OFFICIAL Capsgaming Showcase - Season 4 - Europe

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    Welcome to the Capsgaming Showcase - Season 4

    This post is to provide you important information about this event, for full rules please read the CapsGaming Rules doc.

    Event Details
    • $10,000 usd Prize Pool
    • Players must live in either: Sweden, Finland,The Netherlands, England or Ireland
    • Players must be 18+ as of Nov 12th 2022
    • Team must have at least 6 players on their LG roster by Dec 7th 11:59pm Eastern
    • Cross-Play: Event is on PS5 or Xbox Series X|S (The entire team must be on the same console due to cross play restrictions) on NHL 23
    • Server Selection is locked to "Europe North"
    • This event is 100% online.

    You can signup here --->

    Event Dates

    Regular Season Flex Schedule
    The regular season will have "flex schedule". The default game dates will be every Thursday. The schedule will come on each Monday. Teams can agree to play anytime during Tuesday-Sunday. If teams do not agree the default Thrs time will stand.

    Playoffs will move to a Wed/Thrs system. The entire series will be played in a single night. Matchups will re-seed each round and be "best vs last" based on the regular season standings.

    All game times are defaulted to 20:00 Central European time.

    Week 1 - Dec 8
    Week 2 - Dec 15
    Week 3 - Dec 22
    Week 4 - Jan 5
    Week 5 - Jan 12
    Week 6 - Jan 19
    Week 7 - Jan 26
    Week 8 - Feb 2
    Playoffs - Round 1 - Wed Feb 8 (bo5)
    Playoffs - Round 2 - Thrs Feb 9 (bo5)
    Playoffs - Round 3 - Wed Feb 15 (bo5)
    Playoffs - Semi Finals - Thrs Feb 16 (bo5)
    Finals - Online - Feb 19 (bo7)

    Event Format
    • Swiss Style. Each week in the regular season you will match-up vs a similar skilled team to play a best of 3 series. (8 weeks)
    • Top 32 teams make the playoffs (best vs last, reseed each round).
    • Playoffs are BO5. Finals is BO7.
    • In the regular season, you can play anytime from that weeks "Tuesday" to Sunday" if both teams agree, and your matchup is not designated the "Feature Matchup". Featured matchups may be asked to play at a specific date and time for broadcasting purposes.

    All other questions please post below!
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    Xbox team trying to sign up! When trying to, it is locked on PS5 and requires me to "verify PSN account". Help would be appreciated :D
    No Streaming Account