On The Mic: Mem Cup Final Game 6 Highlights and Postgame 2020-09-03

LG On The Mic

  1. Zumeck

    I want to thank @TOP LINE TOM and @Charwiener for coming on the show and commentating on the game with me. Thanks to @Ir0n hAnds, x Blix 33, and @Sylvi Kid 5 for coming on the show and celebrating your win after the game.

    I just want to take this time to thank everyone for another memorable season. This was the first full season that I've been back doing media in a long time, and I enjoyed every minute of it. We even started a new brand this season in "LG On The Mic". I want to thank everyone who made an appearance on On The Mic all season long, and I want to thank the people that tuned in to both the podcasts and the game commentaries. The show would've been nothing without you guys. Thanks to @Schwifty7 and @SirMikeKnight for allowing me to make appearances on both No Thumbs and The Doghouse respectively. I had a blast being a part of those shows as well, and both of you guys have inspired me to do media once again. Finally, I want to give a huge congratulations to the Season 36 Memorial Cup Champions, the Tulsa Oilers! You guys proved me wrong all playoffs long and deserve all of the credit in the world. Good luck to you guys on the rest of your LG career.

    Here's to more memorable seasons and a better fucking Chel game!


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