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    The bear defense example listed above by Gopher is what I have seen a lot of online lately. They run a coverage zone with one blitzing linebacker, play tight inside coverage to take away quick passes. They have 2 safeties back so you just can't lob it up.

    The problem with this is that they are playing a run defense, but have enough coverage taking way short patterns. Even in Shotgun they are on you in a second. By taking control of the DT and running by their guy they are taking advantage of a glitch in the game and are in fact cheesing.

    To beat it you have to be patient. use rb swings, quick outs or TE dumps where the blitzing linebacker is coming from. Your in for a long, dull, boring game with this defense.

    I guarantee that VC did not intend for this to be used that way. Anybody that uses that I refuse to play a second time.
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