Article V : Rosters and Transactions

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    Article V : Rosters and Transactions


    Table of Contents

    Section 1 : Roster Breakdown

    ----------- : 1.1 Restrictions

    ----------- : 1.2 Position Restrictions

    ----------- : 1.3 Staff as a Player Restriction

    Section 2 : Retirement

    ----------- : 2.1 Unretirement

    Section 3 : Seasonal Bans

    ----------- : 3.1 Seasonal Ban Requirements

    ----------- : 3.2 Seasonal Ban Punishments

    ----------- : 3.3 Seasonal Ban Appeal

    Section 4 : Player Status Definitions

    ----------- : 4.1 Veteran (V)

    ----------- : 4.2 Random Veterans (RV)

    ----------- : 4.3 : Prospects (P)

    ----------- : 4.4: Reserve/Training Camp Players

    Section 5:: Organizational Transactions

    ----------- : 5.1 Budget

    ----------- : 5.2 Exceeding the Budget

    ----------- : 5.3 What Counts Against the Budget

    ----------- : 5.4 What Adds to the Transfer Budget

    ----------- : 5.5: Budget Sharing Program

    Section 6 : Free Agent Bidding

    Section 7 : Late Signups

    ----------- : 7.1 : Distribution of Late Signups

    ----------- : 7.2 : Distribution of Remaining Players

    Section 8 : Player Contracts

    ----------- : 8.1 : Contract Distribution

    ----------- : 8.2 : Contract Restrictions

    ----------- : 8.3 : 16 Man Roster Contracts

    ----------- : 8.4 : Contract Extensions (Resigns)

    ----------- : 8.5 : Contract Extension Restrictions

    Section 9 : Transactions

    ----------- : 9.1 Release Claim (Waivers)

    ---------------------- : 9.1.1 Time Frame

    ---------------------- : 9.1.2 Exemptions

    ---------------------- : 9.1.3 Procedure

    ---------------------- : 9.1.4 Restrictions

    ----------- : 9.2 : The Manley Rule (Waiving a manager)

    ----------- : 9.3 : Transfer Request Waiver Cash Compensation

    ----------- : 9.4 IR (Injured Reserve)

    ----------- : 9.5 Permanent Call Up

    ----------- : 9.6 Loans

    Section 10 : Transfers

    ----------- : 10.1 Deadlines

    ----------- : 10.2 Transfer Submissions

    ----------- : 10.3 Transfer Compensation

    ----------- : 10.4 Roster Space and Transactions

    ----------- : 10.5 Transfer Deadline

    ----------- : 10.6 : Transfer Restriction

    Section 11 : Money Allocation

    ------------ : 11.1 Season End Rewards

    ------------ : 11.1.1 Standings

    ------------ : 11.1.2 Cups

    ------------ : 11.2 Attendance Rewards

    ------------ : 11.3 Reimbursement


    Section 1 : Roster Breakdown

    1.1 : Restrictions

    Each team is to have 16 players on their roster (managers included).

    If a team acquires a Player(s) which results in a number below or exceeding the 16 roster player requirement, appropriate roster moves must be made prior to the next scheduled game. Failure to have a legal roster will result in:

    1st Offense - Forfeit

    2nd Offense - Forfeit and Owner suspension

    3rd Offense - Forfeit, Owner suspension, $5,000,000 fine, and a meeting with staff

    1.2 : Position Restrictions

    There are no position restrictions.

    1.3 : Staff as a Player Restriction

    To avoid situations where there are not enough eligible voters on an issue, the following restrictions apply to the numbers of LGFA staff within your team.

    You may only acquire:

    Two LGFA Staff members per team. Staff positions include LGFA Commissioner, Deputy Commissioner, Head BOG, and BOGs.

    Two Players Association Staff members per team. The Players Association Staff includes the PA President, PA Vice President, and PA Representatives.

    You can have at a maximum two League Staff members and two Players Association Staff members per team.

    If a team has the maximum allotted Staff, the team is not permitted to acquire another, by any means, until they have reduced the number of Staff to below the provided limit.

    DISCLAIMER If a team has two staff members on their team, and a player on their roster is appointed staff mid season, that team does NOT have to make roster changes.


    Section 2 : Retirement

    If a Player chooses to retire, they may do so only in the off season. Retiring does not negate a Player's contract, but will continue to run concurrently through the seasons that the contract will have progress to.

    2.1: Unretirement

    Players under contract can only unretire in the off season. However, they will return to the team that they were under contract, if it applies.


    Section 3 : Seasonal Bans

    3.1 : Seasonal Ban Requirements

    Players can miss scheduled games as long as they notify their management in a timely manner to allow them to be replaced. Owners/Management may only Ban a Player for inactivity.

    Inactivity is defined as either:

    1. A Player not providing a response to their manager/ownership group within 72 hours of an attempted communication.

    2. A message on Xbox Live, PSN message, Discord,, or any form of communication from the Player stating their intention to not play anymore or quitting the team/league.

    Commissioner Staff/Site Staff : Have the ability to process bans for Inactivity. This can be done at their discretion with sufficient evidence.

    3.2 : Seasonal Ban Punishment

    Bans are done in a per season punishment system. The punishment is from the time of the ban, until the beginning of the next season. A ban that comes within the last two weeks of the season will result in a one season punishment, beginning at the start of the next season.

    3.3 : Seasonal Ban Appeal

    A Player has two weeks from the time they are removed from the league to appeal their removal.

    To make an appeal, the Commissioner, and the LGFAPA are to be notified via PM.

    A successful appeal will result in 1 of the following chosen by staff:

    1. The Player returns to his previous team after the end of the season, based on a returning contract situation.

    2. A Player is eligible to sign up for the following season.

    3. Staff will decide if an alternative route is needed to get the player back into the league.


    Section 4 : Player Status Definitions

    4.1 : Veteran (V)

    A Veteran is any player that went through bidding (won/randomly assigned after bidding) who has 15 or more games played in the LGFA.

    Veterans have no limit on the amount of games they can play in a season if they are on a team's 16 man roster.

    4.2 : Random Veterans (RV)

    A Random Veteran is any player with 15 games or more that sign up after Bidding.

    Random Veterans will be limited to two games per week and are NOT call up eligible. If a Random Veteran is moved from TC roster to the main roster, please consult Article VII : The Rule Book Section 4.6 : Ineligible Player

    4.3 : Prospects (P)

    A Prospect is any player that has played less than 15 games in the LGFA.

    4.4: Reserve/Training Camp Players

    TC's can play a maximum of 2 games per week. Due to scheduling during any particular week, if there is an additional game, all TCs can play 1 additional game.

    Ex. A normal week would be 2/6. Weeks with 7 games would allow TC's to be 3/7

    *If a player starts as a Prospect for the season, they will remain in that status until next season. These statuses are only updated before the season begins.*


    Section 5 : Organizational Transactions

    5.1 : Transfer Budget

    All brand new teams start with the same amount of transfer budget which is then deducted throughout bidding, fines, and transfers and added to through rewards and transfers. The starting budget for new or reset teams will be $45,000,000. If an owner is removed mid-season the current transfer budget that was accumulated will stay within the team. At the end of the season, the new owner will have a couple options on how to proceed:

    1. Keep the current roster and budget.

    2. Reset the team roster and budget to $45,000,000.

    3. Decide to not take over ownership and forfeit the ownership spot for another player from the team to take over. In the event that nobody from the team wants to take over, the team will be dissolved.

    5.2 : Exceeding the Budget

    No team will be permitted to go into negative transfer funds during game times. If a team goes into negative transfer funds while the trade window is open, they have one week from the fine to gather the cash for the fine. Failure to get the funds for a fine will result in escalation to the next infraction (3rd offense : Two game suspension to the owner from Article VII : The Rule Book, Section 6.5 : Management Infraction System). If a team goes into negative transfer funds while the transfer window is closed, they will be escalated to the next non fine related punishment on the punishment list in Article VII : The rule Book Section 6.5 : Management Infraction System.

    5.3: What Counts Against the Budget

    - Any money used up in bidding is subtracted from the transfer budget.

    - When giving money during a transfer

    - Fines

    5.4: What Adds to the Transfer Budget

    - Any money received from another team during a transfer

    - League, Cup, and standing payouts

    - No Forfeit payout

    - Retirement reimbursement

    - Reimbursement for a player who takes ownership of another team while already on contract

    5.5: Budget Sharing Program

    The Budget Sharing Program is a program that is designed to give extra incentive to Owners and teams to continue their team to the next season. The teams that qualify for the Budget Sharing Program will be teams 3 through last who decide to return the next season. The Season ending budget from the prior season of teams that fold or reset as well as any fines collected from that season will be put into a pool of money. This money will be the pool for the Budget Sharing Program. Teams 3 through last will have this pool of money split evenly. Money will be rounded down to the nearest 250k.


    Sharing pool:


    Returning teams 3 through last: 6

    Returning teams pool: $6,000,000


    Section 6: Free Agent Bidding

    It is management's responsibility to ensure their roster is 100% accurate prior to bidding. If there is an error in your team's situation, please inform the LGFA Staff immediately for possible correction.

    It is an Owner responsibility to ensure all bids placed are accurate before confirming them. If an owner wishes to have their management place bids, a PM must be sent on via a PM to the league's staff.

    Teams will enter bidding with a number of slots and available budget to spend based on the maximum allowed, minus the totals of their current roster. Teams are not allowed to bid on players that would potentially put them over the roster limit for any position.

    First Team:

    - The minimum bid for a player on a main roster is $500,000.

    - The minimum bid increment for a player is $250,000.

    - Once a bid on a player has stood for 8 hours with no change, the player’s bid will expire, and they will be won by that team.

    - All teams must fill their rosters prior to the end of bidding. Please refer to Section 1.1 for roster restrictions.

    *Disclaimer: Please ensure you the owner/manager have been in contact with the free agent player you have won prior to bidding ensuring availability, position, play style, etc. are up to your liking before winning them in bidding. All contact with the player(s) must abide by Section 5.8 and 6.5 of Article VII : The Rule Book.


    Section 7 : Late Sign Ups

    7.1 : Late Sign Ups

    All individuals that sign up past the start time for bidding are considered late sign ups. Refer to Article V : Rosters and Transactions, Section 4 : Player Status Definitions for clarity on your playing eligibility if you sign up late.

    7.2 : Distribution of Remaining Players

    Remaining players will be randomly assigned to teams once all contracts are completed.

    Players who sign up over the course of the season once the season has started will be randomly assigned to teams every Friday night.

    It is at the discretion of Staff to require the needs for Late Signups to be in the league.


    Section 8 : Player Contracts

    Player Contracts are mandated by the league. When a player is won through bidding, the league requires a certain number of contract years to be assigned. The number of contract years assigned to each player is at the discretion of management. A player can refuse or accept a 2 or 3 season contract offer sent via the LGFA contract system.

    8.1 : Contract Distribution

    In order to determine how many contracts a team gets, the LGFA will be using the following formula:

    Players won in bidding x 2 / 1.4 + Resigns Not Used (applies only to returning teams)

    Example - Brand New Team / Reset Team

    If a team wins 13 players in bidding. It would look like this:

    13 x 2 = 26

    26 / 1.4 = 18.57142....

    18.5 rounded up is 19 contract seasons.

    Example - Returning Team

    If a team wins 10 players in bidding, it would look like this:

    10 x 2 = 20

    20 / 1.4 = 14.2857

    14.2857 rounded would be 14 contract seasons

    If a returning team used 1 or No resigns out of 2, they would add that number at the end. So if they didn't resign anyone (using the Returning team example above), it would be 14 + 2 = 16 total contract years.

    This would allow the team to assign 16 years to their players won through bidding. This would include one season deals, and teams can offer up to (does not need to use all of them) 8 extra contract years.

    8.2 : Contract Restrictions

    The minimum contract term for a player is 1 season.

    The maximum contract term for a player is 3 seasons.

    8.3 : 16 Man Roster Contracts

    Players on the 16 man roster will have a required number of contract seasons assigned based on a scale dependent on the number of roster spots filled through bidding. This must be done by the beginning of the season.

    8.4 : Contract Extensions (Resigns)

    A contract extension is an additional season that will be added onto an expiring player's contract. You may only offer this extension, if you are a returning team and only in the off-season. The player may choose to decline this re-sign offer as well.

    Management may offer up to 2 extensions (resigns) at the end of the season. 1 additional season a player.

    They must contact the player they wish to extend, and receive an acceptance notification to an offer sent via the LGFA contract system.

    When a player accepts a contract extension, the team that sent the offer is charged half of that player's total contract last season. However, their total contract becomes last season's salary plus half. The team is ONLY charged for the difference between the new contract and the old contract.

    For Example, wsheikh90 @ $1,000,000 accepts a contract extension from X team. X team is charged 1.5x the current contract. The new contract would be $1,500,000. X team will only be charged $500,000 from their cash for this re-sign.

    Note that Veteran Players with expiring contracts can be transferred, requiring the new team to use an extension/resign on them. These transfers are not guaranteed (aka the team transferring for the expiring player takes on the risk. This player is NOT required to resign with their new team).

    Any players on your team won in bidding that have an expiring contract prior to the next season may be offered an extension in the off season.

    Randomly assigned players cannot be resigned.

    A Player has the right to refuse an extension. Management must receive an acceptance notification to an offer sent via the contract system for a contract extension.

    8.5 : Contract Extension Restrictions

    A player may only be re-signed 1 time after the expiration of their original contract. This will be reset every time they are won through bidding.


    wsheikh90 gets signed on a 2 season contract. At the end of those 2 seasons he can only be re-signed 1 time to have an additional season with the team who held the contract.


    Section 9: Transactions

    9.1 : Release Claim (Waivers)

    The transfer claim is where Management may place a claim on a released player being sent to the Training Camp by sending a private message to the BOGs of their blind bid claim (Must be done on

    The player on waivers can be claimed for half of their original transfer price, rounded to the nearest $250,000.

    If a NO CONTRACT or $0 player has been moved to roster, but then waived at a later date, the minimum to claim the player will be $500,000.

    9.1.1 : Time Frame

    Players can be released at any time during the week to the Training Camp which will put them on a 24hr Blind bid session.

    9.1.2 : Exemptions

    ECU players or players placed on IR are exempt from transfer claims.

    9.1.3 : Procedure

    When a team sends a Player down, that Player will be placed on the transfer claim for 24 hours for any other team to claim before the movement will be completed.

    If a team wishes to make a claim, they must have or make room on their roster. The Player can either fill an empty roster spot, or the team claiming the Player must post a corresponding send-down immediately after the claim’s 24 hour period being over to make room for the Player.

    In order to make a claim, the management of that team must send a pm to the Board of Governors with their one time bid. The team with the highest bid will win that player at the end of the 24hrs after being released. If more than one team has the same highest bid, the team with the first bid wins. If no teams place a bid, that player keeps their current salary and goes to the Training Camp of the team that released them.

    The winning claim will be awarded to the team with the highest bid on that player. If tied, it will go to the team that placed the claim sooner.

    If a Player goes unclaimed, the original send down will be processed, and that player will be available for the Training Camp.

    **Note** If a team waives a player and loses that player to a claim, they're not allowed to acquire that player for the remainder of the season.

    9.1.4 : Restrictions

    Transfer Claims apply to Main Roster Players being sent down to the Training Camp.

    A team may only place a claim on a Player with the intent of placing that player on their active main roster.

    Teams may retract a claim once it has been placed, as long as it is done before the 24 hour waiver period has ended.

    A player on waivers is not allowed to play for a team until their 24hrs have cleared. Playing a player who is currently in the waiver process will constitute as playing an ineligible player. Please reference Article VII : The rule Book, Section 5.3 Ineligible Player.

    9.2 : The Manley Rule (Waiving a Manager)

    Owners are unable to waive their GMs or AGMs.

    9.3 : Transfer Request Waiver Cash Compensation

    In the instance that a multi-season contract player formally requests a transfer from their current team, the team's management is obligated to list the player on the trade block and actively shop the player for 2 weeks trying to find a trade for them. If there are no trades or wildly ridiculous low ball offers (needs to be verified by staff), the team will need to waive the player at the end of the 2 weeks.

    IF the player gets picked up on waivers, the team losing the player will be eligible to receive up to 100% worth of the player's contract.

    The same bidding process laid out in Article V: Rosters and Transactions, Section 9.1.3: Procedure applies for all waiver claims.

    Example 1: Wsheikh90 is on a 2 season $3m contract. The minimum bid is $1.5m. X team claims Wsheikh90 for $1.75m. X team gets Wsheikh90, and the team losing the player will receive $1.75m in return.

    Example 2: Wsheikh90 is on a 2 season $3m contract. The minimum bid is $1.5m. X team claims Wsheikh90 for $4m. X team gets Wsheikh90, and the team losing the player will receive the funds as long as it does not exceed 100% of the contract. In this example, the team losing the player will receive $3m because the waiver claim was more than 100% of the contract value.

    9.4 : IR (Injured Reserve)

    The IR is only used for Roster Players who are unable to play for 6 consecutive games.

    Players can only be used as an IR call-up. Players on IR will remain on the roster.

    When a Player is placed on IR, teams temporarily call up a replacement Player to their roster to fill that space. This player must be an eligibility roster call up. Please reference Article V : Rosters and Transactions, Section 4 for player statuses and eligibility

    A Player may be placed on IR for up to two weeks per season. A Player placed on IR may not participate in games until they have been recalled from the IR.

    9.5 : Permanent Call Up

    A Player will be called up to fill an empty roster spot or to replace a player that is being sent down. Once a player is called up in this manner, they become a roster player. Players being brought to the roster must be an eligible permanent call up. Please consult Article V : Rosters and Transactions Section 4 for player statuses and eligibility.

    9.6 : Loans

    Only a player on a multiseason contract (two or more seasons) is eligible to be loaned out to the agreement of two teams (Team A & Team B) including a player on the last season of their contract. The two teams will agree on a loan fee which will be paid in full at the end of the season unless a player is recalled before the end of the trade window. Loans are available to be done anytime the trade window is open and when performed must be stated in the trade notes. Any loan not stated in the trade notes will just be treated like a permanent trade and will not withhold any loan value.

    Types of Loans:

    Full season loan without obligation to buy: Team A and Team B agree on a loan cost for a player, for season loan.

    • If Team B wants to buy the player at the end of the loan with no obligation to buy, an agreed upon price could be met before the end of the season where Team A determines whether they would want the player to return or be sold permanently to Team B at the end of the season.

    Full season loan with obligation to buy: Team A and Team B agree on a loan cost for a player, for season loan.

    • Team B is obligated to pay Team A the agreed fee at the end of the season for the player being loaned to Team B. If Team B wants to cancel the loan with obligation to buy, Team B would have to return the player from loan and pay Team A ½ the agreed loan fee.

    If Team A would like to recall their loaned player: Team B would have to agree to the recall of the loaned player and Team A would have to pay an agreed amount with Team B to have the player recalled back to Team A.

    If Team B wishes to trade the loaned player: Team B would have to pay an agreed fee with Team A (additionally from the agreed loan fee) which would result in the contract of the player being bought out making the player a permanent roster player for Team B and eligible for trades. note: the remaining contract seasons on the player will remain the same


    Section 10 : Transfers

    10.1 : Deadlines

    BoG’s will start processing transfers after the last game of the game week, once all the stats are entered.

    Management submitting transfers can be sent in any day, or any time.

    The deadline for weekly transfers to be processed by staff will be Sunday at 7pm eastern.

    10.2 : Transfer Submissions

    A Transfer can be a combination of both players and cash. At a maximum transfers must meet a 3 to 1 ratio of cash and players.


    Ex. 2 players traded and cash traded for 1 player.

    Not Acceptable, will be declined once sent:

    Ex. 3 players and cash traded for 1 player

    Once a transfer is submitted and confirmed by all parties (Owners and GM's), it is final! Staff will process these trades. Staff will not be responding to DMs via any form of communication going back on a trade submitted and confirmed by all parties.

    Transfers resulting in a team going under budget, or having extra/less players must be resolved by additional transfers/call-ups/send-downs by Sunday at game-time. Please keep in mind that the deadline for weekly transfers is Sunday at 7:00 pm EST, so if a transfer is needed to make a team salary or roster compliant and isn't submitted and approved by then, said team would be in violation and need to call-up/send-down someone and address the issue internally.

    Players can be transferred several times a week as long as the player's original transfers are processed.

    Transfers involving Retired/Blacklisted Players will be denied and could result in suspension or removal if deemed done in bad faith.

    10.3 : Transfer Compensation

    All compensation requests have been moved to a system whereby BOTH teams are required to have an agreement to be willing to compensate one another PRIOR to the trade being submitted into the official trade system in order for compensation to be required. All trades submitted in the official trade system that ARE NOT accompanied by a trade note that states "compensation has been agreed on by both sides" will not require compensation!

    The Board of Governors will determine what compensation is required if both sides have officially agreed to compensate one another but cannot agree on what asset will be sent.

    ● Once compensation is requested via the Action Centre, the two teams involved in the compensation will receive a message to work it out among each other until Saturday 11:59 PM EST (of the current week, or of the next week if compensation is requested on a Saturday).

    ● Once a compensation request is made in the Action Centre, the League Board of Governors will inform both teams involved there is a request for compensation which will require the pieces from the original trade to be frozen if they are NOT yet traded.

    ● If teams do not agree to a compensation trade, the trade that had the player move to his new team will be reversed. With all the players moved back to their old team.


    ● Saturday 11:59 PM EST: Time limit where the Board of Governors will let teams figure out

    compensation between the two teams.

    League Trade Reversal

    If at any point within the last two weeks of an Owner/Manager stepping down or being banned from the League, staff reserves the right to review any transaction made prior to that member's departure. If a determination is made that some transactions were made in bad faith, those transactions will be reversed.

    In the interest of the competitiveness of the league, any trade deemed to be "fire sale", "one sided, without justification" can be reversed by the Leagues Commissioners.

    Trade Restrictions

    • Players on release are not eligible to be traded. Players in a pending trade cannot be waived.

    • Once a player is confirmed to be traded, the player is not eligible to have a player removal request filed against them until the trade is processed.

    • Any special agreement or circumstance must be outlined in either a PM or in the "Trade Note Box'' It is up to the League BOGs discretion to disregard any "condition" they deem not in the best interest of the League.

    • Waiving compensation must be posted in the trade notes and via a PM that includes league BOGs from the league in which the trade is being made. No other forms of waiving compensation are deemed official.

    • Trades involving Players who have a pending removal complaint will be reversed.

    • Members of Management are not eligible to be traded.

    • Teams are only eligible to make a maximum size trade of three players for one player

    • All trades made for "nothing" can be reviewed and reversed at the BOG's discretion.

    All compensation transfers must be made through the LG transfer System.

    10.4 : Roster Space and Transactions

    Teams can transfer freely for any position they want, as long as they are compliant with Article Four: 1.1, prior to the weekly games beginning.

    If the league switches to another league i.e. (Premier league to Serie A) and a team is returning, a team can be transferred across leagues. This is done by the owner saying they wish to continue into the new season and the commissioner's staff transferring the players to the new league kit.

    Owners can submit transfers for any level of the Franchise.

    10.5 : Transfer Deadline

    The transfer window will vary based on season length. The Commissioner will inform the community of when the Transfer Deadline will be. The Trade Deadline is prior to the 2nd last week of League Games.

    10.6 : Transfer Restriction

    A minimum of 25% of scheduled league games must be played before a player can submit a Transfer Request. If the player has played the adequate amount of games in the prior season, they will be allowed to submit a Transfer Request in the pre-season Trade Window.

    Ex. X player under a 2 season contract plays 8 games in a 27 game season.

    27/8 = 6.75 will equate to 7 games. X player would be eligible to submit a Transfer request.


    Section 11 : Money Allocation

    Money Allocation is when the league sends money to teams for either how they fare during the season or for managers fulfilling their duties during the season.

    11.1 : Season End Rewards

    At the end of each season, every team will earn money back. The amount of money is determined based on how well your team does during the season. The higher in the standings you place, the more money you'll receive towards next season.

    Exception to money being issued is the Preseason Cup. The winning team will receive their winnings immediately.

    11.1.1 : Standings Payouts

    Below is the payouts going into the following season based on how teams do. This is subject to change if the LGFA has a change in the amount of teams.

    1st : $25,000,000 (League Champion)

    2nd : $22,500,000

    3rd : $20,000,000

    4th : $19,000,000

    5th : $18,500,000

    6th : $17,000,000

    7th : $16,500,000

    8th : $16,000,000

    9th : $15,500,000

    10th : $15,000,000

    11th : $15,000,000

    12th : $15,000,000

    13th : $15,000,000

    14th : $15,000,000

    15th : $15,000.000

    16th : $15,000,000

    11.1.2 : Cups

    Cup Champions : $12,500,000

    Cup Runner Ups : $7,500,000

    Cup 3rd & 4th place: $4,500,000

    Cup 5th-8th place: $2,000,000

    Preseason Cup : $2,000,000

    11.2 : Attendance Rewards

    Teams will be rewarded cash for no forfeits. The more forfeits that are had, the less cash they will receive.

    No forfeits : $4,000,000

    1 forfeit : $2,000,000

    2 forfeit : $0

    11.3 Reimbursement

    The following are reasons for reimbursement of a player loss on a team :

    - Ownership Promotion;

    When a player is promoted to owner of the team or when a player goes to another team to take over ownership, that team losing the contract player will be reimbursed. Their contract gets reset to No Contract. Please follow the formula below when determining the amount that gets reimbursed to the lost team.

    1st Season of Contract or Resign Value : 100% Refunded

    2nd Season of Contract (2S or 3S) : 2S, 50% of Salary. 3S, 66.6% of Salary

    3rd Season of Contract (3S) : 33.3% of Salary

    - Manager Promotion

    When a player is promoted to manager (GM or AGM) of the team, that team will be reimbursed for the player's contract. Their contract gets reset to No Contract. Please follow the formula below when determining the amount that gets reimbursed to the lost team.

    1st Season of Contract or Resign Value : 100% Refunded

    2nd Season of Contract (2S or 3S) : 2S, 50% of Salary. 3S, 66.6% of Salary

    3rd Season of Contract (3S) : 33.3% of Salary

    - Retirement

    If a player retires during the off season, the team that lost the player will be reimbursed based on the contract value left. Please follow the formula below to determine how much a team would be reimbursed for.

    2nd Season of Contract (2S or 3S) : 2S, 50% of Salary. 3S, 66.6% of Salary

    3rd Season of Contract (3S) : 33.3% of Salary

    In the circumstance that a player is on a 3 season contract, retires after the first season, and comes back their last season of their contract, that team will then be deducted the percentage that would be awarded for losing a player in their 3rd season of contract (33.3% of Salary).

    *Disclaimer, when calculating the reimbursed amount, staff will round up to the nearest 250k increment.*

    - Bans or Quitting

    In the result of a player quitting or receiving a ban. The team that held the player's contract prior to the ban will be reimbursed with half (50%) of the total contract value. The calculated value will be rounded to the nearest 250,000 increments. Teams will be given a minimum of 500,000 for any reimbursement that falls below it.

    Ex. Wsheikh90 has a contract value of 5,000,000. Wsheikh90 then quits mid-way through a season. Real Madrid will then be reimbursed a total of 2,500,000.

    *Disclaimer, when calculating the reimbursed amount, staff will round up to the nearest 250k increment.
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