Game of the Night : S34, WK1, WED 2019-10-16

Breakdown of the game of the night in the LGAHL

  1. Brisan x6
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    On the first edition of "Game of the Night" in the LGAHL of Season 34, we bring you two of the hottest teams in the LGAHL. The away team in the Checkers is a line looking to cap off the week at 3-0. @Williams x12x and @Drxma started off hot with a 2-0 start and a combined 22 points. On the home side, Utica puts out the @Studz x 7 line with only @Verathy having a game in hand going into tonight's contests. Without a doubt, the Checkers would love to put in a perfect week with a 3-0 night tonight and giving themselves a solid jump in the always difficult Eastern Atlantic division. However, these Comets are rolling well too and this will be an early season contest that could even result in a rematch come Week 13! o_O

    Players to Watch : :team410:@Studz x 7 :team393:@Drxma :team393:@Williams x12x

    Analysis : As much as I really feel the Checkers are a lot to handle right now, @Studz x 7 and @Verathy come in to this season with already much established chemistry from last season on Utica. Although there's a change at C for this line, I think these two will put the pressure on and get the edge over the Checkers.

    Prediction : CHA 3, UTI 4

    Where to Watch? :

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