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    Code of Conduct

    League Gaming promotes highly competitive game play in simulation Leagues. At times, just like real sports, emotions do get the best of us. Comments as listed below, are examples of what the League has deemed unacceptable. Trash talk does have line and limit, therefore all members of the League are required to act within those limits.

    It is extremely important to remember that this is a video game hockey league. What members do with their personal lives is private unless otherwise stated by that member. The number of members who frequent this website is extremely high, therefore we do not want to alienate or scare new members away from our site due to the conduct that maybe displaced on forums or in the Shout Box.

    Play hard, have fun, be competitive, but respectful to each other.


    Certain conduct will be deemed unacceptable on the website.

    -Racial Slurs
    -Homophobic Remarks
    -Posting another members personal information
    -Cyber Bulling


    Punishment Website Etiquette Infractions

    Warning : First offence for minor issues, will be an official warning, followed by a PM

    Loss of Website Privileges : At my request Tris has created a usergroup with extremely limited forum permission. Meaning the player will be eligible to see their locker room, for availability purposes, that is it. No chat box, no forum access. The player will be eligible to appeal, to have their forum and chat privileges restored after a period of time.

    Seasonal Bans / Website Bans : Some situations require serious and immediate actions. That means the member could face a website ban and or a seasonal ban. This is for extreme cases and ideal for the League Staff to have to issue.

    *The League can not possible outline everything that maybe deemed unacceptable. There in some situations, when a complaint is filed with adequate proof, the League maybe deem the issue a website etiquette infraction.*


    Formal Complaints and League Action

    Any member has the ability to file a formal complain via The Action Center. The will only rule on issues that have a formal complaint file. Any questions or inquiry about any issue that has occurred can be direct to myself, Ozzy, and Tris.

    *Please ensure that any complain filed has picture evidence attached to it for staff to review and rule on*
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