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    Tournament will start on Thursday February 11th at 11:00 pm EST. Each country will have their reserve line play for “home ice advantage” on this date. The game will be 6 periods long; with a host swap for the second game. Whichever country wins the 6 periods on aggregate goals will win home ice advantage for their respective country! This game DOES NOT count towards the best-of-25!

    The Best-of-25 starts Sunday February 14th at 11PM EST! *First team to win 13, wins the tournament*


    (home/away is to be determined by the home ice game on the 11th)

    Game #1 & 2: Sunday February 14th @ 11PM
    Game #3 & 4: Monday February 15th @ 11PM
    Game #5 & 6: Tuesday February 16th @ 9PM
    Game #7 & 8: Wednesday February 17th @ 11PM
    Game #9 & 10: Thursday February 18th @ 11PM
    Game #11 & 12: Sunday February 21st @ 11PM
    Game #13 & 14: Monday February 22nd @ 11PM
    Game #15 & 16: Tuesday February 23rd @ 9PM
    Game #17 & 18: Wednesday February 24th @ 11PM
    Game #19 & 20: Thursday February 25th @ 11PM
    Game #21 & 22: Sunday February 28th @ 11PM
    Game #23 & 24: Monday February 29th @ 11PM
    Game #25: Tuesday March 1st @ TBD

    Each game will compose of 6 periods…*two games of 3 periods will be played, with scores of both being added together*

    Games will take place from Sunday to Thursday *No Friday + Saturday games*
    If Tournament goes to 25 games the final game will be played on Tuesday March 1st

    Games will be held in CLUB

    There will NOT be mandated Team Canada and Team USA clubs that must be used for tournament games. It is up to every respective line to organize themselves and ensure they are able to get on the same club.

    The catch with using Club teams: USA and CAN abbreviations MUST be used and use USA and Canada jerseys.

    Max games played per individual is 7

    2 games a night will be played *meaning 2 lines from each country*

    Games start at 9:00 and 11:00 pm EST *


    Away teams MUST submit lines 24 hours PRIOR to game time!

    Home teams MUST submit lines 2 hours PRIOR to game time!

    For this tournament, if a team posts their lines late, they will forfeit their next matchup advantage.

    To further explain: no matter if you are home or away, if you post your lines late, the next time you have home ice advantage, the posting times will switch. So, say USA posts late lines. For their next night of home games, USA will post as if they are the away team and post lines 24 hours ahead of time. Canada will then have until 2 hours before the game to post their lines.

    With this rule, the physical host of the game does NOT change. USA retains host, they just give up their matchup advantage. This rule will be applied as often as need be for every late posting. You forfeit advantage as many times as you post late lines.


    •That rule is as follows: Both Canada and USA are allowed 3 instances where, if their entire line is not able to get onto the same club, the game will be played in lobbies (this is mandatory and the opposing team has no say in it, unless the following bullet point applies).

    •To prevent potential abuse of this rule, this is limited to 1 use per line for the entire tournament. A repeated instance of this from the same line will require them to sub out the offending player(s) and play the game in club regardless. For the purposes of this rule, a "line" qualifies as having 4/6 of the same players scheduled.


    Teams are allowed a maximum of 2 subs per game. This is to avoid excessive line switching abuse in an attempt to take away matchup advantage.

    Roster Limits

    Seeing as many people own both consoles, we have come to an agreement that no more than 6 players per side may be added from " Xbox " players.


    Absolutely no fighting is permitted in the tournament (goalies or skaters). **awaiting clarification for punishment if a fight occurs**

    Host Lag Check

    To be fair to both teams, the AWAY team will let the HOME team win the faceoff, skate around for 5-10 seconds to test the connection. The HOME team will flip the puck out ( without taking a penalty ). At that point they will pause and quit if its bad, or continue to play from the center ice faceoff.


    If a lagout occurs, the following procedure applies: play continues as normal until the NEXT WHISTLE. At this time, both teams quit out of the game. EVERYTHING that occurs between the lagout and that whistle counts (i.e. if a goal is scored). Note: If a goalie lags out it is that team's responsibility to force a whistle the next time they touch the puck (if said team takes a delay of game penalty by flipping the puck over the glass in the process of getting a whistle, THAT penalty will not be enforced). There is to be NO quitting out of the game mid-play.

    Upon restart of the game, time will be wound down to replicate the game situation (any leftover PP time from the lagout game must be accounted for in the new game) at the time the previous game was ended. The player that lagged out must take a penalty (if the goalie lagged out, any skater may be chosen to serve the penalty) at this time.

    Power-Play carry-over

    Any powerplay 45 seconds or more must be carried over into the second 3 periods, while any powerplay 44 seconds or less will be tossed out and does not have to be replicated.


    Away team can only ask for a new host by disputing it before the game begins to load (by backing out of the matchup screen to indicate the request.)

    Away teams have 1 challenge per 3 periods – meaning if the second host is not to their liking they can ONLY ask for a third host for the 2nd 3 periods.

    START TIME: 11:00 pm EST *SHARP*

    All games start at 11:00 pm EST SHARP - meaning both teams must be ready!

    If a team is not ready by 11:15 they MUST take a minor penalty to start the game

    If a team is not ready by 11:25 they MUST take a minor penalty to start the game + everyone playing on that respective team gets penalized by having their game count as 2 games played…Meaning they would only have a MAX of 6 games played!

    If a team is not ready by 11:30 they automatically forfeit the game + the forfeit game counts as 2 games played for everyone on the original line-up.

    With the Added 9:00 pm games, same timelines are to be followed but starting at 9:00 pm
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    Challenge club is very shady as in it is always lags for the home team
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    it does that regardless of lobby or club, hence the host lag procedure test
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