Article IV : Scheduling Process

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    Article IV : Scheduling Process


    Table of Contents

    Section 1 : Schedule Breakdown

    ----------- : 1.1 LGFA Schedule

    ---------------- : 1.1.1 Season Schedule

    ---------------- : 1.1.2 Cup Schedule

    ----------- : 1.2 LGFA Games

    Section 2 : Weekly Scheduling Rules

    ----------- : 2.1 Player Availability

    ----------- : 2.2 Deadlines

    ----------- : 2.3 Scheduling Restrictions

    ---------------------- : 2.3.1 Positions

    ---------------------- : 2.3.2 Forfeits

    Section 3 : Reschedules/Replays/Forfeits

    ----------- : 3.1 Reschedules

    ----------- : 3.2 Reschedule Deadline

    ----------- : 3.3 Forfeits

    ---------------------- : 3.3.1 Cup Forfeits

    Section 4 : Tie Breakers


    Section 1 : Schedule Breakdown

    1.1 : LGFA Schedule

    1.1.1 : Season Schedule

    Each team will play each other in their respective leagues based on the amount of teams in the league.

    1.1.2 : Cup Schedule

    All league teams will be divided into groups.

    Cup games will be played every Tuesday

    Top teams advance to the knockout stage. That number is determined based on the amount of teams in each group.

    1.2 : LGFA Games

    *All official league times are displayed as Eastern Standard Time.

    Sunday : 9:00pm and 9:30pm /// 8:00 and 8:30 for PSN

    Monday : 8:00pm and 8:30pm /// 8:00 and 8:30 for PSN

    Tuesday : 8:00pm and 8:30pm /// 8:00 and 8:30 for PSN

    For Cup Games: If the score is tied after both legs have completed, the team with more away goals wins. If both teams have the same amount of away goals, they will play in a 3rd Golden Goal game immediately following the second leg. First team to score wins. The team who hosted the second leg game will host the Golden Goal game. If more then one Golden Goal game is needed teams will take turns alternating home and away until there is a winner.


    Section 2 : Weekly Scheduling Procedures

    2.1 : Player Availability

    Availability threads are generated each week in the team locker rooms on Thursday, prior to the week of play.

    Players are required to post their availability each week in that thread. This is done by selecting your position for the games you're available for. Management may require you to give them your availability through another form of communication.

    2.2 : Deadlines

    Players have until 5 PM Sunday, each week, to submit their availability for the upcoming week. If not submitted, management may schedule you for which games they’d like.

    Management is required to have their team's lineup posted by the start of that game’s start time. If the time has passed and the lineup is not submitted, a complaint may be submitted. Best practice is to have your whole week lineup done before the start of the week.

    2.3 : Scheduling Restrictions

    2.3.1 : Positions

    Players may play in any position their management seems fit, there is no position lock. However all main roster players must be scheduled and have the opportunity to play in a minimum of 2 league games per week. This is to ensure everyone has a chance to play in all matches equally.

    There is no maximum number for games played each week (Training Camp players can play up to a maximum of 2 games per week). If a player is unable to make his scheduled game, management is then allowed to replace that player with another roster player within their organization that is willing to play. This is to try and reduce the amount of forfeits within the league.

    2.3.2 : Forfeits

    If there is a forfeit, the lineups for those games are locked. You may not substitute players in and out of forfeit games.


    Section 3 : Reschedules/Replays/Forfeits

    3.1 : Reschedules

    The League will only reschedule games under the following circumstances :

    - The LGFA Staff issues a statement that ALL games will be rescheduled (minus any games that have already been played).

    - Both Owners submit proof through the action center as to why the game should be rescheduled. The BOGs have the right to approve or deny reschedules.

    - An infraction occurred during the game in which the Board of Governors issue a replayed game.

    - Acts of God.

    3.2 : Reschedule Deadline

    LGFA Staff will determine a rescheduled date for instances where ALL games are impacted by an LGFA Staff statement.

    For individual instances where both Owners submit proof to the BOG and a ruling has been made, a replay will be scheduled for a date that is mutually decided between both owners/management by no later than a week after the original scheduled time of that game.

    *DISCLAIMER* If owners must reschedule and can't decide on a date, the Board of Governors will decide on an appropriate date and time.

    3.3 : Forfeits

    Forfeits are not something that the LGFA encourages but some times are deemed as necessary. Claiming a forfeit must be submitted into the action center for BoG approval.

    Criteria for Forfeits:

    - A team can’t meet the minimum requirements as specified in Article VII : The Rule Book, Section 3.2 Game Play by the allotted time as specified in Article VII : The Rule Book, Section 3.1.2 Pre-Game Timing

    - A team has not communicated by the automatic 5 minute grace period and is over the time limit as specified in Article VII : The Rule Book, Section 3.1.2 Pre-Game Timing.

    The Procedure for a forfeit is as follows :

    - Players are not to be subbed in or out of the game.

    - No Player stats are to be recorded. All players are to be removed from the stats of the forfeit game.

    - The only stat that will be recorded is 3-0 for the score.

    3.3.1 Cup Forfeits

    If a team forfeits the first game of a cup knockout, the opposition team will receive a 3-0 FF result for the 1st game of a cup knockout match.

    The winning team is not allowed to forfeit their second game to avoid any rule manipulation.


    Section 4 : Tie Breakers

    In situations where more than one team has the same amount of points for any standing result (League Games, Cup Games, Etc...), the following will be the determining factor in who would place higher in the standings or advance out of a group stage in cup games.

    Tie Breaker Criteria (In order of determination) :

    1. Head-to-Head, total points

    2. Goal Differential - Head-to-Head Games

    3. Goal Differential - All League Games

    4. Goals - All League Games

    5. Sudden Death Game(s)

    * The Commissioners office may edit and change these rules at any time under the advisement of a Rules Committee consisting of at least 2 owners. These two owners will be appointed by staff and will communicate on behalf of all owners. The Rules Committee is defined as all staff members, Two owners, and the Player's Association President if there is a Player's Association. All rule changes will be voted on by the Rules Committee.
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