An LG ESHL dating profile: FA looking for true team love

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    I enjoy long skates on the ice, watching game tape highlights, browsing my stats page, and the occasional drop in game with chatbox randoms. My ideal night involves reading a playbook and taking a hot soapy shower in the lockerroom.

    My coaches say I’m trustworthy, passionate, and useful in all situations. I’d describe myself as someone who is ready to drop the gloves and take five for my mates.

    My biggest pet peeves are refs, puckhogs, and Doc Emricks voice

    The racier side of me likes to use his silky soft hands; and when it’s getting physical I don’t mind busting out my big D ;)

    Looking for a group of 5 guys that also like to travel to other arenas and hear the sounds of a goal horn in the distance.
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