31 Teams in 31 Days (Carolina Hurricanes)

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Will Carolina make the playoffs

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    :team74:Carolina Hurricanes:team74:

    The Hurricanes had a complete management regime change after first year owner @jyeti15s and long time LG manager @Potsy44 who is taking his first season away from mgmt. on Xbox in it seems years. Jyeti had a pretty good run for his first season while compiling a ton of draft picks and making a real run at the playoffs, being eliminated on the very last day. For some reason he decided to step down and the league replaced him with veteran NHL player on xbox and psn in @Foote who is known as a dman but has won a cup as a fwd on the psn side. He was in search of a GM for awhile now and was somehow able to poach @Tendy from STL who was slated as the owner but decided to step down and join forces with Foote. Together they make a pretty strong mgmt. duo as Tendy is one of the top fwds in the game and has been for a very long time and foote has been a solid 1st/2nd line dman in the league over the years.

    Heading into bidding CAR almost wiped their NHL roster completely clean, which is pretty crazy considering the team missed playoffs by 1 point. They used both of their resigns on the long time club mates @Meestah Don and @daveydonuts522 which gave them some very good depth, even without their usual linemates @Soapy412 and @MingesaurusRex (aka PaulyChunks) and didn't call up any of the teams draft picks from last season. They sent all of them down and hired @Wickedly Moist to be their AHL GM who brought in @GiveMeDaPuck as AGM and theyre using a couple of those picks and have a number more in their TC. CAR did end up making 2 moves in trading for @Calgary Flames from BUF who was a stud in the AHL last season and filled in for @KEAPPS when he was banned during the playoff run and went an impressive 4-0 during that time and trading for @Doanxr from the cup champion MIN wild who was a key component in their success.

    With that being said, Carolina had some work to do heading into bidding, but it seems like they had a plan. They were able to sign a number of veteran guys, a couple of nice steals as well as bring in some psn guys.

    The team really mad a splash early winning the bid of @Raynor for just 3.5M which is an amazing contract if he is anything close to the player he was when he last played NHL consistently. Then a little later in bidding they were able to pick up one of the former greats and now PSN stud @Str8Syko__ aka Pindy at 7M which is what a top player should be paid and in comparison to some of these other FWD bids in bidding a top contract in the league. They signed both of them for 2 yrs and paired with Tendy might be the scariest game 7 FWD line in the league and gives them a fantastic core for the next 2 seasons. The rest of the FWD crew in bidding is a little suspect, they were able to pick up good cheap veteran depth in @DIXON l35l who was one of the best 3rd liners around on old gen but really fell off since then and then @D Jay ll who is coming off a bad season but the 2 prior seasons won 17+ games both times and for 750K is an awesome contract. They were then able to snag Breaky who has been one of the more consistent New Gen fwds and can fill in on any line but usually does most of his damage when paired with top players. Finally they were able to grab Malchesy who really hung around in bidding long which is unfortunate bc it really inflated his contract, which finally ended at 7M, which I would assume is bc they lost out on the other guys they were in on and ran out of money. However, Malchesky does have very good thumbs, he is just known for fucking off and quitting whenever he feels like it as he has quit and been removed multiple times in his LG career which is what makes the 7M bid very risky.

    On the defensive end they started out nice with @Foote free contract, the solid contract resign of @daveydonuts522 and the nice depth trade for @Doanxr giving them some nice 2nd/3rd line guys. In bidding they needed to fill out 3 D sports and were able to get @Yung Gren who bought out his 3 season ban AGAIN on a very nice contract at 4.5M and he is even better on D than he is on FWD which is scary. With the last 2 spots they were able to grab @G1NA 29 from the PSN side who is a Dman and FWD and has put up some solid numbers over there, but will be playing both leagues which will effect his availability. They rounded out the defense with AHL stud @LBFlag who was crucial in @Im4thLineWorthy cup run 2 seasons ago for WPG as an ECU and where he completely dominated the AHL going 23-3 before a somewhat down season last yr going 11-9-4 which probably allowed him to slip through NHL bidding on a nice 500K contract

    In net they could be strong but could also be shaky as they have a starter who hasnt played G in 7 seasons and a first time NHLer backing up. At starter they took a gamble on a former Vezina winner @Thamps who hasn't played G since his vezina winning S23 season, but from the club games I have played with and against him he looks like he still has it. I assume they will rely heavily on him as the starter and his 1M contract to play 5/6 every week. Behind Thamps, is newcomer to the NHL @TheCheetahlo 33 who is coming off an AHL cup and Harry Holmes award (Lowest GAA in the AHL) He went for a nice 500K and played a ton of games, the only concern could be that his AHL owners who made the jump to the NHL this season didn't put a bid on him.

    @Raynor @Str8Syko__ @Tendy
    @Malchesky @Calgary Flames @Breaky
    @DIXON l35l @D Jay ll @Meestah Don

    @Foote @Yung Gren
    @G1NA 29 @daveydonuts522
    @LBFlag @Doanxr

    @TheCheetahlo 33

    I would assume they spread their top line out a little bit but if they don't that line could easily win 24+ games. The team has great top end FWD talent, decent depth, very good depth on D and potential deadly 1,2 punch in net. The only questions are, how will they deploy the lines, how is the availability and can they keep Raynor, Gren and Malchesky interested, showing up and not causing turmoil amongst the team.Will tendy and Foote be able to put out the fires and keep this team clicking if things go wrong? They have a decent amount of extra cap to work with in 1.75M so there is room to make trades if needed. I think this team will be a playoff team in the east if things start off right.
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    Great write up Lou!
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    Attention to detail - love it. Like to see the approach pre-bidding too, because that kind of gets lost in translation... A lot of teams seemed to have done a total 180 from pre-bidding and preseason trades to post-bidding.
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