Leaguegaming - Your Virtual Career

# User Gamertag Primary Position Questions or Comments
1 LEAFER4880 LEAFER4880 Goalie Can also play either LW or RW.
2 Sauce415549 smooth_op41 Center Nah
4 Cookie6471 Cookie6471 Center Kk
5 Blueman39 blueman391 Goalie Woot
6 PensCanuks PensCanuks Center hi
7 DeathsRh DeathsRh Left Defense Skoden
8 Joshhillie Joshhillie Right Wing Rw lw Available any
9 Goalz_Mcoy Goalz_Mcoy Right Defense Just wanna play some hockey while I wait for next season to start
10 Renegade1755 Renegade1755 Goalie When does world Jr’s begin?
11 Rickstoneman11 Rickstoneman11 Center No
12 Jwel1552 Jwel1552 Left Defense LD, RD
13 Zozpekt1 Zozpekt1 Right Wing Can play center too
14 sniz420 sniz420 Left Defense Penis
15 iamTano iamTano Left Wing Primarily a LW, practicing at LD as well
16 nibblingwalrus nibblingwalrus Right Defense Ld or rd
17 BIGBLACK-UTTERS RiZe_Synful Right Wing Was on the ice and are not in playoffs would like to play
18 KevinatorSol19 KevinatorSol19 Right Defense Can also play forward if needed.
19 Spritsnovski72 Spritsnovski72 Left Wing Hey
20 Rockies_4 Rockies_4 Right Defense Hi
21 Spade_Paradox Spade_Paradox Right Wing Top rw last year in Lg 2.9 ppg
22 JarrettLeger Jarrettleger Right Defense My availability is extremely open
23 Frodo154 Frodo154 Right Wing How would I try out for the jr teams
24 j-lef18 j-lef18 Center C or W
25 cholby61 cholby61 Left Wing Can play all forward positions
26 blackbelt5693 blackbelt5693 Goalie Gg
27 CGio59 CGio59 Left Wing I would like to participate in this season of WJC.
28 jphilly7 jphilly7 Goalie
29 GoonerMassive GoonerMassive Left Defense Y
30 XxRbrozyna89xX XxRbrozyna89xX Left Wing Will I be owner if so please let me know I can help bring a lot to the table as win. Would love a chance to own thank you
31 Shteekalutz DjNoMemba Right Wing No
32 XxWeTheNORTHxX XxWeTheNORTHxX Left Defense lets have fun
33 riccoakasuave riccoakasuave Right Defense Ok
34 Captain--Luu Captain--Luu Right Defense Looking to play as i was RA V'ed this season and ended up on a interesting team
35 Alltro1 Alltro1 Center I’m a beast D man
36 xDawgx- xDawgx- Left Defense N/A
37 iaincooper93 iaincooper93 Center I play center or winger
38 PlayBoiCenterSG- PlayBoiCenterSG- Goalie Let’s go
39 MiDamDikBurnsHot MiDamDikBurnsHot Center Always availible and i have owner experience
40 PaStOrCaStOr69 PaStOrCaStOr_124 Left Defense None
41 BeLeaf89 BeLeaf89 Center
42 Dbtp80 dbtp80 Goalie LG
43 Snowman2185 Snowman2185 Left Wing .
44 lMike2Dopel lMike2Dopel Right Wing Primary RW
45 Kessel_kid81 Phantom_diker_69 Center Let’s go
46 lastarnegserieu lastarnegserieu Left Wing lw or c
47 KrazyKanuk l77l KrazyKanuk_l77l Center .
48 I-BAGA-I msbga29 Left Defense
49 ii_Taste_ii ii_Taste_ii Right Defense Play LD as well.
50 Fdawg22 Fdawg22 Right Wing also LW and C
51 KQ31 KQ31 Center None
52 iMountMoms iMountMoms Left Wing No
53 BomberAttack58 BomberAttack58 Left Wing Can play anywhere especially goalie
54 OhBigSave OhBigSave Right Wing tryna dip my toes in LG before the next chl season
55 honestmonast honestmonast Center No.
56 ZachS2303 ZachS2303 Goalie Also interested in GM position.
57 Dedstarks Dedstarks Right Defense 9 of 9
58 Da_ginga_swindla Da_ginga_swindla Left Defense None
59 skegsz skegsz Right Wing :)
60 Trissty_- Trissty_- Right Defense Let's goooo
61 ServalMtl ServalMtl Right Defense Wanna play hockey
62 WCDevon98 WCDevon98 Goalie N/A
63 M-L-N83 M-L-N83 Left Wing Can play any fwd position.
64 DJ-Cotton_Chop DJ-Cotton_Chop Goalie Im ready to win
65 JMosh420 JMosh710 Goalie Available anytime needed
66 Wahawk22 Wahawk22 Left Wing .
67 Cyrus1092 Cyrus1092 Left Wing Ok
68 xiRiSHxPLaYa xiRiSHxPLaYa Right Defense
69 NoAIex NoAiex Left Wing No sir
70 FerdaPegasus FerdaPegasus Goalie When will we know teams
71 FrostMetroid FrostMetroid Right Wing Work for an essential business despite Covid-19, meaning my schedule fluctuates quite a bit. Available guaranteed after 8:30pm EST, but can be available earlier if schedule can be accommodated.
72 Usmcbutter1215 Usmcbutter1215 Right Defense N/a
73 Lynyrd_Skynyrd Lynyrd_Skynyrd Left Defense LD only
74 Harrison666hell Harrison666hell Left Wing None
75 FireNovaGaming FireNovaGaming Goalie Ily Jrs
76 Matt01Qc Matt01Qc Right Wing No question
77 jasonw1978 jasonw1978 Left Defense World juniors baby
78 ender554 ender554 Center none
79 KrooK_88x KrooK_88x Right Wing None
80 LfoersterL LfoersterL Right Defense just tryna play some puck and have fun
81 NONEbutTHEbrave NONEbutTHEbrave Center L
82 Darbyclark31 Darbyclark31 Goalie How many teams?
83 hockeyJVB50 hockeyJVB50 Left Wing None
84 Postystoney Postystoney Right Defense Sick
85 LeafsNation22 LeafsNation22 Left Wing :)
86 Heedlessjem420 Heedlessjem420 Center Just trying to play some more
87 Messejaclachlan Messejaclachlan Left Defense Need to redeem myself
88 BigTree2105_SOFA BigTree2105_SOFA Right Defense Team did not make playoffs
89 BlackSabs BlackSabs Left Defense um
90 Miss Ovechkin 8 Miss_Ovechkin_8 Right Defense looking to play games
91 johnnyrocco613 johnnyrocco613 Left Wing Looking to play
92 Archie2395 Archie2395 Center Center or D
93 Harry_Tattas Harry_Tattas Center .
94 CrookedMedal538 CrookedMedal538 Left Wing NOOOO
95 SgtVandoos SgtVandoos Right Defense No comments
96 marsh1417 marsh1417 Left Wing .
97 Collonisateur Collonisateur Left Defense lego
98 bLu_WaWfLeZzZz SwAy_ZeE_eXpReSs Left Defense Hi
99 Enragedfury Enragedfury Goalie 9/9
100 ScRoTh_420 ScRoTh_420 Right Defense N/A
101 Swartzy165 Swartzy165 Left Defense -
102 Leester24554 Leester24554 Right Defense O
103 hopsin56 hopsin56 Right Wing Hi
104 Enjoyingmids Enjoyingmids Right Defense Hi
105 thatbaillieguy thatbaillieguy Goalie I love you
106 GremlinOP- GremlinOP- Left Defense Can play either LD or RD, both are comfortable
107 puck4ever demy_88_ Right Wing no
108 DelightfulDabs DelightfulDabs Center
109 Th3Fr3akSh0w76 Th3Fr3akSh0w76 Left Wing I wanna play
110 Marner_Magic16 Marner_Magic16 Right Wing Marner_Magic16
111 Jeztix Jeztix Right Wing
112 cinema-709 cinema-709 Center Secondary pos lw, will play any if needed.
113 hockeygeorge95 hockeygeorge95 Center N/A
114 Boigboi88 Boigboi88 Right Defense Can't wait to try and get my name out there.
115 Crazyflame29 Crazyflame29 Left Defense Wjc
116 BOURQUEx77 BOURQUEx77 Goalie .
117 TourFwenty-_- TourFwenty-_- Center Ya
118 jonshadow12 jonshadow12 Right Defense Can play either d side.
119 alexandros0987 alexandros0987 Goalie Hello
120 xBlaknite xBlaknite Right Wing .
121 CiNcHxUp CiNcHxUp Right Wing LETS GO
122 Rineerdj2008 Rineerdj2008 Left Defense 1
123 GetToThaChahppa GetToThaChahppa Center I can play anywhere needed
124 Schutempo Schutempo Right Wing No questions. Play any position 9/9
125 R o C K I13I Oo_JaGr_I68I Left Wing no
126 DonaldAssman44 DonaldAssman44 Left Defense Looking to play World Juniors. PMD that can play both LD and RD.
127 Byard907 Mr_Booty907 Goalie None
128 Yemod09 Yemod09 Right Wing Nope
129 hewittdave0 hewittdave0 Goalie Woo
130 Cummins_4YOU Cummins_4YOU Center Fast pace hockey
131 F7__ F7__ Right Wing Fwd
132 bubica83 bubica83 Right Defense N/a
133 billistics billistics Right Wing All good
134 pkinpa pkinpa Center Looking forward to Jr’s
135 LegsFeedTheWolf_ LegsFeedTheWolf_ Left Wing wont let me submit without a comment////
136 Arrowhunter14 Arrowhunter14 Right Wing When does it begin?
137 bkong79 bkong79 Right Defense None
138 ASAP_Hocky ASAP_Hocky Center When does it start?
139 puckislife1717 puckislife1717 Right Wing Would love to help
140 Hangerhog19 Hangerhog19 Right Defense Hangerhog19 Center
141 BigE112409 BigE112409 Left Defense none
142 Socotimmer13 Socotimmer13 Center Lw also
143 fighting_sleep_ fighting_sleep_ Center yerp
144 GotATHaNASIOU gotathanasiou Goalie none
145 Capsrule19 Capsrule19 Goalie Lets have fun :)
146 LRKrazyLR LRKrazyLR Left Defense LD/RD
147 SiMpLiFiEDChAoS SiMpLiFiEDChAoS Right Wing None
148 Chytil l72l CJWAGEN28 Right Wing
149 Billdozer710 Billdozer710 Right Defense No
150 Springdogg Springdogg Left Wing None
151 Killerjake0007 Killerjake0007 Right Wing
152 C_H_A_S_E_17 C_H_A_S_E_17 Left Wing Let’s win the gold!!
153 slimyslazy35 slimyslazy35 Goalie ..
154 billsabresfan billsabresfan Right Wing CHL
155 Gritty13 Gritty13 Right Wing Any
156 Goater-92 Goater-92 Right Wing Goater
157 M_u_R_p_H_y_87 M_u_R_p_H_y_87 Left Defense
158 DaddyWesticles DaddyWesticles Right Wing none
159 New360Guy New360Guy Goalie a great back up goalie
160 PDM-I92I PDM-I92I Center None
161 Gamingguy98 Gamingguy98 Left Defense 9/9
162 Hamsolo128 Hamsolo128 Goalie Flint Firebirds, eliminated round 1
163 hello_its_yello_ hello_its_yello_ Right Defense Woooo
164 msant23 msant23 Left Defense N/A
165 thrice01 thrice01 Goalie Nothing
166 Notoriousbiz14 Notoriousbiz14 Left Wing Also I’m a center
167 philly5322 philly5322 Right Defense 4/9 availability no mic
168 Don_Elway Don_Elway Left Defense Hello
169 He_H8_Me_85 He_H8_Me_85 Center None
170 MeSoBrutal MeSoBrutal Right Wing PickMeUp
171 Drizzyjod Drizzyjod Left Defense I would love links to team discords
172 GunnarWulf GunnarWulf Center .
173 Andrew_1up Andrew_1up Right Wing Ready
174 iiFL0W Panarin__10 Left Defense No
175 GodsAbomination_ GodsAbomination_ Right Wing None
176 USMC6199 USMC6199 Right Wing Ready to go
177 Chanation17 Chanation17 Right Wing None
178 Oilprince_21 Oilprince_21 Left Wing xan rw or c
179 sevinski sevinski Goalie None
180 Kyle2771 Kyle2771 Left Wing
181 Solefoil SoleFoil53 Left Wing None
182 jhawkman81 jhawkman81 Left Wing 9/9
183 truedough28 truedough28 Left Wing Hello, my name is truedough28. You may know me from hit films like "Eliminated in the First Round" and "Dogshit at Chel".
184 dophares2000 dophares2000 Goalie None
185 ItsGuizmoo ItsGuizmoo Right Wing Yes no toaster
186 GRNHORNET_ GRNHORNET_ Right Defense Can play LD as well
187 dreadmon dreadmon Right Defense No
188 DOMINICK526 DOMINICK526 Left Wing None
189 WillyWitDaHoodie WillyWitDaHoodie Left Wing Westie
190 ItzAlive__ ItzAlive__ Left Wing Hey
191 bobbyb594 bobbyb594 Center N/A
192 Gerbs94 Gerbs94 Right Defense Played for lgchl Peterborough petes
193 SixNyneGaming SixNyneGaming Right Defense Dope
194 Frenchy752 Frenchy752 Left Defense Let’s have fun
195 Svence_5150 GShep_K9 Goalie Honored to Play
196 shellybelly11 shellybelly11 Left Defense Ld or rd
197 skillzky skillzky Center C/LW
198 Thecrazyman4 Thecrazyman4 Left Defense .
199 X_DDeks nicepeckerdrewby Right Defense Just wanna play
200 BigSaveNabokov BigSaveNabokov Goalie go team
201 ChrisPwns-42 ChrisPwns-42 Center None
202 Bufford80 Bufford80 Goalie Chl
203 skillzzz55 skillzzz55 Left Defense Nope
204 camobrien29 camobrien29 Left Defense .
205 Double1116 Double1116 Center Hockey
206 Venturella17 ItzVench412 Left Wing How do I sign up
207 Spaghetti_sugooo Spaghetti_sugooo Center h
208 Winkle_09 Winkle_09 Right Wing Full availability,
209 xCP-III xCP-III Right Wing
210 Domc0893 Domc0893 Right Defense RD - Swift Current Broncos
211 TTV-TarrNation TTV-TarrNation Center Would like to own
212 Magicgamer26 Magicgamer26 Left Defense hi
213 CaptainCarter45 CaptainCarter45 Right Wing can also play center
214 winnersworld800 winnersworld800 Left Wing ready to go
215 Bosoxnsb Bosoxnsb Left Defense Y
216 Leger_17 Leger_17 Left Wing am ready for this ;)
217 tgun151 tgun151 Left Wing G
218 Nat3dawg_07 Nat3dawg_07 Goalie I am hoping to switch to goalie for wjc if that's allowed. This will be my first go I think
219 jerry1330 jerry1330 Left Wing N/A
220 Poit77 Poit77 Right Wing None
221 Def1anse Def1anse Left Wing Yes
222 xAbailey10 AbailG93 Center When do we get assigned to a team?
223 X-_-Pulver-_-X X-_-Pulver-_-X Left Wing When is the draft
224 MONUBK MONUBK Left Defense
225 martysox2 martysox2 Right Wing None
226 El-Deezal-G7 El-Deezal-G7 Center I’m ready
227 vContestedDunk vContestedDunk Right Wing i wanna join the league
228 NuttyOutlaw13 NuttyOutlaw13 Left Wing Y
229 egomaniacstud1 egomaniacstud1 Right Defense hi
230 Acadienfelix30 AcadienHippy_30 Left Wing Thank you
231 Benythebum Benythebum Left Wing Skoden
232 Lt_Dans_Legs33 Lt_Dans_Legs33 Left Wing C or LW..
233 Joey_Stomp Joey_Stomp Right Wing No
234 hully17 hully17 Goalie Never played Jr. before thought I would try it out
236 xTaiter32x xTaiter32x Left Wing Hi
237 xKucherov-86x xKucherov-86x Right Wing We out the ploffs
238 Zeus_Zwick Zeus_Zwick Left Defense WJC Gold this year!
239 Noiseitmon Noiseitmon Left Defense Kk
240 Wings_Rush_Fan Wings_Rush_Fan Left Wing Can play both wings
241 Mstrbtionismurdr BigPapaTan Left Wing N
243 Bananabreadhq Bananabreadhq Center can play goalie too
244 TMoreau18 TMoreau18 Right Wing .
245 Ronik Ronik Left Defense Plays left or right.
246 Crusaderschamps Crusaderschamps Goalie Goalie is my preference but can play LW RD(as last resort)
247 Donut_wizard666 Donut_wizard666 Center can play anywhere
248 lMoreault_x_89l lMoreault_x_89l Left Wing ...
249 Gaaauge Gaaauge Left Defense Team player
250 BobeyX BobeyX Right Wing .
251 DiazPitree-13 DiazPitree-13 Right Defense m
252 roofioooohh Roofioooohh Left Wing None
253 TheDrixMeister TheDrixMeister Right Defense RD. 880 CR
254 BarDownSniper37 BarDownSniper37 Left Defense None
255 Xposurez Xposurez Left Wing none
256 xFxExAxRx11 xFxExAxRx11 Right Wing Play lw as well
257 KllerJ KllerJ Right Defense No
258 Straughan_1994 Straughan_1994 Left Wing Let’s go!
259 Alpha3lite_33 Alpha-33x Goalie 9/9
260 iNOScopeOsama96 iNOScopeOsama96 Left Defense none
261 Clutchkinq Clutchkinq Center Let’s get it.
262 YOJE88 YOJE88 Right Defense How will i know if i get picked?
263 Antg310 Antg310 Left Wing Let me get in lol
264 cujo4201985 cujo4201985 Left Defense Yay
265 spaced42 spaced42 Right Defense Rd
266 DavidPastrnak_88 DavidPastrnak_88 Left Wing LW or RW
267 xIKnoimJin xIKnoimJin Center Ready tuh puck bois
268 AceRoyale- AceRoyale- Center none. Looking to play and grind.
269 MrMorgan31 MrMorgan31 Goalie .
270 Sabreshockey716 Sabreshockey716 Center None
271 Userpic1306 Userpic1306 Center Hmm
272 RaZCuL RaZCuL Left Defense Let's gooo
273 Aztec066 Aztec066 Goalie Roll
274 LuffyMazanec LuffyMazanec Goalie I played goalie in my second lg season.
275 DaKnot DaKnot Center Pick me.
276 eqbomber Eqbomber21 Center can play rw also
277 Leprechaunn_90 Leprechaunn_90 Right Wing I’ve got a lucky pot of gold
278 Cotachoda7 Cotachoda7 Goalie Na
279 DrKrieger91 DrKrieger91 Right Defense Looking to sign up. RD available.
280 Pizzasready Pizzasready Right Wing Lg
281 VulgarGentleman VulgarGentleman Left Defense Nope
282 DirtyNewf613 DirtyNewf613 Center lg
283 BadLuckCanuck BadLuckCanuck Goalie No comments
284 PhillyXGhost53 PhillyXGhost53 Center LG Saskatoon Blades
285 DunkinDeezNutz73 DunkinDeezNutz73 Left Wing Also play goalie!
286 bryg20 bryg20 Left Defense No
287 Champlayer Champlayer Right Wing No
288 AlanS1800 AlanS1800 Center Nope
289 Coyotedave Coyotedave Left Wing Let's go!
290 Habs3105 Habs3105 Right Defense N/A
291 Dradavich Dradavich Left Wing EEEE
292 Bob_De_Lion Bob_De_Lion Right Wing Or LW
293 Velocity I7I VeLoCiTy_KiiLLz Right Wing I would like to signup as RW
294 Shackle78 Shackle78 Right Defense Let’s go
295 MN-StoneMason MN-StoneMason Left Defense :)
296 K_o2015 K_o2015 Right Defense None
297 deadbloatedgoat Goat_Goatingham Right Defense Let's Go!
298 RBZTaylorMade RBZTaylorMade Goalie I played the past season as a d man I can also play goalie too.
299 FnoRespect FnoRespectTTV Right Wing None
300 Pipe_Distributor Pipe_Distributor Center Leet
301 FilthySavagee FilthySavagee Goalie I really hate losing.
302 West2point0 West2point0 Right Defense No
303 savvy16 savvy16 Right Wing n/a
304 Michiganja Michiganja Left Wing Available 9/9
305 jblaze0514 jblaze0514 Right Defense n/a
306 kinger7171 kinger7171 Left Wing I’m active and looking to help my team and the jr cup
307 sINGLE---g6_ MarekJagr-604 Right Wing Very active
308 HitmanHam272263 xX_Parayko_55Xx Left Defense Can play both sides
309 LANDOLEO87 LANDOLEO87 Center Any F
310 Barricade410 Barricade410 Right Wing Rw
311 Exoticrudy ExoticRudy Left Wing .
312 heisenburgYO heisenburgYO Right Defense No.
313 Obrien42295 Obrien42295 Left Wing .
314 Sniper0002014 Sniper0002014 Goalie Signing up for g
315 BosnianDiamond11 BosnianDiamond11 Right Wing Right wing
316 JETS-202 JETS-202 Left Wing Let's get gold
317 NIMBLEWITZ NIMBLEWITZ Right Defense Thank you
318 Krysh55 Krysh55 Right Defense Finished the season with 7 goals, 18 assists in 22 games as a RD while keeping a decent +/-
319 ISpamSpins- ISpamSpins- Left Wing Hi
320 gods_ninja99 gods_ninja99 Left Wing N/A
321 Tapperson Tapperson12 Center K
322 alexandromon alexandromon Right Wing Glad to join this tournament
323 Glachs Glachs Right Wing avail 9/9
324 Greene_870897 Greene_870897 Left Wing Leet
325 limpark limpark Right Wing Let go
326 Bostonfan4567 Bostonfan4567 Right Wing I can play Right wing
327 sugarcoatz sugarcoatz Right Defense can also play ld
328 Stony123 Stony123 Right Wing No questions
329 G-R-E-E-N-Y-8 G-R-E-E-N-Y-8 Left Wing None
330 GZUS19 GZUS19 Center ..
331 BulletShow21 BulletShow21 Center Full avail
332 nick108 KinkyNicols108 Center No
333 Aclarke27 Clarkie999709 Right Defense I’ve been a part of LG for 3 years and I would like a shot in this tourney
334 weenomomama weenomomama Left Defense Yup
335 rottingflesh666 rottingflesh666 Left Defense Why is this mandatory to sign up
336 Duffy90QC Duffy90QC Right Wing thx
337 GreenMijo GreenMijo Goalie When does JRs start?
338 Fck_itsbingey Fck_itsbingey Left Wing
339 McSmokealot23 McSmokealot23 Left Defense Im the shit
340 UTackleFatKids UTackleFatKids Right Wing 9/9 rw here
341 BigOLsalami BigOLsalami Right Defense Carol Baskins killed her husband
342 Belz_7 Belz_7 Left Defense No
343 coyoman2 coyoman2 Right Wing Hi
344 Defacin Defacin Right Wing N/a
345 John22019 John22019 Left Defense None
346 nLands nLands Right Wing Yo
347 Bullseye8585 BlackCommunist Goalie no
348 DynamicZee DynamicZee Right Wing i can play either wing
349 FRNDOG FRNDOG Left Wing I love lamp
350 MnNorseman MnNorseman Goalie G
351 B-hop_420 B-hop_420 Right Wing Can play C as well or D if needed and availability is good
352 BasedGodEric- BasedGodEric- Right Defense Ready to get some games in.
353 Southtowns01 Southtowns91 Center Management with Slickwfs19
354 True0_0Blue True0_0Blue Right Defense None
355 GhostReaper0609 GhostReaper0609 Left Wing None
356 JJihaad JJihaad Right Wing N/a
357 Osuits89 Osuits89 Left Wing Can play both wings
358 K_Lemieux66 K_Lemieux66 Right Wing No
359 Jebus8458 Jebus8458 Right Wing
360 teezers13 teezers13 Goalie L
361 FATDIICK- FATDIICK- Goalie nope
362 Zlurp-Zlurp Zlurp-Zlurp Right Wing No
363 WHOSDISYELLOW WHOSDISYELLOW Right Defense Defense first
364 xKillhouse Diewithonor Center Secondary lw
365 Avman812 Avman812 Right Wing Can play all forward positions
366 Nyg1227 Nyg1227 Left Defense A
367 KarlKruz KarlKruz Right Defense Rd or rw
368 WeekendNachos19 WeekendNachos19 Center Any fwd position
369 Marts79 Marts79 Goalie Nothing special
370 Deeznutz69gotem iTzDeezNutz- Goalie Yeet
371 LePostalServices LePostalServices Goalie D
372 VattanRulez VattanRulez Goalie Available all times and days
374 LAROACHA_420 LAROACHA_420 Left Defense Also play RD
375 YerUncleCarl YerUncleCarl Center .
376 smokeymcg33k smokeymcg33k Right Wing
377 xBlueline57 xBlueline57 Left Wing None
378 BCboi4 BCboi4 Right Wing None
379 MrHappyhappy1 MrHappyhappy1 Right Wing No
380 AyeHilly AyeHilly Left Wing I’m the best
381 KnightLax27 KnightLax27 Center Looking to play wjc
382 AIKEN-BOPE AIKEN-BOPE Left Defense No question
383 Chrisbell1503 Chrisbell1503 Left Wing No
384 Yrakcaz Yrakcaz Left Defense LD/RD
385 ToneCarbone ToneCarbone Right Defense i like turtles
386 KaOTic_UniVerSe KaOTic_UniVerSe Goalie None
387 ScottyTooHottyx- ScottyTooHottyx- Right Wing Any forward position
388 Vanisk_66 Vanisk- Right Wing .
389 tyrantmania tyrantmania Left Defense Can play forward as well if needed. Looking to get selected with Jarretleger if possible.
390 malf922 malf922 Right Defense Hello
391 xxBADxxGUYxx xxBADxxGUYxx Goalie Let’s play
392 Complexitii- Complexitii- Right Wing N/A
393 Evildoink666 Evildoink666 Left Defense Amateur LD
394 Kable_72 Kable_72 Center The 2x Bronze medal winning Centre
395 waveslasher68 waveslasher68 Left Defense None
396 Complexity13 Complexity13 Right Defense .
397 Tibbernac Tibbernac Left Wing Yo
398 Webstyle9 Webstyle9 Right Wing Moving back to forward after being a defender
399 KamikaZeSlapshOt KamikaZeSlapshOt Left Wing I can also play RW or D
400 Big_Gren Big_gren Right Defense Hi
401 wild_boal_crew wild_boal_crew Right Wing I have no questions. Let's play
402 StanleysCup StanleysCup Center Hi
403 Whitelighteni181 Whitelighteni181 Left Wing .
404 Angl3dangle_ Angl3dangle_ Goalie i agree
405 bluedevil631 bluedevil631 Left Wing I’m ready to play
406 taco132 taco132 Left Defense No question
407 Scabrous403 Scabrous403 Left Defense LD, RD
408 Jaydizzle420 Jaydizzle420 Goalie Hi
409 Falsneh Falsneh Right Defense Looking to play!
410 MassAppeal6818 MassAppeal6818 Left Defense ???
411 Traxxonwaxx Traxxonwaxx Left Defense LD
412 Killingit420 Killingit420 Right Wing Can't wait
413 termanator432 Termanator432 Left Defense Yeah
414 Grytty91 Grytty91 Goalie Looking forward to potentially playing.
415 lLurlKinq lLurlKinq Left Defense 9/9
416 Primetimme Lilsaladdressing Center my avail is meh
417 Hawkeye1403_ Hawkeye1403_ Right Wing No
418 KinGDooGi KinGDooGi Goalie No
419 bootsend88 bootsend88 Left Wing Can play rw or lw
420 Joester09 Joester09 Center None
421 Dr_Juice7 Dr_Juice7 Right Wing :)
422 Jsunny_21 Jsunny_21 Right Wing None
423 M_Bassett17 M_Bassett17 Center
424 MoZoNe_7 MoZoNe_7 Right Wing Excited to get back into it
425 tony_snipeQC tony_snipeQC Right Wing im ready
426 stl420goon stl420goon Center 9 of 9
427 killer_habs25 killer_habs25 Left Defense None
428 xSicKMoTioNz xSicKMoTioNz Left Wing Lw
429 Leggit001 Leggit001 Right Wing I also can play LW/RD/LD
430 Larissafriess6 Larissafriess6 Left Defense Good n you
431 xCaptainComeback xCaptainComeback Left Defense .
432 Careym Careym Goalie Hi
433 Strong_dvs Strong_dvs Center No comment
434 II_Screddx91_II II_Screddx91_II Left Wing Bop
435 ErasedWavy ErasedWavy Right Wing Available all the time
436 theunflappable1 theunflappable1 Right Wing None
437 General_Lee_High General_Lee_High Goalie Lets go
438 Scrueyouhippy Scrueyouhippy Right Wing Availability changes per week
439 demo2424 demo2424 Left Wing nope
440 Deathbringer2487 Deathbringer2487 Goalie Cheap Goalie
441 IR-IE-IP-IP IR-IE-IP-IP Center ?
442 Der_Todesengell Der_Todesengell Left Defense no
443 MotherShabubu066 MotherShabubu066 Center Played for the Indy Fuel who lost first round against the Mavericks. Center. Idk what else I need to put here. PSN MotherShabubu066.
444 x412xSwAgx3 x412xSwAgx3 Right Wing Contract signed
445 ReactRiotTango- ReactRiotTango- Goalie N/A
446 Tayls07 Tayls07 Left Defense None
447 Joek1619 Joek1619 Goalie Looking forward to it
448 TMARR89 TMARR89 Right Wing ..
449 Lord_Stark677 Lord_Stark677 Goalie None
450 RedMast22 RedMast22 Right Defense Secondary position is Centre
451 Lamport1 Lamport1 Goalie Secondary position defense
452 cndpostal cndpostal Goalie GG
453 drdetroit317 drdetroit317 Right Defense Right defense
454 Hummingbird1929 CSM0419_ Left Defense I don’t have anything lol
455 Sean_Avery_16x Sean_Avery_16x Right Wing
456 Camouflage2837 Camouflage2837 Center None
457 Lamb_Chopz_27 Lamb_Chopz_27 Center I'm terrible
458 Mitchellspinks Mitchellspinks Left Defense Hi
459 Edge3282 Edge3282 Left Wing n/A
460 Mayers ItsMayers- Right Wing Nope
461 Jessieman13 Jessieman13 Right Wing Hi
462 Gnew543 Gnew543 Right Wing N/a
463 Its_the_gonja Its_the_gonja Center Can definitely play left wing available for all
464 cholesterolbomb CholesterolBomb Center N/a
465 t00lshed46_2 t00lshed46_2 Left Wing Avail 9/9
466 Gingy19937 hate_to_see_it19 Right Defense .
467 Buurreaux Buurreaux Right Wing None
468 ScubaSteve21234 ScubaSteve2536 Left Defense Also a RD
469 RedButWhole RedButWhole Goalie N/A
470 Hawkschamp2010 Hawkschamp2010 Goalie Scored a goal as goaler once
471 The-Dominator-95 The-Dominator-95 Right Defense available most nights
472 GodlyXJohn GodlyXJohn Right Wing pick me
473 Slapnutz_2 Slapnutz_2 Left Wing Slapnutz_2
474 Vapetokes77 Vapetokes77 Right Defense Stay home D
475 Coffey-Lidstrom Coffey-Lidstrom Left Defense 9/9
476 Jorrdo96 Jorrdo96 Left Wing None
477 Customs_ll Customs_ll Center Elite
478 xxBert- xxBert- Center All
479 sammyb4398 Sammyb4398 Goalie Always avalaible
480 ynkSki ynkSki Right Defense best backup dman(:
481 Whoazilla Whoazilla Goalie None
482 Xgxgameninja69 Xgxgameninja69 Left Wing When does it start
483 Duck_on_quack_23 Duck_on_quack_23 Right Defense 9/9
484 LilJayMills LilJayMills Left Defense Let's have fun?
485 U_Just_ U_Just_ Right Defense None
486 playmaker x 7 Playmaker_x_7 Left Wing Hi
487 CANUCK_420 CANUCK_420 Goalie None
488 Qc_Gamer_Qc_YT Qc_Gamer_Qc_Yt Left Wing Nope
489 XxNhL-GoD-xX13 Xx-SuZuKi-xX14 Left Wing Looking to play
490 major kconlin MAjORkConLin Right Defense I am available most days
492 GRIMEY-22 GRIMEY-22 Center None
493 J_Gedds J_Gedds Right Wing ?
494 Caucasian-SayTan Caucasian-SayTan Left Defense No
495 Land-Creature Land-Creature Left Defense I'll play either side, either hand
496 Too-Rough-2008 Leftwing_Bully Right Defense N
497 tankcal420 tankcal420 Right Defense ....
498 Christ-Boyz Christ-Boyz Right Wing let’s get it
499 Gdough3388 Gdough3388 Center Discord: Gdough3388
500 FRANKIE__ FRANKIE__ Right Wing None
501 TheMadKingWoe TheMadKingWoe Right Defense Can Play LD or RD
502 Suinskii Suinskii Goalie None
503 LtSplinter LtSplinter Center Can I join?
504 schnably schnably Center None
505 LxBriinkk LxBriinkk Right Wing N/A
506 NiiTro814 NiiTro814 Left Defense Ld or rd prefer ld
507 b_fett7 b_fett7 Left Wing Can play C
508 laydownfool61 laydown61 Left Defense Gidday
509 Bsoxbradley0725 Bsoxbradley0725 Goalie .
510 Pr0_Bi0f Pr0_Bi0f Left Defense I did like to play with my friend zachjpqc if possible
511 strangefnmusic X7heory403x Center None
512 Jthersch16 Jthersch16 Goalie Hey
513 xMILLERx xMILLERx Center Ok
514 wesmess755 wesmess_755 Goalie Im temporarily locked out of my PSN (I got hacked), until I can get access to it back, I'm using one i made "wesmess_755" (just added an underscore so it stayed obvious i wasn't trying to second tag) Hopefully this isn't a problem?
515 RGrant_15 RGrant_15 Left Wing Can play Lw/Rw/D
516 TheCircusMidget TheCircusMidget Center no
517 ItsJustSkillzz_ ItsJustSkillzz_ Right Wing Right wing
518 Mr_e_ous420 Mr_e_ous420 Center :)
519 Chive123 Chive123 Left Wing
520 D_is_key D_is_key Left Defense .
521 Shaggy2448 Shaggy2448 Left Defense Sign me up
522 Tangelis Tangelis Left Defense .
523 Kolby34 Kolby34 Goalie #letsgo
524 PR7_Cfox PR7_Cfox Right Defense Rd
525 I Lappy I I_Lappy_I Center Hi
526 Hksevo Hksevo Right Defense I'm down
527 FriedNoggin donkspewer Left Defense im down
528 Damion0824 Damion0824 Left Defense LD
529 RayRayy_61 RayRayy_61 Right Defense -
530 itsgally itsgally Right Wing .
531 lilShing lilShing Right Defense 9/9
532 Lucky_Luc_20 Lucky_Luc_20 Left Wing First time joining
533 AppaJuicee AppaJuicee Center
534 ToughCutsYT Tough_Cuts Right Wing Hi
535 Tho92mp19son Tho92mp19son Center Hi
536 NatureX NatureX Right Defense None
537 Maraunta Maraunta Left Wing Elite ..watch n learn
538 DATS-NASTY24 DATS-NASTY24 Right Wing Done
539 FIippmacka FIippmacka Left Wing LW for Team Japan