Leaguegaming - Your Virtual Career

# User Gamertag Primary Position Questions or Comments
1 Squirtle Why Squirtle Why Left Defense
2 UWPE UWPE Right Wing
3 Shlarchey Shlarchey Right Wing
4 Ted Teddy Bear Ted Teddy Bear Left Wing
6 BiGBoSSMaN8 BiGBoSSMaN8 Right Defense
7 DwnSyndromeDAV3 DwnSyndromeDAV3 Left Defense
8 private D0NUT private D0NUT Goalie
9 Fiesty Muffin Fiesty Muffin Left Wing
10 xPICKARDx54 xPICKARDx54 Right Wing
11 xFOGLEx3 xFOGLEx3 Left Wing
12 Islander112286 Islander112286 Right Defense
13 xXberriez xXberriez Left Defense
14 BowserKOTK BowserKOTK Left Defense
15 TheIndubitable1 TheIndubitable1 Goalie
16 DrunkLonewolf DrunkLonewolf Right Defense
17 GR33N BEENZ GR33N BEENZ Left Defense
18 Tanney0nay Tanney0nay Center
19 Icesn1per2525 Icesn1per2525 Left Defense
20 GTIBR0 GTIBR0 Right Wing
21 Flamingo3873 Flamingo3873 Right Wing
22 iWreckRookies iWreckRookies Left Wing
23 OlyOlyOxynFree OlyOlyOxynFree Left Defense
24 lamboslice1230 lamboslice1230 Left Wing
25 thetarv thetarv Goalie
27 LoganJamesHart LoganJamesHart Right Wing
28 BeviMerchant BeviMerchant Center
29 l Cote x 15 l l Cote x 15 l Right Wing
30 Sounds Fake Sounds Fake Goalie
32 Weavss Weavss Center
33 TPForMyBungCole TPForMyBungCole Right Defense
34 l GOSLING l l GOSLING l Right Wing
35 MURPH0270 MURPH0270 Center
36 T 1 v Z T 1 v Z Center
37 Gilbz 34 Gilbz 34 Center
38 Fizat Fizat Left Wing
39 Hammy x 27 Hammy x 27 Right Defense
40 Not Cooked Not Cooked Right Defense
41 RICO5283 XxRicocheTxX420 Goalie
42 Schreiny Schreiny Center
43 SaiPh87 SaiPh87 Right Wing
44 o S m i i t t y o S m i i t t y Right Wing
45 JuniorHawk16 JuniorHawk16 Left Wing
46 iLLuminOttie iLLuminOttie Right Defense
47 ChiefAuggy ChiefAuggy Left Defense
48 Askarov x 30 Askarov x 30 Goalie
49 Uzi Snipe Uzi Snipe Center
50 Figgity Fake Figgity Fake Right Defense
51 CountyBoyJG CountyBoyJG Left Wing
52 xl staal 18 lx xl staal 18 lx Left Wing
53 That Battery That Battery Left Defense
54 Edgarnormous Edgarnormous Center
55 Dylaniscool61 Dylaniscool61 Right Wing
56 TheKingSmacky TheKingSmacky Left Defense
57 l23l hejduk l23l hejduk Right Wing
58 Fakie Assassin Fakie Assassin Right Defense
59 Mr Lundieee Lundieeee Left Defense
60 X Lube X X Lube X Right Defense
61 lilnic92 lilnic92 Left Wing
62 Reidsss Reidsss Center
63 l7 Larkin 1l l7 Larkin 1l Right Wing
64 BigChutesX14 BigChutesX14 Center
65 II PeNNyWiSe Il II PeNNyWiSe Il Goalie
66 GBR Dingurz GBR Dingurz Right Defense
67 Newey Newey Newey Newey Right Defense
68 Andshad Andshad Goalie
69 CalderCubs14 CalderCubs14 Center
70 Gucci Wright Gucci Wright Right Wing
71 Der Panda71 Der Panda71 Center
72 Nyquist x 12 Nyquist x 12 Right Wing
73 Kaddie Shack Kaddie Shack Left Defense
74 Zaphiro Zaphiro Left Wing
75 Born in a Storm Born in a Storm Center
76 l boqvist l l boqvist l Right Wing None
77 Relly x 18 Relly x 18 Center
78 l Schultz x 4 l l Schultz x 4 l Left Wing Hi
79 I KiLLTarTED I I KiLLTarTED I Goalie
80 Janesee79 Janesee79 Right Wing
81 Smitthias US Smitthias US Left Wing
82 JTE x 12 JTE x 12 Goalie
84 Packer98 Packer98 Center
85 babygoat19 babygoat19 Right Wing
86 Parayko l55l Parayko l55l Goalie
87 bpaff24 bpaff24 Right Defense
88 Noahifyy Cholowski Right Defense
89 Agostopolis Agostopolis Left Wing