OFFICIAL BOG Official Stance On Goalie Glitches (Updated 12/19)

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    In light of what we know now about the various types of goalie glitches, goals on the following types of glitched out goalies are disallowed moving forward until EA releases a fix for them:

    1) Bunny hop (goalie can only move in bunny hops):

    2) Frozen goalie (goalie is frozen in a standing animation and vibrates in place):
    LGCHL 2 vs 3
    By DaKushyBear Dec/05/2016 09:30PM

    3) Moonwalking goalie (goalie cannot move normally, gets stuck in animations, and will often moonwalk):

    However, the team with the glitched goalie MUST attempt to dump the puck out of play as soon as possible (without resulting in a penalty). Teams that continue to play normally with a glitched goalie forfeit this protection. The other team is also eligible to dump the puck out of play to reset the goalie. Whichever team dumps the puck out of play when a glitched goalie is spotted is to receive the ensuing faceoff.

    In all 3 cases above, goalies cannot move normally, if at all, or make an attempt at a save. If your team scores on a glitched out goalie, a restitution goal can be given to the other team to avoid potential league-issued replays (see the section of the constitution quoted below). Both the goal on the glitched goalie and the restitution goal would not be counted in the stats (or any shots/assists tied to them). When in doubt, play normally. If a team scores on your glitched goalie, record a video of the incident and submit it to the league for review (proof will always be required for us to review a disputed goal). If a goal on a glitched goalie ends an OT period, teams can simply resume the game and not count that goal in the stats.

    Any player found to be obviously attempting to imitate or otherwise induce the types of glitches above for the purpose of stopping a play will be issued an automatic 3 season ban.
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