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    Below is an interview that I had with @Tris10 about how LG was created and how he plans to develop LG in the future.

    It might be published on external sites.

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    Leaguegaming.com – Your Virtual Career

    I have a dream… I want to be an NHL superstar!!!
    Unfortunately, I’m a short stocky man who looks more like Harry Potter’s uncle than Connor McDavid and on top of that, I skate like Rocky Balboa.
    If you’re like me and your dream to score an OT goal on Carey Price to win the Stanley Cup are impossible, you have an option to be part of the next best thing and live the excitement, the competition and the GLORY!!!
    I present to you LeagueGaming.com, better know as LG. LG is a real-time 6v6 hockey league that is played on console (XBOX or PSN) and managed through the web site. Think of it as the virtual NHL. The LGHL is where you can be a super star and work your way up from the bottom (The CHL) to the top (The NHL) all within the comfort of your living room.
    As a member and a huge fan of the league myself, I thought Id take the time and sit down with the Founder @Tris10 and have him explain how he came to build the biggest and coolest NHL esport league in the world.

    @Bigmo QC : Hey Tris, what are your official title and functions for LG?

    @Tris10 : My official title is owner and founder of Leaguegaming.com. I handle everything at the top from the servers, database and all IT development. Along side my fellow Red Names @LG McDonald and @Ozzyng2, together we come up with the site policies, future direction and day to day top level operations.

    @Bigmo QC: I know you are a huge hockey fan. Where does your passion for hockey comes from?

    @Tris10: My passion comes from being born and raised in Toronto, Canada. I always joke that you can't grow up in Rome and not be catholic and you can't grow up in Toronto without being a Leafs fan. Even though our team has done absolutely nothing the last 50 years, this city is still the hockey Capital of the world. The Hockey Hall of Fame, NHL Operations, the NHLPA, and all the major Canadian networks head broadcasting offices (TSN, Sportsnet, CBC) are here so it is impossible not to get caught up with the sport and the Leafs growing up.

    @Bigmo QC: What is LGHL?

    @Tris10: The LGHL is the "Leaguegaming Hockey League", Think of it as the virtual NHL. The LGHL is where you can be a super star and work your way up from the bottom (The CHL) to the top (The NHL) all within the comfort of your living room.

    The LGHL started in September 2007 when NHL 08 was the first game to have any type of “Team Play”. We were the first ever console team league in the world and the foundation of every other team league to be. After the first 3 seasons of the LGHL we were up to 500 members and growing strong. That is when 2K Sports noticed our work and offered me a job. It came with the condition that I could no longer be involved with the site while working for them. I couldn't refuse their offer as Leaguegaming.com was something I did for fun and the idea of my passion turning into my profession was to hard to ignore. I then turned the league over to my #2 at the time, @StagZilla. After 3 years, when I returned to LGHL, the league was in a dismal situation, it went from being the biggest hockey league in the world to basically a dead league. During this period members from the LGHL expanded off and created another league known as the VHL and grew it with incredible success. It was a bit personal for me that something I created was nearly dead so I made it a goal to recapture what was lost and with the help of @Ozzyng2 I worked tirelessly over the next 2 years to regain our former glory. We of course achieved this goal and with it a ton of talented leaders, players and a giant community. One member is our current head of hockey operations @LG McDonald, who's leadership has taken us to the huge success we are at today.
    We have grown year after year to new highs, last year we decided to expand from just being an Xbox League to offer our free services to the PlayStation community. The response we have was overwhelming to say the least. All our estimates we had early on was that it would take us years to grow our PSN league. We did it in the first few weeks. We've grown to be now not just the #1 Xbox Hockey league in the world, but the #1 PSN Hockey league in the world and I'm very proud of that.

    @Bigmo: How did it all start?

    @Tris10: LG’s history really follows my own online gaming path. Being born in the 80's it was a right-of-passage to have a N.E.S. as a kid and grow up playing Nintendo games like Mario and Zelda. Even though PC games were always ahead of the curve and I've made a living working on computers, I’ve been drawn to console gaming for its worry free and press-to-start simplicity. When Xbox (the original) came out with Halo I was one of those guys that hosted LAN parties with their friends and was instantly drawn to the power of playing in virtual tournaments against other users.
    In 2002, Xbox announced their new online beta service "Xbox Live" and I joined instantly and couldn't get enough. I started playing MotoGP, a racing system that allowed 16 racers to all play at once and I quickly raced up the 5th in the world out of 200,000 other racers. At that time, online forums were just starting and all the stats had to be done manually. Since my profession was to develop online systems, I offered my services in handling their stat system and that was my first ever community work in online gaming.

    After about a year NHL 2K3 was released and it was the first ever online console game. Seeing as hockey was my favorite sport, I decided to make my own hockey league and I came up with “Leaguegaming.com” when i was driving to work one morning and registered it. That was June 6th 2003. In our first season, we had 8 guys in the league.

    @Bigmo QC: What are the fees associated with joining LG?

    @Tris10: To play in LG is completely free. You are free to join all our leagues, use all our features like our free mobile app, our forums, use all our tools, stats and anything else completely free of charge. LG was never setup to be a business and we are proud of that mentality.

    @Bigmo QC: It can't be cheap to operate such an elaborate website; do you have any membership options?

    @Tris10: If members are happy with our service and wish to give back to Leaguegaming.com, we accept donations. You can do so on the home page. In return we recognize you (the user) and give you extra perks like a distinguished coloured name, the ability to use AdBlock software on the site, the ability to use any custom image next to your name in the chat and other perks too like a larger avatar size etc…

    @Bigmo QC: What does someone has to do to start his virtual career on LG?

    @Tris10: Starting your Online hockey career is very easy! Simply come to www.leaguegaming.com and register. Then signup for the LGHL (Xbox or PSN). You will start in the CHL where you will have to make a name for yourself. They are always looking for new talent to help them win the Memorial Cup. From there , how far you go is up to you and your talent. Could you work your way up to the AHL and NHL? If you do, it will be because you turned the right heads and earned that spot.

    @Bigmo QC: What makes LG better than other similar leagues?

    @Tris10: In short; Everything! I personally think we do every major aspects better then our competitors. First and foremost, our technology is 2nd to none. We have a full stat system automated from screen shots using OCR (Optical Character recognition). That improves accuracy and also saves so much time for managers. Making things as easy as possible for people to run teams. We have a free mobile app where you can signup for games, see stats, lineups and use our chat features. As far as all our features go, no one comes close.
    We also have the best leaders. It all starts at the top with @LG McDonald and his leadership and his BOG's. They know the rules inside and out and always act as fair as they can and in the best interest of the league.

    We also do the little things best, for example when you are confirmed for an LG game and use the LG mobile app, you will get a push notification instantly and it will add your scheduled game to your phone, setting a reminder alarm. We also do common sense things like we if we see someone in the game streaming, we attach the stream to the game and put a “LIVE” button so people can watch that game live. NHL playoffs games can have several hundreds of people watching “LIVE”

    @Bigmo QC: What are the short and long term plans for @Tris10 and the LGHL?

    @Tris10: My short-term goals are to be stronger with media and content. I believe that LGHL sanctioned game is “our content” and is valuable. I want to make a bigger use of that content and expose it better. For example, if you missed a huge overtime playoff game, you could get a notification and go watch it. I also want to turn our site more into a place where people come to watch the best online hockey games, even if they are not in the league but they know to come to LG and watch the best players and competition in the world. Right now, we simply put links to past games and expect the user to know to click and watch them, and that isn't enough.
    Thank you for your time @Tris10

    On a personal note, I’m someone who works in the real-life hockey business and when I discovered LG, just like every other member, I got hooked on the realism of the league and the intensity with which the amazing community is involved. There’s everything a hockey fan loves: The competitiveness, the advanced stats, the scouting, the star-system and of course the good old friendly chirping.
    My Gamertag is @Bigmo QC, I am the Season 23, LGCHL, Memorial Cup Champion Owner and very proud of that achievement. We are always looking for new talents around the leagues so join up and make yourself known to the community. Like many others in the LG community leaders, I’ve decided to do my part and help make the best league in the world even better.
    Make LG Better.
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