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Warning List
User From Issued Message Reponse Reponse Message
brandododo XxRbrozyna89xX 2020-05-24 04:36:11 Not active ~Waiting~
brandododo jasonw1978 2020-05-24 06:31:31 Has not responded to owner or gm about remaining on team ~Waiting~
TheCostcoThief PensCanuks 2020-05-27 18:55:19 Player hasn't responded to my pm. I've also been told he's quitting the league. ~Waiting~
XxANGELOFDEATH11 Anthonyd8616 2020-06-03 22:31:31 https://imgur.com/a/uTpYtDshttps://imgur.com/a/ZfrsM32 ~Waiting~
XxANGELOFDEATH11 Anthonyd8616 2020-06-03 22:31:53 https://imgur.com/a/uTpYtDshttps://imgur.com/a/ZfrsM32 unresponsive ~Waiting~
XxANGELOFDEATH11 Anthonyd8616 2020-06-03 22:32:30 https://imgur.com/a/uTpYtDshttps://imgur.com/a/ZfrsM32 unresponsive not reporting to team ~Waiting~
XX_crusader13_XX Trissty_- 2020-06-05 20:38:23 Hasn't reported or made contact with us ~Waiting~