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    Coming into this season the forfeit procedure has been adjusted to become easier to understand and follow. Below is how the new forfeit system will work.

    • Official game time in the AHL is 8:30 PM - 9:30 PM - 10:30 PM. *all times are in EST*
    • Every scheduled game has a ten minute buffer from official game time until the game needs to start. That means teams have until 8:40 - 9:40 - 10:40 to gather their players into the dressing room and begin searching for their opponent.
    • "Additional time" no longer is needed to be requested. It is the responsibility of the team manager(s) to community with one another within the ten minute buffer to coordinate when the team will be searching.
    • A forfeit can be declared ANYTIME after and including eleven minutes past official game time.
      • *8:41 - 9:41 - 10:41 and beyond a forfeit is eligible to be taken.*
    • Players who are running late, CAN be ECU'd by their managers to prevent a forfeit being taken.
    Teams also have the ability to make an agreement to start the game late. A game starting anytime after the ten minute buffer listed above is considered late. There are some stipulations that MUST be followed in order to start a game late, those stipulations are listed below:

    • The team whom was running late, resulting in the game starting past the "ten minute mark from official game time" is required to start the game shorthanded; 5 on 3.
    • To start the game shorthanded 5-3 the follow process SHALL be followed:
      • Off the opening faceoff, the C will tie up allowing the RW to pick up the puck.
      • The RW will skate into his or her own zone and IMMEDIATELY take a "delay of game" penalty.
      • Off the face-off in the defensive end, the C will tie up again.
      • The LW will come into the face-off circle, grab the puck and IMMEDIATELY take a delay of game penalty.
      • Off the next face-off the game will resume.
      • The team that is being granted the power-play is recommended to NOT MOVE to ensure they are NOT in the way of their opponent trying to take penalties.
    There are a few situations whereby the league will not allow a forfeit being taken:

    • If the game starts late (after the 10 minute mark) and there is a lag-out OR a dressing room error resulting in the game lobby needing to be restarted. In this situation NEITHER TEAM is eligible to declare a forfeit win.
    • A forfeit CANNOT be taken after the "ten minutes past official game time" IF both teams are SEARCHING before or at the ten minute mark past official game time.
    It is strongly recommended that BOTH teams stream the game lobby prior to the game loading up to ensure their is video proof which would be required to be provided for forfeit disputes.

    A player who is being used as an ECU in a higher tier is NOT excused from being late! If the Player is running late ensure you find an ECU replace for said player to ensure your game starts on time!

    Any questions in regards to the new forfeit rules can be directed to your team manager as well as league staff.
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