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Hall Of Fame
Category Outstanding Service
Induction Date 2013-12-07
Season Induction Season: 16
Ozzyng2 aka David K., is Leaguegaming Hockey League's (LGHL) first ever Hall Of Fame inductee. And for good reason too, Ozzy has a long and historic career in the online hockey world and a corner stone in league creation, organization and stewardship. Ozzy joined LG in July 2010 and quickly made his presence know with his thought out and well rounded posts and comments of league direction. After returning from his tenor at the VHL, Ozzy with the help of cromags took the rains of the LGHL (at that time know simply as the Leaguegaming Team Hockey League) in season 13 and grew it to become the #1 team hockey league on the planet. The LGHL owes it's current existance to the countless hours of dedication from David, and for that David has earned the highest title Leaguegaming offers and thats Administrator Status (red name) on December 1st 2013. On behalf of Leaguegaming, Thank you. For everything you have done and continue to do.
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