Charity Stream For Terminally Ill LG Player

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    Tonight's LGCHL Broncos @ Tigers 8:30 game will be a charity game

    It will be streamed on Twitch and all Donations through PayPal (link will be in the info section of my twitch) will be donated to @JOSHGORDON845 .
    Josh is a member of the Tigers and has been battling Kidney cancer and is in and out of surgeries and treatment.

    I believe that we as a community should come together and help out one of our own as much as we can.

    Rising medical bills are one thing that Josh and his family should not be worrying about, instead they should be focused on spending as much time as possible with his friends and family.

    Please help me and the rest of the Medicine Hat Tigers by joining the charity stream tonight at 8:30 eastern.
    Even if you can't donate just wishing him good luck and being there for him would be greatly appreciated.

    My Twitch is
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