Leaguegaming - Your Virtual Career

# User Gamertag Primary Position Questions or Comments
1 l23l hejduk l23l hejduk Right Wing
2 McBozzi McBozzi Left Defense
3 AsmallOgre4242 AsmallOgre4242 Right Defense
4 l Chris x l8l l Chris x l8l Goalie
5 lilnic92 lilnic92 Left Wing
6 aPsychotik aPsychotik Left Wing
7 CurT Cooks CurT Cooks Center
8 Newey Newey Newey Newey Right Defense
9 Noodle The God Noodle The God Right Defense
10 ILLUMINAUGHTY o ILLUMINAUGHTY o Left Wing Any forward I can play
11 l Cote x 15 l l Cote x 15 l Right Wing
12 SharpShow99 SharpShow99 Center
13 TheKingSmacky TheKingSmacky Left Defense
14 NOTEZ 420 NOTEZZZ 420 Goalie
15 C0TES C0TES Right Wing
16 Wickedly Moist Wickedly Moist Right Wing
17 Tretiak v 20 Tretiak v 20 Goalie
18 Tx Kn1gHtZ xT Tx Kn1gHtZ xT Left Defense
19 MxrteI MxrteI Right Wing
20 Tragic l19l Tragic l19l Right Defense
21 ItsCOC ItsCOC Left Defense
23 Jaguarknight_ xRoyalFlushx911 Right Defense
24 xXberriez xXberriez Left Defense
25 PuckinNutz PuckinNutz Goalie
26 Born in a Storm Born in a Storm Center Or lw
27 CrispyBacon777 CrispyBacon777 Left Defense
29 BigChutesX14 BigChutesX14 Center or rw or rd