OFFICIAL BOLTS CHEL CHALLENGE 2023 - Qualifier #1 Information

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    Hello Everyone,

    This post is to update everyone for the first Bolts CHEL Challenge Quailifer, Here is some quick important information

    • You are required to be in the official LG Discord so you can communicate with your opponent
    • This event is a 1v1 NHL 23 event on the Xbox Series X|S
    • The Qualifier is Sat Jan 14th & Sun Jan 15th at 2pm eastern
    • The qualifier is open to the first 256 signups.
    • There will be 4 random brackets of 64 players, the brackets are double elimination.
    • The bracket will be generated no later by Noon eastern on Saturday
    • How how many games are to be played each day, please refer to the image below
    • Only 1 person will "win" this qualifier.
    • Both teams must use the TB Lightning NHL team in the game *This is not a HUT event*
    • If you need any help on how to use the LG site to enter stats or find your opponent read this thread.
    How to claim a FF if your opponent does not show/respond
    In round 1
    , if you check-in to your game and your opponent doesn't, you can claim a ff 15 minutes after scheduled game time.

    In all other rounds, we ask you check to see if your opponent has checked in, or is playing a match. If after 45 minutes of your scheduled game time, you can ask an admin in the discord to advance you.

    If you have any questions please ask!

    Game Settings
    • Game Mode: Online Versus
    • Difficulty: All-Star
    • Period Length: 4 minutes
    • Game Type: Competitive
    • Rules: Custom
    • Fighting: On
    • Penalties: On
    • Injuries: Off
    • Offsides: Delayed
    • Icing: Hybrid Icing
    • Tie Break: Continuous Overtime
    • Control Goalie in Shootout: On
    • Teams: Tampa Bay Lightning current roster
    • Music: Off
    • Announcers: Off
    • Position Lock: Off
    Good luck everyone.

    Games to be played for each day

    64-player Bracket