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    This policy will serve as reference to how one should conduct themselves on, its chatbox, its forums, its apps and during all sanctioned LeagueGaming activities, including but not limited to league games, parties and private messages off-site. For any off site (console or third party apps) physical evidence (pictures or recordings of voice communication) are required.

    Your use of this website and its tools is governed by the Terms of Service

    Below you will find the General Policies and related punishments associated with the Social Conduct Policy for

    This policy also covers any areas not described in the individual Constitution of any League on This document also supersedes any individual League Constitution when the question of site interactions and guidelines are involved.
    1. Above all else, if you find yourself asking whether or not you're crossing the line, chances are you shouldn't do it. As our founder Tris would say, “Don’t be stupid.”

    2. There is zero-tolerance for race, religion, sexual orientation, culture, ethnicity, disability, nationality, or gender as a means of insult, or other discriminatory or derogatory remarks. No, seriously, we mean zero tolerance. No abbreviations, slang terms, “leet” speak as substitutions for those words, either. Here are some examples but it is not limited to these things: n-word, f-word, “~*~*”.

    3. There is zero-tolerance for the posting of personal and/or private information. This one is also obvious but gets dicey. What is private information? Here are some examples but it is not limited to these things: home addresses, phone numbers, full names, names of wives, kids, etc. Any information found on a public or social site is not allowed to be reposted without the consent of the original owner. Just because it’s public on another site does not automatically make it public information on

    4. No attacking or threatening any Community member of any level (Staff or basic member).Personal threats and incessant berating of a member on a personal level is unacceptable. This includes family members and other related persons. What are attacks? Here are some examples but it is not limited to these things: death threats, rape threats, jokes about bombing someone’s place of work or residence. There will not be any tolerance for attempts or threatening to DDOS or “Swatting”.

    5. No links to pornographic material of any shape or form. Pics, GIF’s, or video’s are also not acceptable as part of the Privacy Policy. Any other real-life blood and gore should be labeled R as well.

    6. Trolling is not someone posting an opinion that differs from yours, but someone posting a message designed to get others mad enough to violate one of the other rules. Going on a board and posting "This game sucks and everybody who enjoys it is stupid" is trolling, and nothing good will come of it. Going on a board and posting "I hated this game, the controls were awful," isn't trolling, although it may not be popular opinion. Even if you disagree, you can either debate the user on their points or just ignore it.

    7. No spam, no advertising, no malicious content. Do not fill the chatbox with symbols, or long posts of the same words, letters, etc. Never post on our website any links to competing websites or leagues without prior express permission from Site Staff only (red names). Here are some examples but it is not limited to these things: phishing, defrauding others, spreading malware or viruses, posting large amount of repetitive unwanted messages interfering with the normal function of the Chat Box conversation.

    8. Harassment of a member is deemed unacceptable and should stop immediately upon the request of the user who is reporting the harassment.

    What to do if you see a possible violation

      • Screen shot of the incident at the actual time from the Chat Box sent to the Admin Staff or Moderator Group​
      • For forum posts you can either take a screen shot and submit via the Action Center or PM to League Staff of that specific League or utilize the Report Post function​
      • Searching back thru the Chat Box Archive and looking for possible violations will not be accepted, a screenshot of the actual comment in the chat box itself is required​

    Punishment Guidelines

    Any comments or actions deemed by the Moderator Group or Admin Staff can be issued a punishment (Timeout) based on the following guidelines. A”Timeout” is placement in a specific user group on the web site that restricts access to forums and chat boxes for the duration of the “timeout”. This does not prevent any member from participating in any League Sanctioned events such as scheduled games.

    1st degree: 1 week chat ban

      • This is used for minor infractions and first time offenses - a “cooldown”

    2nd degree: 1 month chat ban

      • This is for repeat offenders and more egregious comments

    3rd degree: 1 day - 6 month chat ban and forum mute *depending on the severity of what is said and done, this can be issued as a first degree punishment*
    • Again repeat offenders and consistent non-compliance

    Further actions can and will include permanent removal of site access for a period of time to be determined by the Moderator Group along with Site Admins. Additionally, banning is at the discretion of the Moderator Group and Site Admins based on: previous actions, any other incidents the member may have been involved with including any forum posts made outside of the Chat Box, and the current state of the chatbox (other infractions happening simultaneously or after warnings).
    Any questions in regards to the LeagueGaming Code of Conduct can be directed to @LG McDonald via PM.
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