1/3 S34 Review

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    This is just my opinion on how things are going in the League to begin Week 4. Still tons of virtual hockey left to play and many questions to answer!

    Going Above Expectations

    Washington Capitals

    The Capitals are currently sitting at 1st in the Metro, I was expecting this team to be good but the way they have been dominating games has been something special. They are currently leading the league with a +46 Goal Differential and sporting a 19-5-6 record. At this point in the season I do not think this is a fluke they are a deep team from top to bottom with minimum holes to address in the coming weeks leading to trade deadline. The best thing this team did so far was grabbing Pattelite who obviously put this team over the top. I expect them to be a serious contender for the Cup the rest of the way.

    Seattle Thunderbirds

    Like Washington, Seattle is sitting at the top of the Pacific and doesn’t seem to be slowing down. With a 1st time owner and gm at the helm and being an expansion team with minimum assets there was a real possibility this team might struggle but the Simple Hockey boys kept it simple and brought in a formula that the new worked and built a team around chemistry. They are sitting #2 in the league for goal differential with 42 and have a 19-6-5 record to show for it. The boys recently added Heroiism and acquired the #2 overall pick Kuzny to really round out this roster. With quite a few guys with Cup, playoff and biggie experience it is hard to look past this team as being one of the Cup Favorites.

    Not Living Up To Expectations/Most Likely To Turn It Around

    I was going to have a separate category for the teams most likely to turn it around and 2 of the teams I had pegged in this category were Detroit and San Jose. The 3rd team I had here was Boston(keep rolling I got faith in the boys)

    Detroit Redwings

    After bidding just about everyone was pegging Detroit as the Cup Favorite in the East and the best team in the Atlantic. They have been good, but they have also faced some struggles along the way. They are currently sitting 3rd in the Atlantic with 37 points but this is a team that is built for the Playoffs. I am sure they will get there and I am sure they will be a force once they get there.

    San Jose Sharks

    Like Detroit many people were expecting San Jose to be fighting for the top spot in a very tough Pacific Division. Although they are only 1 point out of a Playoff spot I was expecting them to have a little more success out of the gate. Personally I feel this team is too deep to miss the playoffs but there are also quality teams they are chasing. The Western Wild Card Race will be an exciting one to watch down the stretch.

    The Good Surprises

    Tampa Bay Lightning

    I was expecting this team to be hovering around the playoff race most likely being a bubble team but damn this team has made me bite my tongue and are doing a great job. They have been rolling 3 lines and winning on a nightly basis with quite a few compelling victories. The Bolts are currently sitting 1 point ahead of Toronto for 1st in the Atlantic Division and they don’t seem to be cooling down any time soon.

    Buffalo Sabres

    AT43 and BLK are an experienced management duo but being one of the last teams to fill a GM spot and some of the past seasons it was pretty much a consensus that this team was going to struggle. Buffalo is currently sitting in the final Wild Card spot on the east and are going to have to keep up the success throughout the season if they want to make the Playoffs. There are some quality teams chasing them but Buffalo deserves to be where they are and I am liking this teams chances more and more every week. PSA This is not a joke I am serious here keep up the good work.

    The Bad Surprises

    Columbus Blue Jackets

    Wags and ICT teams up again although they moved into the Metro. The last few seasons the duo has built some competitive teams and have been a perennial playoff squad. The Blue Jackets are currently sitting dead last in the East with an abysmal 22 points, 8-16-6 Record and a -31 Goal Differential. Its going to be tough for the boys to turn this ship around.

    Montreal Canadiens

    I was expecting Montreal to be battling for a Divisional Spot on the Atlantic but to mine and many other people around the leagues surprise they are sitting dead last in the Atlantic with 29 points. They have the veteran leadership and skill to turn it around and thankfully for them they are only 6 points out of a playoff spot. I expect them to turn it around but never a good thing when you are last in the Division even if we are only in week 4.

    The Good Expected

    All the Divisional Playoff Teams + Philly, Colorado and Vancouver.

    Pre Bidding these were all team you were expecting to be good and post bidding it was confirmed. The teams here all have had success in the past few seasons and have just continued to build off of it. I see very little changing with the Playoff Teams.

    The Not So Good But Expected

    Dallas Stars

    The owner quit, the bidding strategy wasn’t there. Relied too much on old names instead of fresh talent.

    Pittsburgh Penguins

    The team has been very top heavy since bidding and doesn’t have much depth throughout the lineup.

    Chicago Blackhawks

    Was to conservative in bidding, had the GM quit and just overall wasn’t a great team on paper.

    Minnesota Wild

    Awful Management team to begin the season, had a key component quit and not having free contracts worth the free spot has really hurt this team. Both Owner and GM are now gone and the current group has a mess that rivals Hiroshima to deal with.

    New York Rangers

    Devin is a great guy but has made a few too many blunders during his tenure to not be shocked they are tied for last place in the East. Adding Lou has helped make the team look better on paper but going into bidding without a GM has proven to be a difficult task to overcome.
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    I thought lowest points win?
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    Accurate description of the situation although Yargage is stepping up big time. Nice write up.
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    Smashville is tearing it up too
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