Article I : League Structure

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    Article I : League Structure


    Table of Contents

    Section 1 : Commissioner’s Staff

    ----------- : 1.1 Commissioner

    ---------------------- : 1.1.1 Hearing of Constitutional Amendment

    ---------------------- : 1.1.2 Official Announcements

    ---------------------- : 1.1.3 Executive Orders

    ---------------------- : 1.1.4 Staff Training

    ---------------------- : 1.1.5 Role

    ----------- : 1.2 Deputy Commissioner

    ---------------------- : 1.2.1 Management Assistance

    ---------------------- : 1.2.2 Procedural Enforcement

    ---------------------- : 1.2.3 Management Training

    ---------------------- : 1.2.4 Role

    ----------- : 1.3 Commissioner’s Staff Vote

    Section 2 : Board of Governors

    ---------------------- : 2.1 Head Board of Governor

    ---------------------- : 2.2 Board of Governor

    ---------------------- : 2.3 Suspensions

    ---------------------- : 2.4 BoG Vote

    ---------------------- : 2.5 Management Training

    ---------------------- : 2.6 Role

    ---------------------- : 2.7 BoG Selection

    Section 3 : Players Association

    ----------- : 3.1 PA President

    ----------- : 3.2 PA Vice President

    ----------- : 3.3 PA Representatives

    ----------- : 3.4 Appointing Staff

    ----------- : 3.5 Quitting Players Association Staff Mid Season

    ----------- : 3.6 Player Education

    ----------- : 3.7 Player Appeals

    Section 4 : Owners

    ----------- : 4.1 Rosters

    ----------- : 4.2 Compliance

    ----------- : 4.3 Accountability

    ----------- : 4.4 Management

    ----------- : 4.5 Management Office

    ----------- : 4.6 Filing Management Appeals

    ----------- : 4.7 Owner's Vote

    ----------- : 4.8 Owner Selection

    ----------- : 4.9 Owner Commitment

    ----------- : 4.10 Role

    Section 5 : Management

    ----------- : 5.1 Management

    ----------- : 5.2 Management Contracts

    ----------- : 5.3 Management Intervention

    ----------- : 5.4 Management Removal

    ----------- : 5.5 Management Criteria


    Section 1 : Commissioner's Office

    Commissioner’s Staff is identified by the Orange color.

    1.1 : Commissioner

    The Commissioner of LGFA oversees both LGFA Xbox and LGFA PSN. If a situation occurs that is not outlined by any article in the constitution, the Commissioner has the ability to make a ruling that is in the best interest of the League. This ruling is made by consulting his Staff, reviewing the community’s opinion, reviewing past practices, and using best judgment to ensure the integrity and purpose of the League is upheld. The Commissioner has the final say on these matters.

    1.1.1 : Hearing of Constitutional Amendment

    The Commissioner is allowed to call a Hearing of Constitutional Amendment. This is a meeting to change the Constitution DURING the Season, where the Commissioner’s Staff, Owners, and Players Association will each have one vote to decide any changes. Please see Article III --Legislative Process.

    1.1.2 : Official Announcements

    The Commissioner will be responsible for ALL public relations on behalf of the entire League Staff. He is the only member allowed to make declarations, give public updates, interviews, or comment on any Hearings, Suspensions, or Amendments.

    He may dictate this responsibility to another staff member as he sees fit but only at his discretion. He is speaking on behalf of the League, and will be clearly outlining that he is doing so.

    1.1.3 : Executive Orders

    The Commissioner has certain rights to order other Staff Members, Owners, Management, or Players, to perform a task, or uphold a standard. This can only be done in situations where the Player has been given a role that requires a commitment past just playing in the games.

    Examples are Staff Roles, PA Roles, Owners, Management, or being a Committee Member. He can give no more punishment than the firing from that role, unless it is otherwise stated in the Article VII: The Rule Book.

    1.1.4 : Staff Training

    The Commissioner has the responsibility to make sure his Staff are well trained and has superb knowledge of our Constitution and Rules. He must make sure they know our procedures inside and out.

    He will also conduct meetings at least once a week to go over any issues, and reinforce our way of doing things. This will be a good way to keep everyone in the loop and also work toward goals more effectively.

    1.1.5 : Role

    The role of the Commissioner is to be the League Planner and organize the different sections of the League that make it operate.

    Secondly, he/she should be the league visionary working on ways to always improve while growing the League.

    Thirdly, he/she should be the League’s voice, always updating and informing the League.

    1.2 : Deputy Commissioners

    1.2.1 : Management Assistance

    The Deputy Commissioners are to help Owners and Management and answer their questions when necessary. This should be done only in the forums, via private message, or in an XBOX Live Party. This cannot be done during game times unless it is an Act of God (ie. EA Servers Down, Site Down, Storms, or Events) or an issue not in the Constitution.

    Staff is not supposed to answer routine questions that can be answered or they should know. They are there to assist Management in finding the answers.

    1.2.2 : Procedural Enforcement

    The Deputy Commissioners may suspend Management when they violate a Management Rule, not a Player Rule. They may only make rulings off of formal complaints from the LG Action Center that are based off of Article VII: Game Night Procedures.

    1.2.3 : Role

    The Deputy Commissioners are responsible for monitoring, aiding, and disciplining Management, as well as providing assistance to the Commissioner.

    The Deputy Commissioners may be appointed special tasks by the Commissioner to help run the league, like Committee Work or Site Work.

    1.3 : Commissioner’s Staff Vote

    The Deputy Commissioner will only vote in the need of a tie between the BOGs voting process. The Commissioner may also request the Deputy to vote in a voting process.

    *DISCLAIMER* A Deputy Commissioner on a team that the team is being questions about are NOT allowed to vote due to a possible conflict of interest.


    Section 2 : Board of Governors

    The Board of Governors will be identified by the color "Pink".

    2.1 : Head Board of Governor

    The Head Board of Governor is to oversee all communications between BoGs. He/She is allowed to call meetings when they see it fit. The Head Board of Governor's main purpose is to distribute work between themselves and the other BoGs and to ensure all tasks are being completed in an efficient amount of time.

    2.2 : Board of Governors

    The Board of Governors are to work with the Head BoG on what tasks are to be completed by who. The BOGs approve trades, complete rulings in the action center, and any task that deals with a roster transaction.

    2.3 : Suspensions

    The Board of Governors have the ability to suspend players when the evidence is brought to them via our complaint system. They must make their rulings based on the facts and evidence presented and on how they relate to Article VII: The Rule Book.

    2.4 : Board of Governor's Vote

    Each BoG is entitled to one vote. If an agreement can not be made, the deciding vote will go to the Deputy Commissioner.

    *DISCLAIMER* BOGs on a team that the team is being questions about are NOT allowed to vote due to a possible conflict of interest.

    2.5 : Role

    The Board of Governors (BoG) is responsible for providing rulings on Player infractions based off of Article VII: The Rule Book. They are not responsible for seeking or investigating those issues. Their role is to judge the Infractions and determine a course of action as outlined in the articles of the Constitution.

    The Board of Governors may be appointed special tasks to help run the league, like Committee Work or Site Work, by the Commissioner.

    2.6 : BoG Selections

    The Board of Govenors will be selected by the Head BoG. They will be nominated and then voted on by the Staff. They must pass the interview stage.


    Section 3 : Players Association

    The Player's Association Staff will be identified by the color "Purple" on The Players Association Staff is responsible for overseeing player rights, player complaints, and player related conduct. The Players Association Staff will be first contact for the aforementioned. The Commissioner Staff & BOGs will directly communicate with the Player Association staff on these issues.

    The Players Association Staff is responsible for educating players on their rights as well as league rules that pertain to players.

    The Players Association will consist of the President, Vice President, and 2 PA Representatives.

    The amount of PA Representatives can scale from season to season.

    3.1 : PA President

    The PA President is a staff member that works for the players of the community.

    3.2 : PA Vice President

    The PA Vice President is a staff member that works directly with the PA President assisting in Player Association Duties.

    3.3 : PA Representatives

    The PA Representatives work directly with the PA President and PA Vice President with assisting their efforts to assist players.

    3.4 Appointing Player Association Staff

    LGFA members who are interested in becoming a part of the Players Association will fill out a staff application at the beginning of the season. Players Association President will be appointed by the Commissioner Staff & BOGS. The PA President is in charge of nominating a PA Vice President that will be confirmed by the Commissioner's staff and BOGS. The PA President and Vice President are responsible for nominating PA Representatives that will be confirmed by the Commissioner's staff and BOGS.

    3.5 Quitting Players Association Staff Mid Season

    If any PA Staff gets removed or steps down, the President has the right to appoint another Player. Removal from PA will result in a two season ban as well as forfeiting their role as a player in LGFA. In the case that the President is removed or steps down, the Commissioner's Staff and BOGS will appoint an interim PA President to work with the PA Staff.

    3.6 : Player Education

    The PA President, with help from the PA Vice President and Representatives are responsible for teaching players their rules and rights, commitment to the players team, and league etiquette. The Players Association can be reached on or via the LGFA Community Discord Server. A ticket can be made in #ticket-submission channel to reach the Players Association directly.

    3.7 : Player Appeals

    The Players Association is responsible for reviewing and finalizing player appeals.


    Section 4 : Owners

    4.1 : Roster Transactions

    Owners are to oversee all roster transactions made by each Manager in their organization. No one manager is more important than another. It is important, prior to the season starting, that Owners sit down with all of their management and explain what is expected of each person in management and how he wants his transactions to happen.

    4.2 : Compliance

    Owners must follow the league's policies and procedures at all times. They must promote the league standards to all of their players, and keep their teams playing within the league's rules. This includes promoting and ensuring that their management teams are properly following those same policies and procedures. During investigations, Owners must be compliant by being honest and open to Staff questions. Not being compliant could result in punishment if it is deemed so as per Article VII: The Rule Book.

    4.3 : Accountability

    Owners are responsible for every player in their organization, and may be held accountable for any of their player's infractions. They may run their team how they see fit, but must do so within League guidelines. If found to have multiple violations within his organization, the Owner may be disciplined as per Article VII: The Rule Book.

    4.4 : Management

    Owners are responsible for selecting and/or replacing management and submitting those selections for League approval based on the Management Criteria in Article I, Section 5.5. An Owner may fire a Manager by submitting evidence of him not fulfilling his duties as Management. This will be sent to the Commissioner’s Staff for approval.

    4.5 : Management Office

    Owners will have access to this section. It is for discussion of topics and issues, and for easy communication with the Commissioner’s Staff. When an Owner has an opinion regarding a league issue or a suggestion for improvement, it will be heard here. This is where they will conduct their Owner votes.

    This sub forum can be found below the chat box and named "LGFA - Management Forum"

    4.6 : Filing Management Appeals

    The Owner may appeal a Management violation ruling made against themselves or their Management through the Action Center. The Commissioner's Staff may then call for an appeal vote with the Board of Governors and PA President if needed. Each position gets 1 vote.

    4.7 : Owner's Vote

    Owners will have a vote in Constitutional Amendment Hearings or Offseason Constitutional Changes. They will count as one vote (majority) in matters involving adding, removing or editing certain sections of the Constitution. They will hold these in a poll in the Owner’s Boardroom.

    4.8 : Owner Selections

    Owners will be selected by the Commissioner's Office. They will be selected based on experience, and the interview process.

    During the off season, if a player under contract for next season is removed from a roster, that team will be compensated based on a formula. This formula will be the number of seasons left to the amount of contract. It'll be worked into a percentage.


    A player signed a 3 Season Deal at $8,000,000. You would divide 8,000,000 by 3 and would get 2.66. You would round up to the nearest 250k increment which would be $2,750,000 per season. The numbers below is what the team would get based on what stage of the contract that player is in.

    3 Seasons Remaining : $8,000,000

    2 Seasons Remaining : $5,500,000

    1 Seasons Remaining : $2,750,000

    0 Seasons Remaining : $0

    *DISCLAIMER* If a player is removed during the season to take Ownership of another team that had an owner quit, this formula will be followed. If the Owner would prefer a player from the other team and the new owner agrees to these terms, that option may be followed as well.

    4.9 : Owner Commitment

    Ownership is currently at a one season commitment. Any owner who steps down after accepting the offer to become an owner will be issued a 3 Season Ban. The ban will be in accordance with LG's Quitting Policy. All management removals are 3 Seasons.

    4.10 : Role

    These members run, manage, and guide their organization to victory. They have the power to make any decision on their team, from setting lines, taking stats, and running strategies.

    The Owner is responsible for the overall well being of all their players.

    They must ensure all their teams are being run correctly by Management, and that they all have a good way to communicate with each other.

    In the end, the Owner is responsible for having all of his teams run properly. He/She should be the first person to jump in and fix a problem on one of his/her teams, as he/she is ultimately responsible for every team in his/her Organization.


    Section 5 : Management

    5.1 : Management

    Managers are responsible for the day to day management of their teams.

    They may also be given additional tasks from their Owner as well. This may include scheduling, setting lineups, completing stats, and any roster movement.

    Manager Positions can be selected at any time during a season. It's recommended that managers are assigned prior to bidding. If an owner assigns a manager after winning a player in bidding, that player keeps their contract.

    5.2 : Management Contracts

    Managers are selected prior to the bidding session beginning, and will have a salary of 0 and a contract of one year. If they step down/are removed from management, they will not be eligible to finish the season as a player and will receive a 3 season ban. If a player is promoted to Manager during the season, their contract will be reset to no contract.

    5.3 League Intervention

    If a manager seeks to take over another team in the league while serving as a manager on an already existing team, both that manager and previous owner would work out a compensation deal. The Commissioner's Staff would also get involved to ensure the best outcome will happen to benefit the league. Compensation will typically be a player or cash from the other team that the manager is going to go become Owner of.

    5.4 : Management Removal

    When Management is not fulfilling their commitment or duties, their Owner or Staff have the right to remove them from the team. After such removal, the Owner has the responsibility to fill the vacant Management spot.

    The Owner/Staff must provide evidence showing that Management is not fulfilling their duties or commitment.

    An Owner wishing to remove Management must submit a case for removal to the Commissioner’s Staff.

    When a player in management is removed or steps down, they will receive a 3 season ban per Article VII : The Rule Book, Section 4.5 Quitting the Team and/or League.

    The Commissioner’s Staff may propose the removal of Management for issues of conduct, breach of rules or procedures, failure to fulfill their commitment or meet expectations.

    5.5 : Management Criteria

    Owners may only select Management that is not under contract, or that they have acquired the rights to via transfers.

    Management must meet a required standard for selection:

    1. Currently not serving a ban

    2. No previous infractions that would have them on the no management list

    * The Commissioners office may edit and change these rules at any time under the advisement of a Rules Committee consisting of at least 2 owners. These two owners will be appointed by staff and will communicate on behalf of all owners. The Rules Committee is defined as all staff members, Two owners, and the Player's Association President if there is a Player's Association. All rule changes will be voted on by the Rules Committee.
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