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    We are currently days away from the start of the CHL Playoff Run! Having a complete sixty team CHL, allows teams to compete for the QMJHL, OHL and WHL playoff championships. After the four week playoff League Champions are decided. Then we will jump into a single week Memorial Cup Playoff.

    Each playoff series(up until the Memorial Cup) will be a best of seven series. Since we all are very use to having weeks with nine games played, the scheduling for the playoffs tends to be the hardest thing for new managers to grasp. The scheduling rules state the following:

    • EVERY PLAYER MUST BE scheduled/play in ONE game during the first four games of the series.
    • If the series goes six games, EVERY PLAYER MUST be scheduled/played two games in the first six games of a series.
    • A player can ONLY play their THIRD game in GAME SEVEN OF THE SERIES!
    Understanding The Terms and What They Mean:

    Scheduled: Means to be confirmed for a game(green on the lines)


    ECU: Using a player from the TRAINING CAMP, in the place of a player listed on the active roster.

    Roster Subs: Using a player whom is on the active roster in the place of a scheduled player ALSO on the ACTIVE ROSTER

    Common Mistakes Made:

    1. Failure to schedule a player with in the limits above. Regardless if one of your players IS NOT available to play one game in the first four games, that player MUST BE SCHEDULED THEN ECU'D IN ORDER for your team to remain compliant for the entire series!
    2. Making too many roster subs in a single game. YOU CANNOT change out an ENTIRE AFTER the lines deadline for each game has passed! You are limited to ONE roster sub PER GAME! This is to simulate "Home Ice Advantage"
    3. Playing a player three games PRIOR TO GAME SEVEN! Based on the rules above, a skater CANNOT play their third game of a series PRIOR TO GAME SEVEN!
    All those mistakes listed above WILL RESULT in games being overturned to forfeit losses!


    • Read over the playoff rules several times! If you have questions send them to the CHL BOG Staff, @xX Z3NO Xx and I
    • When you set your schedule, if a player does not show up, USE ECU'S!!!! Roster subs is where a lot of players get confused, and make mistakes. If you simply use ECU players, you wont get mixed up!
    Memorial Cup Host and Structure

    The host team for this season's Memorial Cup will be...the QMJHL League Champion Cape Breton Screaming Eagles!

    If the Screaming Eagles make the QMJHL Finals, their opponent in that final playoff series will also be sent to the Memorial Cup. If Cape Breten is eliminated from the playoffs, the QMJHL Playoff Championship will be headed to the Memorial Cup along side Cape Breten(Host), The OHL Winner, and the WHL Winner.

    The Memorial Cup structure tends to be a single game round robin. Each team plays one another once. Different lines must be used for all three games.

    After the round robin, the teams are ranked one through four. Seed One gets a bye to the finals, Seed Two and Three play a best of three series, and Seed four goes home empty handed.

    Below are the playoff rules, with some suggestions and recommendations made in green! Please take the time to read and review these rules, and if you have any questions or concerns let staff know ASAP!

    I wanted to take this time to wish all the teams competing luck on their journey to the Memorial Cup

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    This document is considered an extension of our current four Article Constitution. Anything not outlined in this document, is covered in our Constitution and will be enforced as per the Constitution.

    If any player or manager has any questions in regards to these rules, please forward them to me directly.

    --------: Section One : Playoff Scheduling Rules

    ----: 1.1 Rosters
    ----: 1.2 CHL Game Times
    ----: 1.3 Line's Deadlines
    ----: 1.4 Scheduling Restrictions
    ----: 1.5 Illegal Substitution
    ----: 1.6 Forfeits & Game Setup Procedures
    ----: 1.7 Reschedules

    --------: Section Two : Additional Playoff Violation Rules

    ----: 2.1 Punishment Violations
    ----: 2.2 First Degree Violations
    ----: 2.3 Second Degree Violations
    ----: 2.4 Third Degree Violations


    Section One : Playoff Scheduling Rules

    Playoff Rules In Regards to Article Two : Scheduling and Game Night Procedures

    1.1 : Rosters

    Each team is required to enter each round with a complete 17 player roster. (There is no limit on positions. just be sure to have a maximum of 17 players listed on your team, entering each round)

    The deadline to having a complete 17 man roster for each round is 8 PM EST on the Sunday prior to game one.(Straight forward, you have until 8 Pm each Sunday prior to each round to ensure your roster is correct)

    Anyone listed on your roster after 8 pm EST will be required to be scheduled according to the scheduling restrictions posted below.(Pretty straight forward. This is the reasoning for why we want you to have 17 players on your roster, entering each round)

    All players on IR MUST BE replaced by SCHEDULED, then replaced by ECU players(TC Players)

    1.2 : CHL Game Times

    Sunday 8:30 PM(Game 1)

    Monday 9:30 PM (Game 2)

    Tuesday 8:30 & 9:30 PM(Game 3,Game 4)*

    Wednesday 8:30 & 9:30 PM(Game 5-6)*

    Thursday 9:30 PM(Game 7)*

    * If needed

    1.3 : Lines Deadlines

    Away team must confirm their lines three hours prior to the scheduled game. If away team lines are not posted on time, it will result in a 1st degree violation.

    Home team MUST post their line one hour prior to game time. Failure to do so will result in a 1st degree violation.

    If the away team's lines ARE NOT posted prior to the Home Team's deadline for posting their lines, the home team does not need to post their line up until after the game.

    If the home does NOT have their lines posted 30 minutes PRIOR to the game start(or not at all) , the away team is eligible to change their entire line up.

    *** Recommendation is to have your players post availability rather than the normal game selection used during the season***

    Deadlines for lines to be posted

    8:30 Start Time
    -Home Team (7:30 Lines are due)
    -Away Team (5:30 Lines are due)

    9:30 Start Time
    -Home Team (8:30 lines are due)
    -Away Team (6:30 lines are due)

    ** To ensure the higher seed team maintains home ice advantage, the lines due for game six for the away team(higher seed team), has been changed to ensure their game five line up does not need to be posted before their game six line **

    The main focus of this second is to ensure we have home ice advantage. Having the away team post their lines for a game first all the home team the ability to line match. All of this ties heavily into the next sections which discussions your limitations when scheduling but also when removing players from a line up AFTER the lines are posted past the deadline. Unlike the season lines are NOT due on a weekly basis. You have to do your lines nightly. I recommend you keep your players in the loop, and I strong encourage you to have our TC guys sign up for games, so you know whom is available in a pinch. I also recommend pulling 4-5 TC guys aside and have them on standby all playoffs. This can prevent forfeits but also give you an advantage. If these TC guys play a game, and your team wins, we will issue them a trophy as well.

    1.4 : Scheduling Restrictions


    Scheduled (confirmed to play a game. Green name on the lines for the game in question)

    Played (physically played the game, and will be listed in the game stats once the game is completed)

    CHL Substitution (the action of replacing one CHL roster player with another. By doing this form of substitution, the player who was ORIGINAL SCHEDULED will need to be RESCHEDULED for a game based on the scheduling limitations; one game in the first four, second game if the series goes six)

    ECU (the action of using an TC player to filling the position of a roster CHL player who was not able to attend a scheduled game. When an ECU is used, the ORIGINAL CHL PLAYER whom was SCHEDULED DOES NOT NEED TO BE RESCHEDULED. THE ECU is used in replacement of the player who was scheduled, and that player can NOT BE RESCHEDULED AGAIN.)

    ALL players listed on the 17 man roster, MUST be scheduled for one game in the first four games, and two games if the series goes to game six. Game seven anyone can be used.

    A player whom does not show up and is replaced by an ECU, forfeits their eligibility to play a game outside of the limits listed above(one in four, two in six)

    Each team is ONLY allowed to make ONE CHL substitution per game.

    All other substitutions have to be an ECU. The single substitution rule DOES NOT apply to game seven. A player whom is subbed out of a scheduled game and replaced by another roster player MUST BE SCHEDULED again within the limits above(one in four, two in six)

    Goalie scheduling limitations are the same as players. A Goalie is required to be scheduled / play one game in the first four, and must be scheduled / play a second game if the series goes to a game six. Game seven, any goalie can be used. A goalie whom plays as a skater, becomes bound to the scheduling limitations of a player.

    A skater can only play their third game of a series in game seven. Skaters(C-RW-LW-LD-RD) whom play as a G, are STILL restricted to the skater scheduling restrictions.

    Teams are only eligible to use the SAME ECU TWICE per series

    A goalie can only play their fifth game of a series come game seven. Goalies whom play ONE game as a skater during a series, MUST then only be scheduled according to the skater restrictions.

    Understanding the Scheduling Limitations

    If a player is replaced by an ECU, it DOES count as a game scheduled for the roster player who did not show up. Therefore your roster player is ineligible to play an additional game outside of the one in four, two in six rule listed above.

    EX: MCDONALD is scheduled for game 2, he no shows, and is ECU'd. Therefore he is ONLY eligible to play / be scheduled for one more game if the series goes six games. The game played by the ECU player, also means that player can NOT ECU again this series.

    If a player is replaced by an CHL Substitution, the game counts as a game SCHEDULED/PLAYED for the player who is the REPLACEMENT. Therefore the ORIGINAL PLAYER will need to be re-scheduled.

    EX : MCDONALD is scheduled for Game 2, and he no shows. He then is replaced by a roster player; Joe Blow. Therefore game two counts as a game played / scheduled for Joe Blow. MCDONALD will still need to be scheduled for his game before the series hits four games.

    This is by far the MOST important section of the ENTIRE rules. If you were to make a mistake that resulted in an overturned game, IT WILL be because of one of these rules. Let's recap a bit :

    • In the first four games of a series, EVERYONE[regardless if they CAN or CANNOT play] must be scheduled for a game. Each season we see managers say, "I didn't schedule him because he couldn't make it." This is playoff hockey, and these rules MUST be followed. The first four games are spread over Sun-Mon-Tues. If a skater can not find time to make ONE of those games, oh well.
    • If a skater is scheduled for his first game, in either game one, two or three, you as a manager have two options if the player cannot make it. 1) Use a TC player as an ECU or 2) Sub him to a new game and use a roster player in his place. The benefit of option 1 is, the player whom did not show up DOES NOT need to be rescheduled. But if you replace that player for another roster player YOU MUST reschedule the player whom you are taking out of the game since a SUB game ONLY counts for the player whom played! ECU games count as a game played for the original player AND the ECU skater
    • Keep in mind you can only make ONE sub PER GAME!!!! This is not like the season where you can sub out entire lines!
    • Game four and Game six can cause you scheduling issues. The rules state every player listed on your roster during the round MUST be scheduled/play for one game in the first four games and TWO games if the series goes six games. If we break this down, NO PLAYER can play both game five and six. One line will end up playing twice in the first four games. But consider this, if a player's first game of the series is in game four, and that player can NOT make the game, that player MUST be ECU'd. If you use a roster sub, the player being removed will not have played according to the one in four, two if six rule. Same applies to players whom second game is game six.
    • If a skater is listed as a goalie, I recommend using them ONLY as a goalie. In a seven game series, your back up only have to place once in the first four games, and only twice by game six. Therefore you can have a 4/2 split heading into game seven. Once you start mix and matching skaters in net, and goalies out, you screw up the entire restrictions and will cause yourself headaches.
    • Your TC players can ONLY ECU twice per series! DO NOT use a TC guys more than twice in a series or you will run into overturned games. Also, keep in mind players listed on your TC IN The AHL, CANNOT BE USED!!! For example, Cydonian Knight is on my line in Albany, but on Lethbridges TC. He has a call up indicator showing him in the AHL. He CANNOT be used as an ECU, even after Albany is out of the playoff! If you find a skater on your TC whom does not have that call up indicator, let the BOG know ASAP!!! And I strongly recommend you double check EVERYONE on your TC to ensure they are marked correctly. The finals in the LGCHL PSN league was decided in game four by an overturned game due to an ECU player being used whom was in the AHL.

    1.5 : Illegal Substitution

    Since the rules state that everyone NEEDS to be scheduled for one game in the first four games and two if it goes six, in the situation where a player(s) first game in the first four is in fact GAME FOUR, he CAN NOT be replaced by an CHL Substitution!! The reasoning being is game four will not count as a game played by the original player, therefore breaking the scheduling restriction rules. The best practice is if a player can not attend a game, use an ECU.

    An ineligible substitution will result in games being overturned due to the fact the game in question was affected by the player whom is ineligible.

    This is more in depth about what I described above.

    1.6 : Forfeits & Game Night Setup Procedures

    Regular Season disconnection procedures do apply. Each game is given a ten minute buff from the original scheduled game time(8:40,9:40) in order to have the game started.

    An additional ten minutes can be requested at anytime during the ten minute buff for connection issues. If a team requires this additional ten minutes, it needs to be requested to the opposing team's MOC.

    Honor this rule. Keep in minute we give you a ten minute buffer not to be abused but to ensure if guys have to reset, or get disconnected you cans till get the games played. Be gentlemen, and don't take advantage of this.

    1.7 : Reschedules

    Reschedules are an option but only in two conditions. First being if there is an Xbox live issues then the League will be rescheduling all games that night. In situations where two teams may not be effected by the Xbox Live issue, and decide to play anyways, the game result will count. Second condition is if both teams agree to reschedule a game due to lag issues, input issues, etc.

    Section Two : Additional Playoff Violation Rules

    Playoff Rules In Regards to Article Four : The Rule Book

    2.1 : Punishment Violations

    Complaints will NOT be filed by League staff unless otherwise directed to do so by the commissioner.

    All complaints will be reviewed and ruled on, on a nightly basis during the playoffs.

    Violation punishments that are issued the same as the season and are rated as a "degree" rather than a "strike."

    First and Second degree violations are considered "team punishments". Therefore these punishments will be assigned to a game in which they need to be served, not a player.

    EX : MIN has late lines for Game three. After reviewing the complaint, MIN will need to take a minor penalty to start game four.

    Three degree violations issued to specific members involved in the violation.

    2.2 : First Degree Violations

    The team receiving the violation MUST take a penalty off the opening face-off.

    The League recommends taking a delay of game penalty, since that is the most effective way to take the a two minute minor penalty.

    Examples of First Degree Violations
    -Late lines*
    -Late stats*
    -No pictures*
    -No Stats*
    -Late pictures*

    *Each violation listed above will only be deemed acceptable as a first degree violation, once per season. Any addition violations listed above(per series) will result in a second degree violation.*

    2.3 : Second Degree Violations

    The team receiving the violation MUST take TWO BACK to BACK penalties off the opening face-off.

    The League recommends taking a delay of game penalty, since that is the most effective way to take the a two minute minor penalty.

    This will result in their opponent starting of the game with a 5-3 power play.

    Examples of Second Degree Violations
    -Playing an ineligible player(this also results in the game in question being over turned.)
    -Late Lines(third time in a series)
    -Late or missing stats((third time in a series)
    -Late or missing photos((third time in a series)

    2.4 : Third Degree Violations

    A player or manager receiving a third degree violation will lose his game eligibility. Since a player can be scheduled for a MAX three games a series(two in the first six, and then game 7), depending on how many games a player has played will determine what game they are not eligible for.

    In order to serve a game suspension, the team MUST schedule the player receiving the three degree violation, and then ECU that player for it to count as a game served.

    These suspensions carry series to series and season to season.

    Examples of third degree violations
    -playing with an ineligible roster (twice or more in a series, this also results in an ineligible player violation)
    -Late Lines(more than three time in a series)
    -Late or missing stats((more than three time in a series)
    -Late or missing photos((more than three time in a series)
    -failure to serve a first or second degree violation punishment

    ** The League reserves the right to issue more of a suspension in situations not outlined in the violations. The punishments will be reflective on past practices of this season. This is in reference to but not limited to, second tag issues. **

    Any in game violations will be the same punishment as during the season
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