Game of the Night : S33, WK1, TUE 2019-06-11

A break down of the game of the night for the LGAHL

  1. Brisan x6
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    On this night's "Game of the Night", we are focusing on the ambitions to grab a win between these two teams. This contest features two of the longest managing managers the AHL has to offer, and with that experience lies knowledge on building contenders. Both teams are not starting off to a fire start, but a win here could pave the way for a crucial decision come down the stretch in the West Central division. Iowa is going with their management line and putting the fate in their own hands, where we see Manitoba with a line that's putting up decent numbers offensively already through two games. This game will most likely be a battle of the tendys with Master Sh0tgun and Tatar l21l being two of the finest in the AHL. Can Manitoba's ThatGuyLucky and Presidente x 45 keep up their 3 PPG? Or will we see Tatar lock it down and keep the Moose at bay?

    Players to Watch : ThatGuyLucky, Presidente x 45, Tatar l21l

    Analysis : This is a game these teams will look back on when the push for playoffs/division title comes into play. With having a management duo of Mxcie and iScyllaSnipez in the lineup, all the pressure is on Iowa to get the job done.

    Prediction : IOW 4, MB 2