LGHL Season 31: Central Division 2018-10-09

A review for each team in the LGHL as well as divisional predictions!

  1. APsychicTaco
    Reference for Grades:

    A+: Best in NHL
    A: Best in Division
    A-: Great
    B+: Good
    B: Average
    B-: Average
    C+: Below Average
    C: Poor
    C-: AHL caliber


    [​IMG] Chicago Blackhawks

    1. Sejje O (LW) V 1S 0R $0
    2. ChrisTastik (LW) V RA 1S 0R $500,000
    3. jdheagle- (LW) V RA 1S 0R $9,250,000
    4. SJUSoccer9 GM (C) V 1S 0R $0
    5. AJ9191 (C) V RA 1S 0R $500,000
    6. D4D USA (C) V RA 2S 1R $8,500,000
    7. Draisaitl x 29 (C) A RA 1S 0R $1,250,000
    8. King Saffy (RW) V RA 1S 0R $1,250,000
    9. Moecha Frap (RW) V RA 2S 1R $1,000,000

    10. IMSLlMSHADY (LD) V RA 2S 1R $1,750,000
    11. Pure Pone (LD) V RA 1S 0R $500,000
    12. Duganator III AGM (RD) V RA 1S 0R $1,250,000
    13. Hooter (RD) V RA 2S 1R $1,500,000
    14. Leif Ender (RD) V RA 1S 0R $750,000
    15. Nuckles37 (RD) V RA 1S 0R $500,000

    16. Endosmoke69 (G) V RA 1S 0R $500,000
    17. RoaringViper (G) V 2S 0R $1,500,000
    Spent: $30,500,000
    Cash: $4,500,000

    If you were to ask Sejje or Duganator about last season they'd likely have called it a disappointment. A first round bout with a President's trophy contender is never easy though. After leading the league in goals for last season it appears they'll be gunning to do the same with their fantastic forward lineup. The top line will likely consist of the duo of Jdheagle and SJUSoccer, leaving Sejje and Dan Usa to crush easier opponents with their fantastic chemistry. King Saffy was resigned for a reason, and wherever he's placed expect him to contribute. To have Christastik and AJ on a third line is also impressive.

    Defensively you're not seeing the same kind of depth as their season 30 team. A top pairing of Shady/Hooter or Hooter/Dugan is not going to stand out. Going further down the list you see some okay pickups in Pone at 500k and Ender at 750k, they could be the 2nd pairing if the top pair isn't split. Nuckles was good many seasons ago, it's hard to say if he's oging to be the same, I haven't seen him play. In net you have last season's Vezina winner RoaringViper who appears to only be getting better with each passing season. He'll be key to help keep this defense afloat. Endosmoke however is a questionable choice, maybe was their first option expecting most goalies to be going higher. But now that bidding has past it looks like they missed out on better choices. This could cost them games.

    The last thing to note is the 4.5 million in cap space. This is a surprisingly large amount for the amount they had invested into forwards, maybe this was due to being outbid late into bidding with minimal cap.

    Offense: A Defense: B Goalies: B+

    [​IMG] Colorado Avalanche

    1. NINETY ElGHT O (LW) V 1S 0R $0
    2. Lorenzo x 24 (LW) V RA 2S 1R $5,000,000
    3. Wooly x 33 (LW) V RA 1S 0R $500,000
    4. Arctic Blur GM (C) V 1S 0R $0
    5. Brkaway89 AGM (C) V RA 1S 0R $9,000,000
    6. Double_brah (C) V RA 2S 1R $3,000,000
    7. P3k1ng DuK (C) V 2S 0R $750,000
    8. rG Breezyy (C) V RA 2S 1R $2,000,000
    9. F0G 19 (RW) V RA 1S 0R $3,750,000

    10. iTzMagic13 (LD) V RA 1S 0R $500,000
    11. Leroy Alexander (LD) V RA 1S 0R $750,000
    12. lHTHl (RD) V RA 1S 0R $1,750,000
    13. Provorov x 9 (RD) V RA 1S 0R $750,000
    14. trevwings (RD) V RA 2S 1R $1,500,000
    15. ZuKe Zuchegno (RD) V RA 2S 1R $2,500,000

    16. King Natzu (G) V RA 1S 0R $750,000
    17. Tex243 (G) V RA 1S 0R $1,250,000

    Spent: $33,750,000
    Cash: $1,250,000

    Under a new logo after their fantastic season in Nashville, Ninety Eight and Jarred are looking to make it all the way this season after a heartbreaking Game 7 in the conference finals at the hands of the eventual cup winners. There is a whole new look coming out of the forward core past the obvious duo at management. Arctic Blur had an impressive season with NYR but this will be a statement season for him as he'll be the leader on whatever line he's given. He won't be able to rely on some of the best forward depth like in season 30. Double Brah has had some disappointing seasons recently but paired with an ESHL linemate you can expect that to change. The only questionable forward contract is Lorenzo, but even he has some promise albeit it an expensive price.

    Defensively you have one of the hidden gems of LG in Zuke Zuchegno. The question is who will he be alongside in the top pairing? Trevwings and provorov make a great RD lineup, but their LDs of Leroy and Magic have not put on a top NHL pairing before. HTH is the wild card. If he can perform and limit the toxicity then you're looking at a contender in the west. In net Tex appears to be the starter which is a reasonable choice and Kink Natzu is a great backup choice. If one falters you could replace the other in the starting role. Maybe the competition will breed quality play from both.

    Offense: A- Defense: B+ Goalies: B+

    [​IMG] Dallas Stars

    1. Schlemko x 17 O (LW) V 1S 0R $0
    2. Martin ScoresEZ (LW) V RA 1S 0R $1,000,000
    3. Stifmeister x 7 (LW) V RA 1S 0R $8,500,000
    4. GreasyGogan GM (C) V 1S 0R $0 ($150?)
    5. Berube 18 (C) V 2S 0R $3,000,000
    6. I St Michel I (C) V RA 1S 0R $1,000,000
    7. TheAngryNachos (RW) V RA 1S 0R $1,000,000
    8. Waluigi x 92 (RW) V RA 3S 2R $1,500,000
    9. xMongeon (RW) V RA 3S 2R $1,500,000

    10. JEEEEEEBS (LD) V RA 1S 0R $500,000
    11. Luusky (LD) V 3S 1R $4,000,000
    12. TheHeroicDuck (LD) V RA 1S 0R $5,000,000
    13. Lebeau x 91 (RD) A RA 1S 0R $500,000
    14. Poooch (RD) V RA 2S 1R $4,500,000
    15. SpectreGaming x (RD) V RA 2S 1R $500,000

    16. CjC Cobras (G) V RA 1S 0R $500,000
    17. Yantzer_84 (G) V RA 1S 0R $500,000

    Spent: $33,500,000
    Cash: $1,500,000

    Last season for Dallas was rather forgettable. That's difficult to do when you had a manager like Gilleh to provide the offense. This time around Schlemko has brought (or bought) in Gogan to maybe provide more of an actual manager than just a really good player on a free contract. With that being said you can still expect to see Gogan leading the first forward line with Stifmeister and Eatchy (Waluigi). That's no line to sleep on, especially with the wraps being brought back in the most recent patch. Overall the Stars have good forward depth at reasonable contracts, especially St Michel at 1 million. But the stereotype always has been that French centers are often poor defensively, and they'll need to avoid leaving their defensemen on islands.

    The top pairing of Lusky and Pooch is...okay? I'm not as impressed as I would've been a few seasons ago. TheHeroicDuck is a player from wayyy back in the merger days, I cannot tell how he's going to do. Jeebs and Spectre at 500k are okay choices but if they're left to fend for themselves they're going to be in trouble. This is probably the league average when it comes to a defensive core this season. If you're below this level of quality you're in trouble. For Dallas, that means that things could go south quickly if things fall through on the back end. CjC Cobras appeared out of nowhere for S27 San Jose's crazy cup run but since then hasn't shown the same level of play. A 500k bid is a great deal for how much potential you feel he has. Yantzer is a similar story, seasons removed from a fantastic season. Odds are one of them has to be a good starter, right?

    Offense: B+ Defense: B Goalies: B

    [​IMG] Minnesota Wild

    1. kinklater 10 (LW) V RA 1S 0R $3,250,000
    2. o Crazy Legz o (LW) V RA 2S 1R $2,000,000
    3. ScottyWildthing (LW) V RA 3S 2R $1,000,000
    4. y Snowy (LW) V 2S 0R $500,000
    5. VVaGs82 O (C) V 1S 0R $0
    6. BullBreed333 (RW) V RA 2S 1R $750,000
    7. Gunwoat (RW) V RA 2S 1R $1,500,000
    8. SetoGucci (RW) V 3S 0R $500,000
    9. SouPerSaiyan (RW) V RA 2S 1R $2,500,000

    10. ICExCREAMxTRUCK GM (LD) V 1S 0R $0
    11. FUNGUSxAMONGUS (LD) V RA 1S 0R $500,000
    12. Allah In Chains (RD) A 1S 0R $500,000
    13. Globes (RD) V 3S 0R $500,000
    14. Melroses Mullet (RD) V 2S 0R $3,500,000
    15. Suter x 20 (RD) V 2S 0R $6,500,000

    16. JABB3R (G) V RA 1S 0R $500,000
    17. Winston Payne (G) V 2S 0R $1,750,000

    Spent: $25,750,000
    Cash: $9,250,000

    Wags has returned to ownership after a break which is great to see. Ice Cream Truck as a GM is also a good call, as both have many seasons of management experience. The bad news is that they really struck out in bidding when it came to a big forward find. Kinklater and Crazy legs are okay for depth, but neither is really a top liner. Scotty is a good pickup at 1 million if he's showing up and doesn't disappear. Who's their centers though? Wags will do for a 2nd/3rd C, Snowy is a winger, so you're going to have to move some poeple around. The RWs are looking like the rest of the core. Good depth, no top line. It's going to be tough to score when they get top defensive lines against them.

    Defensively they didn't strike out. Suter is a great choice to go along with Ice Cream Truck. Their 500k pickups are really good for the price and should perform on both bottom pairings. It's well build and it didn't take a huge amount of cap from them. Winston Payne in net is always a great choice and Jabber has been a Wags favorite for awhile. Although this group isn't going to stand out they're going to get the job done. The question really is about goal support.

    They also have the largest salary amount left after bidding. I am not sure about if they made any AHL pickups, but you would expect them to be the likely candidates for any bid moves this season in the trade weekends.

    Offense: C+ Defense: B Goalies: B+

    [​IMG] Nashville Predators

    1. JTavares l91l (LW) V RA 1S 0R $750,000
    2. M A S T E lR x (LW) V RA 1S 0R $1,500,000
    3. Twistafied (LW) V RA 3S 2R $500,000
    4. xJackz 71 GM (C) V 1S 0R $0
    5. l Bossy l x 22 AGM (C) V 2S 0R $750,000
    6. Gerbe x 42 (C) V RA 2S 1R $2,000,000
    7. m1st3r ped (C) V 2S 0R $750,000
    8. CaLL Me NiT (RW) V RA 1S 0R $5,500,000
    9. Chicago Liights (RW) V RA 1S 0R $500,000

    10. DUTCHLOVER44 (LD) V RA 1S 0R $1,750,000
    11. Jaw Ache (LD) V RA 2S 1R $1,500,000
    12. Terry No LOVE (LD) V RA 1S 0R $7,500,000
    13. Dieu Charlo (RD) V 3S 1R $2,500,000
    14. Sleeman Guy (RD) V RA 1S 0R $750,000
    15. T Jenx (RD) V RA 1S 0R $4,750,000

    16. DirtyJerrz O (G) V 1S 0R $0
    17. its Gallyy (G) V RA 1S 0R $1,500,000

    Spent: $32,500,000
    Cash: $2,500,000

    When I saw Jerrz take a team as a goalie owner there was immediate concern. As a prior goalie owner myself I know how difficult it can be. However he landed a great GM in Jackz and proceeded to kick ass in bidding with a well built team from back to front. The forward core is a mix of top line Frenchies in Master (a 1.5 million dollar steal), Jackz, and Nit with the depth being a list of good and cheap pickups. The top line will be something to keep an eye on and the depth lines should be able to get the job done.

    Terry Tor and T Jenx is a great top 2, but it came at a steep price as with most great top pairs. Jaw Ache and Dutch lover are both really cheap for the talent they bring and will dominate bottom lines. Charlo is also a great choice and will provide a lot of offensive opportunities while also keeping the puck out of the crease. Sleeman guy is the only question, but they do have cap space to upgrade. Gally has shown to be one of the best goalies in 19 so far, keep an eye out for him when the Vezina race heats up. Jerrz being a likely backup as an owner just shows how well the team is built. It also shows the natural disadvantage of goalies owning a team. You can get a 1.5 mil elite goaltender, but you're not getting many first line forwards at 1.5 million.

    Offense: B Defense: A Goalies: A-

    [​IMG] St. Louis Blues

    1. JJr O (LW) V 1S 0R $0
    2. Chislett 19 AGM (LW) V RA 1S 0R $5,250,000
    3. l1l Bones l3l (LW) V RA 1S 0R $9,000,000
    4. Prowsey8 (LW) V RA 1S 0R $1,000,000
    5. Lord x Finesse (C) V RA 2S 1R $750,000
    6. mR Hit DaT (C) V 3S 1R $8,000,000
    7. ThePhen0menaI1 (C) V RA 1S 0R $500,000
    8. The Gr8 Haxby GM (RW) V 1S 0R $0
    9. Canucks x 95 (RW) V RA 2S 1R $750,000

    10. Some Pylon (LD) V RA 1S 0R $500,000
    11. CryingJrdanFace (RD) V RA 1S 0R $500,000
    12. HandsLikeHans (RD) A RA 1S 0R $500,000
    13. Haunted Avocado (RD) V RA 1S 0R $500,000
    14. Maverxck (RD) V RA 2S 1R $500,000
    15. TBS x P1R4T3 (RD) V RA 2S 1R $500,000

    16. Back342 (G) V RA 1S 0R $500,000
    17. xIx Mac xIx (G) V RA 1S 0R $500,000

    Spent: $29,250,000
    Cash: $5,750,000

    This may be one of the weirdest lineups in the league. They are loaded with forward talent at expensive contracts. JJR, Chislett, Bones is one of the better LW linesups in the league. Hit Dat at center is a great choice as well as Lord Finesse. Phenomenal has been removed from the league for awhile, but if he can fill that 500k center role they're looking good. Haxby and Canucks on the right side is doable, but the question is how Prowsey will do on the right side as the likely candidate for a position change. Overall a team with plenty of forward talent.

    This is the definition of a 500k army. I don't really know any of them other than Avocado, and even then is he expected to be a top line d man? It just doesn't look pretty and this could be a real problem for the Blues going forward. What isn't a problem is the goaltending. Back342 always has good season even though he gets little mention and Mac is a prior Vezina winner who will have the time to get back into the swing of things in a likely backup split. Both at 500k, you can't go wrong with that. They'll likely be getting their fair share of pucks their way though.

    Offense: B+ Defense: C+ Goalies: B+

    [​IMG] Winnipeg Jets

    1. JuniorHawk16 O (LW) V 1S 0R $0
    2. Kollzy l12l (LW) DP RA 2S 1R $500,000
    3. OFs (LW) V RA 1S 0R $2,500,000
    4. Go Bar South23 AGM (C) A 2S 0R $2,000,000
    5. Cizikas x 53 (C) V 3S 1R $1,000,000
    6. OrockOnYoutube GM (RW) V 1S 0R $0
    7. Anthvass14 (RW) DP RA 2S 1R $1,000,000
    8. johnwaynee90 (RW) V RA 1S 0R $7,250,000
    9. SpenceDangles (RW) V RA 2S 1R $750,000

    10. BaBy FaCe McGe3 (LD) DP RA 2S 1R $500,000
    11. ST33LRAIN0341 (LD) V 2S 0R $500,000
    12. Tenacious RD (LD) V RA 1S 0R $5,000,000
    13. DCue79 (RD) DP RA 2S 1R $500,000
    14. GONGSH0W (RD) V RA 1S 0R $750,000
    15. x Neal x 18 x (RD) V RA 1S 0R $6,250,000

    16. Kernsy (G) V RA 1S 0R $1,250,000
    17. Smellykickbutt (G) V RA 2S 1R $500,000

    Spent: $30,250,000
    Cash: $4,750,000

    It's not a good start to your season when you're leaving your DPs on the roster for bidding and forgetting to send them down. They ultimately paid for it. OFs has never really been a top line forward, and I don't know who will out of that LW lineup. Bar South is his likely center partner, and the same question is still there. The only player who could even really scratch a first line is JohnWaynee and that 7.25 million dollar contract is one they will likely have to live with for the season. SpenceDangles is good at 750k and can hopefully make a good meme for when this team starts to sink.

    Neal and Tenacious are the top pair. That's about it. Gongshow is okay, Steel is also okay at best. Their bottom pair are unproven CHL players who were late draft choices. It does not look too promising, but if they were somehow late round gems then you got the makings of a good defense in front of what is 100% the best goaltending duo in the division and conference. Kernsy is one of if not the best out there and SmellyKickButt is a starter on most teams. For 1.75 this is a cheap and elite duo. They will likely need to stand on their heads for this team to have any chance at the playoffs.

    Offense: B- Defense: C+ Goalies: A


    *NOTE: I will be doing a 5th post to show my predictions for who makes the playoffs in the wild card as well as a BOLD cup finals prediction*

    1. :team8: Colorado Avalanche
    2. :team75: Chicago Blackhawks
    3. :team77: Nashville Predators
    4. :team9: Dallas Stars
    5. :team3: Saint Louis Blues
    6. :team30: Minnesota Wild
    7. :team391: Winnipeg Jets
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