Chronicles of a Drop-In Hero, EPI #3 LGCHL Edition!

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    Back again this week with more HUT GIVEAWAYS(Xbox only, sorry) as I play a drop-in and touch on ALL things CHL!!!

    Included was a follow up video whereby I give a quick site tour for anyone BRAND new to LG!

    I will also be creating a quick reference write up tomorrow to follow up these two Video!!

    Hope EVERYONE Enjoys!!

    Thanks for watching!

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    Good Afternoon Commissioner @LG McDonald & Whoever Else This May Concern.

    I'd like to start off by saying that the video is very informative in regards to the LGCHL & Somewhat spot on when it comes to the building aspect of the LG moving forward. I am currently a active roster player in the developmental league on the PSN side (LGCHL). I've Joined the LG late so I wasn't able to be part of the bidding process so I'm still considered a Prospect (Randomly Assigned). I've went through signing up, Playing maybe 2 or 3 Games on my first assigned team (The :team383: Oshawa Generals) to being "Accidentally Traded" to the :team401: Kingston Frontenacs where I have taken over as the Assistant General Manager & Been put in charge of player scouting & development throughout the organization & been given the Captaincy on Defense by @Agger23 .

    I couldn't agree more with the direction & you goals that you wish the LGCHL on the PSN side should go. When I got here I noticed as a TC player, There were 30 + TC players on the roster & maybe 6 Other at your chosen position that you are to compete with throughout the weeks. I think there is NOTHING wrong with a little friendly competition & hopefully others agree but when I was sitting there looking at the 20 teams in the CHL you have going, Not many of them are keeping the TC Roster players involved within the Organizations activities. I can only speak from the Organization that I'm on now but we do one hell of a job in trying to at least give the TC Roster players a fair share in looks through either Drop-In games, Club games or Scrimmages. It's definitely hard to get them in during the regular season as you have your lines set up & yeah maybe here & there a TC guy that has been performing gets to get called up & play as a fill in but to have 30+ Guys sitting there on the roster in some of these organizations & not doing things is tough. A lot of them seem to feel that they aren't good enough or they aren't getting paid attention to so they get up & leave or just ignore any notifications coming in to be active with team activities. I alone think I have had @birthday_machine remove in the matter of a few weeks 13 + Members off of our roster who were once active but since learning they were on a TC roster with NO sight of being able to play (In their eyes) looked hopeless to stay.

    With the amount of players we have in the LGCHL, I hope the majority of them (Like you mentioned in your video MULTIPLE times) Sign up for a management role in the upcoming season. I really do feel bad for all the ideal sitting players in the TC Rosters that aren't getting an activity. I've been weighing in on possibly assuming a ownership role in the upcoming season of the LGCHL just to develop players & what not.

    Again very informative video & awesome league. I hope more people take the opportunity to view & watch it. Also if you have any questions or comments regarding what I said or the video, Please feel free to have a productive conversation about it here. The more questions or ideas you might have is better for progression & implementation moving forward. ​
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