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    Now that the “ Wild Card “ is over we know who is really here to play heading into the semi-finals. So let’s take a look at next week's matchups.


    :team97:Knicks vs :team92:Heat : I think we all know how this series will most likely go ,but this is 2k and anything is possible. Rick and friends will see playoff action next week in their quest to win back to back titles. They Finished 1st in the east along with the best record in the league and will look to make quick work of New York. The Knicks have an uphill battle and will need to play on a level higher then they have all season if they wish to have any chance.

    I'm gonna say Heat in 4, the Knicks might be able to steal one.

    :team99:76ers vs :team79:Hawks : Now assuming that both teams have all their guys show up and I can this being a back and forth series, but sadly I don't see that being the case. I think the Hawks are the more complete team of the two teams giving them the edge. The 76ers need to play on their A-Game. They should look to find a way to finish it in 4, avoiding a potential 2nd game 5.

    I still see the Hawks taking this one in 4 games.


    :team94:T’Wolves vs :team96:Pelicans : The Battle of the PG’s, BWitt vs Venom. These 2 teams have been on fire all season long and will surely have the whole league's attention as they battle it out in a Best of 5 series. It will be interesting to see how they decide to line up against one another. Neither team's 1st line can afford to drop a game.

    Pelicans in 5

    :team90:Lakers vs :team91:Grizzlies : With the Lakers coming off a sweep in the 1st round they look to keep the fire burning vs the 2nd seeded Grizzlies, LA will need to find a way around the Grizzlies 1st line and hope for success vs the Grizzly 2nd line. Best hope for LA is to push for a game 5.

    I have Grizz in 3
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