LGFA S14 : Team Of The Season 2018-12-10


  1. Wanyamaaa
    League Gaming Football Association, S14 : Team Of The Season

    First I'd like to thank @PortuggeePrince for being my right hand man throughout this process. I'd also like to thank the members of the award committee, @DanielleJesus33, @Dangs92, @PortuggeePrince, @KCNightshade, @L3git Diego10.


    Formation : 3-5-2

    GOALKEEPER - Bauer l 43 l (Liverpool FC)
    The keeper who minded the nets in Merseyside played fantastic this season. A 20-1-0 league record helping Liverpool becoming the 'Invincibles' this season, never losing a league or FA Cup match this season. Bauer was the keeper that held his ground firm and proved he is one of the few world class keepers in this League.

    CENTRE-BACK - Pavard x21 (Liverpool FC)
    The winner of the Franz Beckenbauer award yet again finds himself on this year's edition of Team of the Season. Not difficult to see why. Playing like an authentic clone of Paolo Maldini in the heart of defense, he led Liverpool to a phenomenal defensive display as they were the hardest defense to break down this year. He intercepted the ball 61 times and had an Average Match Rating of 8.1, Pavard is returning to this list, which is surprising to no one.

    CENTRE-BACK - Mort Ragnarsson (West Ham United)
    The 20 million dollar man. Mort was a fantastic centre-back for the London based club. 57 interceptions and 15 blocks in the Prem this season, the towering defender also maintained a 7.7 AMR. The LGFA veteran proved his worth as not only one of the very best defenders, but a spot on the TOTS, representing West Ham, respectively.

    CENTRE-BACK - PortuggeePrince (Wolverhampton Wanderers FC)

    Sir Alex Ferguson winner, PortuggeePrince had an impressive season on the Wanderers backline. He has proven to be a wall defensively, racking up 17 tackles and 34 interceptions but has also dished out 4 assists. Portuggee brings a ton of heart and enthusiasm to his team and has shown to be a true leader on the field. Well deserved Portuggee.

    DEFENSIVE MIDFIELDER - JaysWays (Chelsea FC)

    Insert here; LGFA's All-Time tackle leader in its history. JaysWays played very well this season, maintaining an AMR of 8.0, and also notching 2 assists. The Chelsea man completed 86% of his passes (169 out of 196) while also having 10 interceptions and 23 tackles. JaysWays makes his appearance here on the TOTS as an elite defensive midfielder.

    DEFENSIVE MIDFIELDER - OSGUNNERS (Wolverhampton Wanderers FC)
    In the inaugural season of Wolves, we also saw for the first time OSGUNNERS. A Rookie of the Year nominee, OSGUNNERS did a good job dominating the deep midfield for the West Midlands club. 7.3 AMR and 50 interceptions this season. As a deep lying midfielder, he also scored 4 goals and provided 2 assists in the Prem. Certainly a player to keep an eye on for seasons to come.

    RIGHT MIDFIELDER - KCNightshade (Manchester United FC)
    And we have our first Red Devil of this season's edition of TOTS. KCNightshade was a big part of why Manchester United finished 2nd this year in the EPL. A 7.7 AMR as well as 7 goals and 12 assists, KC played well enough to earn a TOTS bid. A veteran of LGFA (Since S1!) KC finished the season with 16 key passes as well as 200 passes completed out of 261. KC is a worthy entry as one of the very best we've seen this season.

    LEFT MIDFIELDER - Moneybags x11 (Liverpool FC)

    An absolute treasure in the LGFA Shoutbox, this TOTS entry is as menacing for defenders as he is for unsuspecting people in the SB. The phenomenal left midfielder was a headache for opposing defenders. 13-1-0 in 14 Prem appearances, notching 8 assist for the club and 20 key passes. A fantastic performance this season earning him a TOTS spot. Well done money.


    The commissioner himself. Brisan helped this team reach 'invicible' status as he broke the LGFA Single Season Assist record (25). He also had a whopping 55 key passes. Brisan was an invaluable piece to the Anfield midfield, as he was the number 10 in the midfielding spraying beautiful balls to his scorers. 18-1-0 record this season was nothing short of immaculate and Brisan proved he is world class.

    STRIKER - x Mbappe (Manchester United FC)
    The lead talisman that helped Manchester United reach 2nd place this season, He held a 7.8 AMR and banged in 25 goals as well as setting up an extra 7. Many a time would the Sir Alex Ferguson Stand at Old Trafford sing songs of his finishing and attacking ability. x Mpabbe solidified himself in this year's TOTS, marking his second appearance in the coveted list.

    STRIKER - Criminal Lazer (Liverpool FC)
    The Ballon d'Or winner was a clear entry in the Team of the Season. The best striker this season, as well as the all-time leading goalscorer in LGFA's history, proved his lethality in the box with 44 goals in 21 games, being a pivotal reason behind Liverpool's success. So long as Lazer is in the league, someone will have to pry the Golden Boot from his feet, as he is making it known he wants it each and every season.


    STRIKER - The Mastro (Manchester City FC)

    The first player representing the Etihad is also the ROTY! Mastro played 14 league games and scored 23 goals as well as helping 3 others with assists. The striker helped Manchester City towards the end of the season making a push for 3rd place on the last matchday. Being a rookie in LGFA, the sky is the limit for this prolific youngster. Maybe this was his coming out party? Maybe he can overtake Lazer one day? only time will tell but a fantastic display from The Mastro.

    MIDFIELDER - nubsy006 (Manchester United FC)
    The Man U man is another Red Devil in this Team of the Season. 17 key passes, 11 goals and 7 assists, nubsy played very well this season. Also, completing 216 passes, he would spray the balls all over the park, helping KC and Mbappe get set up for pivotal goals this season. nubsy also was a big part of United's FA Cup run to the semi-finals with 3 goals and 2 assists in 4 games.

    MIDFIELDER - Spillshot (Southampton FC)
    We have a Southampton sighting! The Saints midfielder was an excellent deep lying midfielder. 13 key passes in the midfield as well as 53 interceptions, he was a headache for opposing attackers to try and find space when spillshot was occupying the midfield. 77% passing completion for the Saints, also another reason helping spillshot find his way on the TOTS.

    DEFENDER - Kwsta 23 (Liverpool FC)
    Another Liverpool player on the TOTS. Kwsta was an important piece to the wall constructed at Merseyside. The Centre-Back had 42 interceptions as well as 4 blocks in the league. A 7.9 AMR and a force alongside his mate Pavard, Kwsta does not take a back seat however, showing he is a stifling defender and an annoying wrinkle for strikers to get behind.

    DEFENDER - Moreno l 24 l (Wolverhampton Wanderers FC)
    The heart of the defense for Wolverhampton. Moreno, one of the many rookies on Wolves, had only 12 games played in the prem, but was a wall. 25 interceptions, 6 blocks and a single goal. Moreno was a leader in the locker room and on the field as well. His games played are deceiving, as he is one of the top 100 defenders in all of FIFA.

    GOALKEEPER - PuRe TeMpAh2709 (West Ham United)
    The Lev Yashin Award winner. His first pair of golden gloves helped him earn a spot in this season's TOTS. 90 saves in 16 games played for the Hammers, Pure Tempah also had 5 clean sheets minding the nets at London Stadium. One of the few world class keepers in this league, this man has planted his flag and made it known he is here to stay in LGFA.

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