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How Do I Vet My Account?

If your account was flagged as a protential 2nd account you will need to vet your account from an LG Staff Member.

What do I need to vet my account

If you are an xbox member, and you are "Gold Sharing" you will need to provide a photo proof of your xbox showing your account and the account of the Gold Member you are sharing with . Example https://i.imgur.com/OevjhpE.jpg

If you are a PSN User - you must provide information on any related users you might be connected too

Who do I contact to vet my account

This depends on which league you are planning on joining. Each League may have its own member to vet users, so please read this list carefully. Once you've identified a user to contact, click on their name to send them a message

Users To Contact

Users To Contact

Users To Contact


Users To Contact