Game of the Night : S33, WK1, MON 2019-06-10

Breakdown of the game of the night

  1. Brisan x6
    ahl.png Game of the Night ahl.png


    Our first Game of the Night for Season 33 features LG’s Commissioners matching up against LG’s reformed. On paper this matchup looks in favor of Belleville due to the Monsters having a primarily CHL line. This will be a battle of the left wings to find out who can do the most for their team in productivity. LG McDonald consistently produces numbers every season in the AHL. Just like McDonald, Danky is capable of the same success, however his locker room presence always has the dark cloud looming. Will McDonald prevail in his first game of S33? Or maybe we will see Danky stick to his “reformed” side and lead an inexperienced line to a big victory?

    Players to Watch : LG McDonald, Danky, silentsoljacuz4

    Analysis : With the first week of the season, everyone is going for a strong start of the season. I’ll have to give the advantage to Belleville with McDonald having a supporting of siltentsoljacuz4 and AGM kdevv.

    Prediction : BEL 3 v CLE 2, OT1​