Leaguegaming - Your Virtual Career

# User Gamertag Primary Position Questions or Comments
1 FrannieDeVito FrannieDeVito Left Wing None
2 iMaBEASTkidd19 iMaBEASTkidd19 Center Can play LD LW and Goalie :)
3 irok_399_ irok_399_ Left Wing let's get it!
4 Titans3393 Titans3393 Right Defense Great idea with world juniors
5 Slowdethmarch420 Slowdethmarch420 Goalie ?
6 Sinksmasher Sinksmasher Center Active player... pass first defensive oriented
7 Hainesy1291 Hainesy1291 Center I'm excited to play wjc
8 msbga29 msbga29 Center
9 TheRealDudester TheRealDudester Left Wing Actual Season 6 Stats: 12-8-1 66 Points 30 Goals 36 Assists Lost 6 wins and 25 points due to a 2nd tag being in games with me
10 jaredbenge88 jaredbenge88 Center What’s the game format ?
11 Reider15-15 Reider15-15 Left Wing Rip
12 Brendan8816 Brendan8816 Left Defense Both
13 CrazyDiablo212 CrazyDiablo212 Right Wing Na
14 WarLock_1994_380 WarLock_1994_380 Left Wing None
15 MrPeppa777 MrPeppa777 Center Good defensive center that can pass well. Was on Flint Firebirds. Would love to play world juniors. Could play either side D also.
17 CP3-III CP3-III Right Defense ELITE
18 Josh hill68 Joshhillie Left Wing Looking for a Jr team
19 New360Guy New360Guy Goalie derp
20 EmptyLsawesome EmptyLsawesome Right Defense I cry after sex.
21 sniper261981 sniper261981 Left Wing Willing to play anywhere
22 Lynyrd_Skynyrd Lynyrd_Skynyrd Left Wing Available for all games most weeks
23 Diggi8469 Diggi8469 Right Wing ..
24 dj_kreation dj_kreation Right Wing Can play anywhere up front, also have management experience.
25 hewittdave0 hewittdave0 Goalie I play goalie on LG
26 OBxOBrien OBxOBrien Center Go team go
27 Mike_yacoub Mike_yacoub Right Wing Backup Center
28 gtpursuit gtpursuit Left Defense ?
29 jhawks543 jhawks543 Left Defense None
30 Kable_72 Kable_72 Left Wing LG left winger
31 Nba2k16islife201 Nba2k16islife201 Goalie I’m a goalie that’s wants to play in world jour
32 jhawkman81 jhawkman81 Left Wing none.
33 Str8offDATteet Str8offDATteet Right Defense ....
34 Avenger__50 Avenger__50 Right Wing I can play whenever where ever needed
35 Jthersch16 Jthersch16 Goalie Just want to sign up
36 Andrewcarlisle15 Andrewcarlisle15 Left Wing Play any spot if needed
37 xBrickwall-_- xBrickwall-_- Goalie Brickwall
38 XDoctor-jackalX XDoctor-jackalX Left Wing Hey
39 crazeematt1 crazeematt1 Goalie Will be available most game days (assuming team doesn't make it past first round). I will not be available the 27th (Wednesday) for sure.
40 Hiasdamoon Hiasdamoon Goalie Yep
41 Justcause17 Justcause17 Left Defense Defense wins championships
42 Appa2008 Appa2008 Center Regular center for Steelheads.
43 nibblingwalrus nibblingwalrus Goalie Na
44 Katandkyle Katandkyle Right Defense Thanks for bringin it back
45 CiNcHxUp CiNcHxUp Center Switch from LW
46 MrBVA MrBVA Left Defense Would like to play LD but can also play RD.
47 EGirlSlayster EGirlSlayster Right Wing chl team was dogshit, get me in this tournament
48 Gamingfreak911 Gamingfreak911 Right Defense I'm a shitter apparently.
49 Boosted2ggsx Boosted2ggsx Left Wing I play lw
50 D1ggy420 D1ggy420 Right Defense Looking to get drafted for world juniors
51 Goalieman0439 Goalieman0439 Center My team will probably make the 2nd round of CHL playoffs, but I'm signing up anyway
52 Jopetto75 Jopetto75 Left Defense None
53 mike71111 mike71111 Left Wing I guess I must write one...
54 Chapmango chapmango_ Center lets go!
55 bkeis bkeis Left Defense None
56 DomP123 DomP123 Right Wing lmao
57 Texasborn7191 Texasborn7191 Goalie I can also play goalie and defense
58 SmokeyGagne SmokeyGagne Goalie Skol
59 Williams_55 Williams_55 Left Wing Play and fwd
60 Salmoo cowswentsalmoo Right Defense https://youtu.be/gwCh2FdKIRA
61 GreenTurkey GreenTurkey Left Defense None
62 MrHappyhappy1 MrHappyhappy1 Right Wing What's up all
63 ShrumBucket ShrumBucket Left Wing Hi
64 OwNeDbYaGiRl02 OwNeDbYaGiRl02 Right Wing Or right defence
65 memphisonfire memphisonfire Center Play any F spot
66 xMajorLazeRx xMajorLazeRx Goalie You know why I'm here
67 GRIMEYNI44A GRIMEYNI44A Center C (1) or RW(2) Available 24/7
68 Enragedfury Enragedfury Goalie None
69 Bettercallsaul18 Bettercallsaul18 Center Can also play LW/RW
70 KllerJ KllerJ Right Wing None
71 Big-willber99 Big-willber99 Right Wing Island and
72 Topshotman53827 Topshotman53827 Goalie Solid goalie played lg looking to win
73 leftbench671 leftbench671 Right Wing howdy
74 WhippinDaSR5 WhippinDaSR5 Left Wing primary LW can play C, RW, RD
75 R34RYAN R34RYAN Left Wing N/A
76 Jeown Jeown Right Wing I LIKE APPLES
77 BigOLsalami BigOLsalami Left Defense I can play either side for defense
78 Kc2s0v3c Kc2s0v3c Right Wing Nope
79 B93Bujold B93Bujold Center None
80 wach1371 wach1371 Goalie USA
81 Chemtrailsss Chemtrailsss Left Wing Tru
82 DetoNATE420 DetoNATE420 Left Wing I can also play Center
83 Zelo Almighty_Zelo Right Wing When does it start?
84 Igotdat420 Igotdat420 Left Wing Canada!!!!
85 Dumais_nick N_DUMAIS Right Wing gg
86 Firefighter58 Firefighter58 Left Wing Can play anywhere.
87 MrGrhymes84 MrGrhymes84 Left Wing Stay golden pony boy
88 Speedyturtle2017 Speedyturtle2017 Left Wing Sign me up coach;)
89 KStormmmmmmmmmmm KStormmmmmmmmmmm Right Wing RW, LW or C
90 O-jay23 O-jay23 Goalie .
91 Thatguyscamping Thatguyscamping Left Wing Left Wing Or Goalie
92 Tmoney5423 Tmoney5423 Goalie I can play rw or rd if needed
93 naaaliatch naaaliatch Center i can sufficiently play any position but prefer C/RW/RD/G. I was the leading goalscorer for S8 Seattle Thunderbirds with 96 hits in tota;. Also play ESHL and AHL for Belleville where i average 4.5pts/g
94 reggiecush88 reggiecush88 Right Wing hope i get picked up
95 cf_pat_652 cf_pat_652 Goalie can play 5 nights a week, Goalie for Seattle Tbirds.
96 Mp_Seanor Mp_Seanor Left Defense Goat
97 Tyler_Hayward77 Tyler_Hayward77 Center Should be fun
98 JDFRYE31 JDFRYE31 Left Wing Also willing to play C if needed
99 darkcam_1337 darkcam_1337 Left Defense I play either LD or RD
100 GetBigOrGetHuge GetBigOrGetHuge Right Defense Either D is fine.
101 Bigtizzle33 Bigtizzle33 Right Defense Ld/rd. No wed.
102 chad2pair chad2pair Right Defense ?
103 MountainGuerilla MountainGuerilla Right Defense I play for kootenay
104 T_B_61 T_B_61 Goalie Goalie
105 Bubbles4726 Bubbles4726 Left Wing When’s the games
106 CaNnOnEeR352 CaNnOnEeR352 Right Defense Where do i go from here?
107 ShirtNoService ShirtNoService Left Defense Play Rd as well
108 1WEJ WEJ Left Defense RD for 1T's
109 El_cucuy79 El_cucuy79 Right Defense Yeah
110 Kylemykn Kylemykn Left Wing No
111 Brian_7931 Brian_7931 Center .
112 Chive123 Chive123 Left Wing Na
113 SUPA_CANADIAN SUPA_CANADIAN Right Defense London Knights Stud RD
114 ALBRIGHTx22 ALBRIGHTx22 Right Wing I play forward not goalie
115 cmacklin2008 cmacklin2008 Left Wing none
116 CANUCK_420 CANUCK_420 Goalie None
117 bertone2909 bertone2909 Center Check my stats:)
118 Nocturnal_Turtle Nocturnal_Turtle Goalie None
119 kwhiss613 kwhiss613 Right Wing Heard lg jr is fun cant wait
120 barrdown barrdown Left Wing I'll probably be an ECU due to my schedule but lookin forward to clappin a few bingos
121 MarcoFever19 MarcoFever19 Right Defense .
122 Chhrris99 Chhrris99 Right Wing I play rd too
123 Taylormade1129 Taylormade1129 Right Wing can play lots!
124 Sabreshockey716 Sabreshockey716 Center Cant wait
125 xDarts-_-23 xDarts-_-23 Goalie ...
126 JLAden12 JLAden12 Right Defense I play D
127 JRGreaterThan JRGreaterThan Right Defense none
128 vnozzz vnozzz Center Na
129 drewc81 drewc81 Right Wing I can play 3 nights a week
130 captMorty captMorty Left Defense null
131 Its_not_chris90 Its_not_chris90 Right Defense R2 more
132 MJWxGaming MJWxGaming Right Wing I️ can play and pos but I️ put rw so I️ don’t deal w face offs but I’m really good at all
133 AzN-Warbringer AzN-Warbringer Right Defense I’ll play either side. LD/RD
134 PatSt-Love DiGitaL_ViZioN Left Defense It's un the game
135 mratchet mratchet Left Defense ye
136 Baba_Booey22 Baba_Booey22 Center Comments