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    Vetting How To Reference Thread

    There are THREE major concerns that result in 99% of vetting requests being denied, or for vetting requests to be asked for more information!

    #1 Do you have Xbox Gold? Do you have PSN+? If Not, what account are you sharing PLUS or GOLD with?

    • One of the FIRST checks our system performs is regarding the status of your Xbox or PSN account linked to your vetting request. The system has the ability to see IF you are Gold, or IF you have plus by referencing the public information on Xbox.com or from Sony's website.
    • If your current account you registered to the site DOES NOT have GOLD or PLUS, that is okay! We also give you the option to link the OTHER ACCOUNT you share with. When linking that secondary account, ensure you link the exact spelling of the account's name NOT the user's REAL NAME.
    #2 Why Do You Have An IP Match To Another User?
    • The website tracks every IP you log in from and runs a check against ALL the current accounts ALREADY registered here on the website.
    • Did your friend create your account? Did you allow a friend log into your account? Did you make the account from a friends house? Did you make the account from your phone on a wireless connection? ALL of this situations sends red flags to your account that have to be investigated and delays your account's approval.
    • The best case scenario for your account creation is from the same location you PLAY from.
    #3 Have You Provided The Required Screenshots?
    • The "how to" thread shows examples of what screenshots we require depending on if you are PSN or Xbox.
    • We recommend using Imgur.com to host your image, then post the shared links into the request. Discord would allow you to do the same as long as the images get ONTO the site and INTO the vetting request for reference if needed.

    Does your action require more information? Heading back to the Action Center where your created the first ticket, you will see the OPTION to give that additional information.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.