PSN ASG Nominees (Vote Here) #2

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Top 12 S2 Players?

  1. DynoMikeV2

  2. x90trav09x

  3. infin8RaiN

  4. GRZLY

  5. TGil36

  6. alonzi401

  7. olistonge

  8. leoDiManti0314

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    In the above poll are half of the nominees for the All Star game vote. The other half are in thread #2. See link below.
    THREAD #1

    There will be a total of 4 teams. The teams will compete in a double elimination tournament. All series will be a Bo3 except for the Grand Finals which will be a Bo5.

    Make sure to utilize ALL your 12 votes, 6 here and 6 in thread #2.
    Scheduled date for the one night tourney will be hosted on Thursday July 6th. Time 8:00 PM EST (After game 7 of finals).
    Its the players choice vote who makes into the tournament so make sure to get your votes in!

    ***Time will be at 8:00, if you are nominated and cannot make this time, let the staff know ahead of time. Date is fixed.***


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