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# Position
10 Forward
6 Midfielder
5 Defender
5 Goalie

User Primary Position Alternate Position(s) Questions or Comments Date
sparkplug87 nic Goalie Forward 2019/03/18 16:20
Criminal Vidal Midfielder Forward,Defender I Have A LOT of experience I play in ACL d1 east for NU and ive played on the xbox side of LGFA since season 2 now its like 15+. I mainly play CDM but I can play any midfield position. don't msg me on here I wont see it msg my psn inform_vidal 2019/03/04 17:08
NeWFie-KaNaTa Midfielder Defender 2019/03/17 19:17
TheBobbyOrr4 Midfielder Defender 2019/03/04 12:40
jaZz134 Defender Forward,Midfielder RB like Ashley Young. I can play up the field too. 2019/03/04 10:51
The_Blind_Ref Defender Forward,Midfielder Elite here 2019/03/17 18:38
OptimusPrimus77 Midfielder Midfielder,Defender 2019/03/19 03:51
Price_Qc_Ch_37 Forward Midfielder 2019/03/17 18:23
sINGLE-g6_ Goalie Goalie Very active 2019/03/19 03:40
greatzilla007 Defender Defender 2019/03/18 14:35
XDoctor-jackalX Forward Forward 2019/03/14 20:01
LittleRaGoo28 Defender Midfielder LB/RB not CB can play mid or wing if needed also got shit availability 2019/03/18 19:11
NODOGG17 Goalie Midfielder 2019/03/15 19:38
Youcef252 Forward Forward If I showed up more would have been top scorer 2019/03/15 09:05
skullpuckyamotha Forward Forward 2019/03/20 15:39
itzrickybobby Goalie Forward,Midfielder Got shafted playing for chelsea late in the season, stats never entered correctly for my keeping or midfield play, unfortunate but it is what it is! OH WELL onto the next one. 2019/03/13 04:37
LetsbetheHERO79 Goalie Goalie 2019/03/19 07:05
Bosna17 Forward Forward,Midfielder 2019/03/18 11:39
Johnnyutah1224 Midfielder Forward 2019/03/19 15:35
RaZCuL Forward Forward,Midfielder 2019/03/14 13:31
xOgLowkeyyx Forward Forward,Midfielder,Goalie 2019/03/10 15:44
VinceMercerQc Midfielder Defender 2019/03/12 09:04
aubzz88 Forward Forward RW, ST, CF. 2019/03/10 11:49
Stun Gun Defender Midfielder,Defender I'm a strong player, BOG, certified G, Bonafide Stud, and ya can't teach that! I have a busy schedule, and usually only make 2 matches a week. Still, I am one of the best defenders in the league when I can play, and even got a MOTM last season! 2019/03/19 07:23
STAALironman11 Forward Midfielder 2019/03/18 10:13
Ash_bae94 Forward Midfielder 2019/03/18 21:02