Article VI : Player Bill of Rights

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    Article VI : Player Bill of Rights


    Table of Contents

    Section 1 : Player Rights

    ----------- : 1.1 Participation

    ----------- : 1.2 Fair Treatment

    ----------- : 1.3 Request a Transfer

    ----------- : 1.4 Transfer Request Retraction

    ----------- : 1.5 Injury Claim

    ----------- : 1.6 Retirement

    ----------- : 1.7 Right to Appeal

    Section 2 : Player Responsibilities

    ----------- : 2.1 Rules

    ----------- : 2.2 Availability

    ----------- : 2.3 Showing Up


    Section 1 : Player Rights

    Every player in the LGFA has certain rights to ensure equal treatment and opportunity to play, according to the rules and procedures that govern the league. This is provided given that the player has followed those rules and procedures, and fulfilled their commitment and responsibilities as an LGFA player.

    1.1 : Participation

    Players have the right to be scheduled for a minimum of two games of league matches

    Players have the right to be involved in team practices.

    1.2 : Fair Treatment

    A Player has the right to be treated with respect by every member of the community. This includes Staff, Management, and other Players.

    1.3 : Request a Transfer

    All transfer requests are made through the LG Action Center.

    Players only have a transfer request if they’re on multi-year deals. One year deals DO NOT get transfer requests. Below is the description on how many trade request certain contracts get :

    ----- 1yr - No Requests

    ----- 2yr - 1 Transfer Request

    ----- 3yr - 2 Transfer Requests

    A Player has the right to respectfully request a trade. However, only under the following conditions :

    1. The transfer window must be open.

    2. The player must continue to fulfill their commitment to their current organization while they are being shopped. Requesting a transfer does not excuse the player from their responsibility to attribute to the success of their current organization.

    3. The player must give their management at least 2 weeks (minimum of ten days that include 2 Thursdays) to comply with their request.

    4. The player may not request a transfer to a specific organization, they may ask but not request.

    5. A minimum of 6 games (regular season and/or pre season) must be played before a player can submit a Transfer Request

    6. Transfer Requests by a Player are limited to once per season.

    7. The player may not publicly request a transfer, publicly state they requested a transfer, publicly demand to be transferred to a certain team, publicly arrange to be transferred to a new team, or publicly refuse to play during the transfer request process.

    1.4 : Transfer Request Retraction

    A player may retract their transfer request at any point during the two week period by contacting their ownership and two LGFAPA members (If LGFAPA doesn’t exist, include one BoG). Players are only entitled to one retraction a season and do NOT gain a new transfer request if they use a retraction.

    1.5 : Injury Claim

    A Player has the right to request placement on the IR. Under the following conditions :

    1. The player may not participate in games for a period of at least 1 week.

    2. The player may not claim injury for more than two weeks a season.

    1.6 : Retirement

    A Player has the right to declare retirement and retain their player status.

    Retirement can be requested during the off-season only. There are no in season retirements.

    1.7 : Right to Appeal

    The LGFAPA has the right to file an appeal on behalf of the player regarding a decision made against them, according to the Judiciary Process.

    Player Appeals are to be filed with the LGFAPA according to their guidelines.


    Section 2 : Player’s Responsibility

    2.1 : Rules

    It is the players' responsibility to know, understand, and follow the rules. This includes gameplay, conduct inside/outside of the game, and conduct on the forums.

    2.2 : Availability

    Players are responsible for filling in their weekly availability in their locker room each week. The thread is automatically generated each week, and it will require players to select what games they are available for.

    2.3 : Showing Up

    Players who do not show up for games they are scheduled for will receive a strike. Three strikes will lead to a season ban.

    If a player can not make a game, they are required to message their management the reason why they missed the game.

    * The Commissioners office may edit and change these rules at any time under the advisement of a Rules Committee consisting of at least 2 owners. These two owners will be appointed by staff and will communicate on behalf of all owners. The Rules Committee is defined as all staff members, Two owners, and the Player's Association President if there is a Player's Association. All rule changes will be voted on by the Rules Committee.
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