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    We are introducing the official LGHL Discord Channel
    >>> JOIN LINK >>>
    Video Tour >>>

    After a lot of discussions and input from the community, we are officially going to launch our own LGHL Discord Channel! There are two MAIN focuses for this channel. The first focus is to help improve website navigation through various website links included and organized in this channel. Secondly, we wanted to ensure our players could remain connected to the league without having to constantly check the website for key information, or for key dates. Moving forward reminders for seasonal signups will be pushed through our channels to ensure everyone who is part of this channel never misses a deadline for bidding again!

    Key Features:

    • Locker Room Quick Links
      • Currently, we require all of our players to signup for their weekly games via the website. At times it was difficult to find where the locker room is located for this task.
      • Every team's quick link for their specific locker room is locked in their respective league category.
      • Website permissions currently ONLY allow you to view the locker rooms of the teams you are assigned to in the NHL, AHL, and CHL.
      • REMINDER - Once you've accessed your locker room, the ability to signup for the ENTIRE season's worth of games is now available to you as well.

    • Role Assignments
      • Currently, we are giving players the option to assign their own role based on console league as well as position.
      • It is recommended to ONLY select your primary position and your PRIMARY league as your roles. So if you are in the CHL on an active roster, but also in the NHL and AHL on the TC, we recommend setting the CHL to your primary league.
    • Stay up to date on Events, Timelines, and What's New on LG
      • Over the last three years, it has become very obvious that the players just want to show up and play hockey. Unfortunately with how quickly the seasons turn over and how fast-paced bidding is, at times our players tend to miss key deadlines and therefore miss out on an opportunity to play.
      • Being able to reach more players on a platform that is MORE convenient for you, the player is something we believe is essential for our continued growth.
      • LG also offers several NHL Esports opportunities for 6v6 events, to 1v1 GWC events. We want to ensure members on our platform are given the opportunity to compete in as much hockey as possible!
    * This server is version 1.0. At this time we are working towards additional improvements and upgrades that will be coming at a later date. With the sheer volume of teams we currently have, along with the number of teams offered on BOTH consoles, team roles will be one aspect we will be leaving out until later this year. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please by all means post in our channel under our suggestion box!

    As always thanks for your continued dedication to LeagueGaming
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