D is fine.
81 Bigtizzle33 Bigtizzle33 Right Defense Ld/rd. No wed.
82 chad2pair chad2pair Right Defense ?
83 MountainGuerilla MountainGuerilla Right Defense I play for kootenay
84 T_B_61 T_B_61 Goalie Goalie
85 Bubbles4726 Bubbles4726 Left Wing When’s the games
86 CaNnOnEeR352 CaNnOnEeR352 Right Defense Where do i go from here?
87 ShirtNoService ShirtNoService Left Defense Play Rd as well
88 1WEJ WEJ Left Defense RD for 1T's
89 El_cucuy79 El_cucuy79 Right Defense Yeah
90 Kylemykn Kylemykn Left Wing No
91 Brian_7931 Brian_7931 Center .
92 Chive123 Chive123 Left Wing Na
93 ALBRIGHTx22 ALBRIGHTx22 Right Wing I play forward not goalie
94 cmacklin2008 cmacklin2008 Left Wing none
95 Nocturnal_Turtle Nocturnal_Turtle Goalie None
96 kwhiss613 kwhiss613 Right Wing Heard lg jr is fun cant wait
97 barrdown barrdown Left Wing I'll probably be an ECU due to my schedule but lookin forward to clappin a few bingos
98 MarcoFever19 MarcoFever19 Right Defense .
99 Chhrris99 Chhrris99 Right Wing I play rd too
100 Taylormade1129 Taylormade1129 Right Wing can play lots!
101 Sabreshockey716 Sabreshockey716 Center Cant wait
102 JLAden12 JLAden12 Right Wing I play D
103 JRGreaterThan JRGreaterThan Right Defense none
104 vnozzz vnozzz Center Na
105 drewc81 drewc81 Right Wing I can play 3 nights a week
106 captMorty captMorty Left Defense null
107 Its_not_chris90 Its_not_chris90 Right Defense R2 more
108 MJWxGaming MJWxGaming Right Wing I️ can play and pos but I️ put rw so I️ don’t deal w face offs but I’m really good at all
109 AzN-Warbringer AzN-Warbringer Right Defense I’ll play either side. LD/RD
110 PatSt-Love DiGitaL_ViZioN Left Defense It's un the game
111 mratchet mratchet Left Defense ye
112 Baba_Booey22 Baba_Booey22 Center Comments
114 Goodie99 Goodie99 Right Wing Team Canada
115 LHSbrad35 LHSbrad35 Right Wing Can pretty much any time - O/AGM in previous LGCHL PSN Seasons.
116 cleaver0311 cleaver0311 Right Defense Available any night
117 Kuchersnipe_86 Kuchersnipe_86 Left Wing go russia
118 Banksyslide Banksyslide Right Defense None
119 darthjesse69 darthjesse69 Right Wing no
120 Gritty13 Gritty13 Right Wing Any
121 ODucks182 ODucks182 Center None.
122 Pequeno-c4 Pequeno-c4 Right Wing Im french
123 Captnobody420 Captnobody420 Right Defense Hello
124 jasonx1755 jasonx1755 Goalie Hey
125 Battz Battz Right Wing I play RW/G
126 dixonater dixonater Left Wing I suck
127 TaZ-iT- TaZ-iT- Center Na
128 tbeat- tbeat- Left Defense goml goml goml
129 Lamoureux2 Lamoureux2 Goalie Nope, just pick me.
130 Ckipp77 Ckipp77 Right Defense .
131 keithguy keithguy Right Defense None
132 ClutchRobin_13 ClutchRobin_13 Right Defense Can play either D side
133 FirstRevie FirstRevie Right Wing I can play any position, rw is my best though
134 Knight-ryder1 Knight-ryder1 Right Defense Hs
135 RollanDubs RollanDubs Left Defense pecker wood
136 Nathan Bryant iSnipezz27 Right Wing They call me snipezz for a reason
137 Seeleysurfer seeleysurfer Center No questions
138 pemm pemm Goalie
139 Cbertin10 Cbertin10 Right Wing Look at my stats
140 Jawoba_9 Jawoba_9 Left Wing All around player :)
141 leafsguy11 leafsguy11 Left Defense i can play both LD and LW
142 bradlayman23 bradlayman23 Goalie I
143 Dtfudge30 Dtfudge30 Right Wing Lets goo
144 Rockan40 Rockan40 Left Wing I am a solid forward.
145 McGoogles50 McGoogles50 Goalie I only ever play G
146 Jetco91 Jetco91 Goalie put me in coach
147 EarlTheGoat1979 EarlTheGoat1979 Goalie Go team
148 Space_Pilot3000 Space_Pilot3000 Center None
149 jham34 jham34 Goalie Nothing
150 Blitzburgh_31 Blitzburgh_31 Left Defense pylon
151 dufreZ dufreZ Left Wing Something!
152 TirpaK80 TirpaK80 Left Defense Able to play Sun Mon Tue An looking for more play time an experience.
153 mrwenz462 mrwenz462 Left Wing what?
154 Pugz_360 Pugz_360 Left Wing I'm available for any day I was the owner of team Canada last season but I'm wiling to play for any one
155 ViveLeQuebec_81 ViveLeQuebec_81 Left Defense I can play RD
156 TygCham TygCham Goalie ............ljhuij-
157 Blackknightwpg Blackknightwpg Right Wing Can play Any postion
158 Spkstr69 Spkstr69 Right Defense Let's do it.
159 Xx_SwaGxPanCaKE_ Xx_SwaGxPanCaKE_ Right Defense First time doing this so I may need help to walk me through all this
160 boots23amc boots23amc Right Defense RD
161 RaZCuL RaZCuL Right Defense No comment
162 ejanzen88 ejanzen88 Right Wing .
163 NateDogg0477 NateDogg0477 Left Wing Should be good
164 Jennjamty Jennjamty Right Wing .
165 Frygglez Frygglez Left Defense I'm the bomb . Com
166 O_G_G_Y_7 O_G_G_Y_7 Center na
167 Ravens9190 Ravens9190 Left Defense I’m a defense man
168 coyoman2 coyoman2 Right Wing I'm l
169 eqbomber Eqbomber21 Left Defense .
170 Bonvie7 Bonvie7 Right Defense My availability is only an average of two of the 4 nights a week. I was able to play all 24 LG games but my availability was sometimes only 3 games per week.
171 CarlUnts CarlUnts Left Wing .
172 P_Po_Patches P_Po_Patches Right Wing K
173 NYR23LGR NYR23LGR Goalie Hi
174 Darbyclark31 Darbyclark31 Goalie When does start and finish?
175 asstchief209 Asstchief209 Right Wing Can play RD if needed also.
176 Bruqc33 Bruqc33 Left Wing I can play rw to if needed
177 Sgt_Fryman Sgt_Fryman Right Wing Can also play D
178 mhogan5 mhogan5 Right Wing Available
179 belisleluc63 belisleluc63 Goalie ..
180 BetterBirdsIn47 PEACEKEEPER500 Goalie Hey just looking to play games during offseason team went out in first round of playoffs
181 SenatorsFan SenatorsFan Right Defense I can also play forward positions
182 cloudhucker cloudhucker Right Wing Play rw or lw
183 iBostonGeorge iBostonGeorge Center I'm here to win
184 Bigajd09 Bigajd09 Right Defense I can play any position but g is primary
185 CFarrell64 CFarrell64 Right Wing none
186 Mclarke323 Mclarke323 Goalie No
187 ApexPredator724 ApexPredator724 Goalie I would love to play any games needed
188 Evan_simpy Evan_simpy Right Wing Have none
189 boscom1998 boscom1998 Right Defense Play for LG Owen Sound Attack in Season 6
190 Rezhomey Rezhomey Left Wing I also play RD
191 TheHerbHoarder TheHerbHoarder Goalie NA
192 xmcguire86 xmcguire86 Right Wing no
193 Duckweed1989 Duckweed1989 Left Wing Questions?
194 xOglowkeyyx xOgLowkeyyx Center Gold medal time
195 GoochieOochie868 GoochieOochie868 Left Wing Winger
196 Jthreats Jthreats Left Defense Yuppp
197 Mckilla11 Mckilla11 Left Wing Left or right wing
198 Silentpickle33 SilentPickle33 Left Wing N/A
199 mistohmurlee mistohmurlee Left Defense Will play wherever.
200 Daveyboy-189 Daveyboy-189 Center Is this the NHL JR PSN Tournament for only CHL players? PLEASE RESPOND BACK!!!
201 Ghostx7787 Ghostx7787 Right Wing None
202 Kknodell Kknodell Left Wing Ready to play
203 DOMINICK526 DOMINICK526 Left Wing None
204 kyle bright The_Drac-_- Center hi
205 aharquail aharquail Center No questions or answers
206 Youngtko13 Youngtko13 Right Wing Put me in this
207 PistolPete7788 PistolPete7788 Left Wing None
208 Shane22-33 Shane22-33 Center Its gonna be fun
209 magnum_316 M-A-G-N-U-M_316 Left Wing Can play center or lw
210 foustyfoost foustyfoost Right Wing Also play C
212 K1ng_sl3yr K1ng_sl3yr Center null
213 matz0622 matz0622 Right Defense D
214 Billdozer710 Billdozer710 Right Wing no
215 NJStol322 NJStol322 Right Wing N/A
216 KeiganMombo KeiganMombo Right Wing I’ll fill out later...
217 Schmidty51 Schmidty51 Right Wing hey
218 Trevhound Trevhound Right Wing I play everywhere but LD
219 Veclaran Veclaran Goalie No questions
220 jacksdawgs jacksdawgs Right Wing Can't play 10:30 games
221 TJaremey TJaremey Right Defense Nothing here
222 Leester24554 Leester24554 Right Defense Start date
223 Mcdavid-o-97-o Mcdavid-o-97-o Left Defense Cr of about 650 or more. Solid defenseman.
224 Shaker-8- Shaker-8- Goalie Blades of Steel
225 SIU140 SIU140 Right Wing I work from home so I should be avail. for ALL games!!!
226 Bosanceros1992 Bosanceros1992 Right Wing Right wing
227 Jebus8458 Jebus8458 Right Wing I’m active, I love to play.
228 Ekosecho Ekosecho Left Wing I also play RD
229 dsully1087 dsully1087 Goalie Available for all games Sun-Tues and some games Wed.
230 chilly007 chilly007 Goalie Just got eliminated
231 Slapnutz_2 Slapnutz_2 Left Wing Looking to play LW on a team. Also can play D if needed
232 Alpapi-binsmokin alpapi-binsmokin Left Wing I play all forward positions
233 THE_SHOE22 The_Shoe22 Center One season under my belt check me out.
234 XxTHEHITMANHEART XxTHEHITMANHEART Center Looking to play some WJC!
235 b_tpa b_tpa Right Defense RD
236 Apollo--89 Apollo--89 Left Defense Gimme a tryout, I won't disappoint
237 Shanks_24 Shanks_24 Left Defense .
238 anthrox1212 anthrox1212 Left Defense Left d but can play right as well
239 WamstanChurchil WamstanChurchil Right Defense Can play anwhere im needed
240 DanOtunE DanOtunE Right Defense RD OR LD
241 RickyRick69 RickyRick69 Center Hello
242 Strick9Comics Strick9Comics Center Center,RD,LW
243 stammerchel stammerchel Left Defense I can play both left defense or right defense
244 UlcerousShark UlcerousShark Goalie Glad to be here
245 PrezLaurin31 PrezLaurin31 Right Defense None
246 gumster09 Gumster09 Goalie Yes sir
247 Victorylap Victorylap Right Defense None
248 Bigc9791 Bigc9791 Center Available Tue Thur Sun Evenings.
249 El_Guapo41Six El_Guapo41Six Left Wing ready to play
250 rusty88777 rusty88777 Right Defense can also play goalie if necessary is it fine if I don't use a mic?
251 habzfan76 habzfan76 Right Wing Lets go!
252 akp91 akp91 Left Wing Available most nights.
253 CrazyLegsHem CrazyLegsHem Goalie Butterfly goalie, doesn’t bite
254 G1x3r750 G1x3r750 Left Wing ...
255 lllTrick lllTrick Center Also play left wing
256 IM_ON_WELFARE247 IM_ON_WELFARE247 Right Wing Active player
257 bluntedgunner420 bluntedgunner420 Left Wing None
258 hunt_em_up_26 hunt_em_up_26 Goalie None
259 Thebaldeagle69 Thebaldeagle69 Right Defense Nope
260 rat48180 rat48180 Goalie I am owner of team armada l
261 The_Canadian777 The_Canadian777 Center None
262 Mom1sec Mom1sec Left Wing tehehehe
263 SeanieMack SeanieMack Center .
264 Deadlyone910 Deadlyone910 Goalie I’m back
266 Aztec066 Aztec066 Goalie Decent
267 ItZ-SkdZ ItZ-SkdZ Right Wing
268 b_b_gun77 b_b_gun77 Left Defense Can play either side
269 buddah2857 buddah2857 Left Wing Canalso play center
270 Stlcujo Stlcujo Left Defense Rd
271 m0rdred13 m0rdred13 Right Defense moRDy
272 ATL_NiizzyyTouch ATL_NiizzyyTouch Right Defense RD
273 hskrpwr84 hskrpwr84 Left Wing
274 mttkffmn16 mttkffmn16 Right Wing Primarily play RW but will move to any forward or Rd
275 Daylight99 Daylight99 Right Wing yea
276 chalkyknight chalkyknight Goalie Is hainsey ghey?
277 pkinpa pkinpa Center Team player here looking to help win games
278 teejacks1 teejacks1 Goalie lets get it boys
279 daverobs1203 daverobs1203 Left Defense Left or Right Defense
280 Vvsecurity7 Vvsecurity7 Goalie H
281 StroobieDoobie StroobieDoobie Goalie I can play anywhere
282 TheMechanic09 TheMechanic09 Goalie Not sure how this works
283 FU2-GnomeofDeath FU2-GnomeofDeath Left Wing None
284 Mrshadowmonkey Mrshadowmonkey Left Wing Good all around winger. who can push/ Pass and play defensive when needed
285 No_Ragrets_313 No_Ragrets_313 Goalie -
286 DermDerm- DermDerm- Right Wing Just here to put the puck in the net
287 leafs1791 leafs1791 Goalie free cr??
288 Palums Palums Left Defense Sounds like it’ll be a blast
289 addley99 addley99 Right Wing I can play c rw and rd
290 bearbrook14 bearbrook14 Center no comment
291 UrAnNub UrAnNub Right Wing I can be managment if needed
292 Muise1993 Muise1993 Right Wing Let's go
293 rapplejax5 rapplejax5 Right Wing Ready to play
294 oneeye15 oneeye15 Center Can play all positions
295 Hail_mgoblue Hail_mgoblue Right Defense I will have some availability restrictions but should be around for the majority of it.
296 Gredner Gredner Center
297 BOMBSQUAD-ryan BOMBSQUAD-ryan Left Defense Hoping this will get me noticed.
298 Bmottly Bmottly Left Defense Available any day after 9:00 pm est
299 Drew Capitaldefense21 Right Wing Excited
300 GaryLemley GaryLemley Left Wing Can also play c
301 JaG83D83 JaG83D83 Right Defense Nope
302 Boughss Boughss Left Wing If i'm a TC on a team still in the playoffs am i eligible to play?
303 Mawson_99 Mawson_99 Center .
304 worf26 worf26 Center :)
305 CanadianChaos Canadianchaos_ Left Wing none
306 xDevil138 xDevil138 Right Wing Hopefully I get picked up
307 TSl9lx TSl9lx Center or RW
308 bklyntony bklyntony Right Wing can play either wing
309 BROTORCH BROTORCH Left Defense I can play both sides D
310 BUSTAHYMAN88 BUSTAHYMAN88 Right Defense Ready to play!
311 Jake From State Farm bbdeprdutions Center I can play any forward position, I'm Left Handed and available all week
312 Travi3yTML Travi3yTML Left Wing Ahbskdndns
313 BeeBtheGreaT BeeBtheGreaT Left Wing Or right wing
314 l48l_Robinson l48l_Robinson Left Wing None
315 Jessieman13 Jessieman13 Left Wing Nope
316 Rickstoneman11 Rickstoneman11 Goalie Hi
317 PSURLZ PSURLZ Left Defense n/a
318 Mattybcanucks Mattybcanucks Right Wing I’m available everyday and play other positions
319 Totalchaos6969 Totalchaos6969 Right Wing Start date?
320 onemanonechance onemanonechance Right Defense Team Canada
321 Northernrocker23 Northernrocker23 Right Defense Can play both sides. Prefer right though.
323 Tbizzy14 Tbizzy14 Left Wing I play center too
324 Sportsfan957 Sportsfan957 Left Wing Play any position
325 Koltdog68 Koltdog68 Center Nothing.
326 K0_UP_CLOSE K0_UP_CLOSE Goalie Best goalie, in my mind... my mind is always in the gutter so it might not actually be true.
327 Torieturtle26 Torieturtle26 Left Defense Looking to game some experience
328 Dylan_Bellz Dylan_Bellz Right Defense Hi
329 Scores-alot Scores-alot Left Wing I can play both winger positions soundly. offensively and defensively!
330 Mcgraw522 Mcgraw522 Goalie Goalie
331 Mwhite27 Mwhite27 Right Defense .
332 D-Force12 D-Force12 Left Defense Looking to eat some minutes.
333 TheUnusedCrayon TheUnusedCrayon Left Wing There's the odd week my availability is meh. I work shift work.
334 XXSHOTTYGUNXX XXSHOTTYGUNXX Right Wing World jr. Championship
335 nbistline nbistline Left Defense No
336 RarryxxVX RarryxxVX Left Wing Rw
337 Delsright Delsright Right Wing no comment
338 GodsGift911 GodsGift911 Left Defense i can play both d spots
339 DRHuckleberry DRHuckleberry Right Wing Solid
340 xMAssStAtiC- xMAssStAtiC- Left Defense .
341 Nicoderm Nicoderm Goalie Can play the 8:30pm games.
342 kingggermaan17 kingggermaan17 Left Wing always available.
343 cam_newski cam_newski Left Wing .
344 Tangelis Tangelis Left Defense Stay at home D. Second Pos. G.
345 thornton_4183 thornton_4183 Right Wing can play also RD
346 xCabbage420 xCabbage420 Goalie Let’s do this
347 IND1gl3x IND1gl3x Center So hard to find
348 TwO_PuMp_ChUmP11 TwO_PuMp_ChUmP11 Right Defense Limited availability
349 Nucksducksfan Nucksducksfan Right Wing Yes
350 Bob99gretzky Bob99gretzky Right Defense Sounds Lit
351 XxbanditxX84 XxbanditxX84 Right Defense Here we go again
352 grassi__ GRASSI__ Left Wing Lets go
353 natedogg1122 natedogg1122 Right Defense None
354 NJDevil29 NJDevil29 Goalie .
355 Swamper15 Swamper15 Left Defense ld Rd or Goalie
356 airborneCUJO airborneCUJO Left Defense Available every night of the tourney
357 Ninjajoe10r Ninjajoe10r Right Defense Can play either side defense
358 hockey0703 Hockey0703 Right Wing Nope
359 tommygun2313 tommygun2313 Left Defense Ready for some hockey! Prefer winger but will play D as well
360 dghigs dghigs Goalie U S A!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!
361 Sizzum12 Sizzum12 Left Defense Can play rd
362 BALLZZDEEPINER BALLZZDEEPINER Right Wing Pretty solid on defense either side also
363 PoppaDroppaShot PoppaDroppaShot Right Defense None at this time
364 D_Sooky D_Sooky Goalie .
365 Thedanj84 Thedanj84 Center I play anywhere but to play more I will register as RD
366 iCurlAtSquatRack iCurlAtSquatRack Left Wing I hope to play with my older brother please
367 MoIesterStaIIone MoIesterStaIIone Right Defense Rd or ld
368 robinski88 robinski88 Left Wing robinski88
369 Xx-RASK-xX Xx-RASK-xX40 Goalie I just wanna play goalie
370 Gbhockeyboy Gbhockeyboy Goalie I'm a real good back up goalie
371 tommyboii ttommyboiii Right Wing no comments
372 RA_K3_ RA_K3_ Right Wing all set ready to play