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    I wanted to touch base with each management group to discuss some issues that continue to occur and will continue to plague the League. Communication is such an important part of any League and I feel we are lacking it here for our PSN League. I know we are only in the second season of this for many of you guys, and things take time to build and grow. I would like to try and accelerate the process by opening the lines of communication more between all of us to ensure issues I am seeing occur stop. I want to make myself and staff more accessible for all, and I need you all to meet me half way.

    I am handling a ton mutli-account issues right now and I would like the ability to lean on all of you to ensure these issues stop through education. Being an owner and manager here is much more than just building a team and playing games. I want everyone with the management names to be leaders in our community and help us grow our PSN League. Growing this league and building a better environment just means a better league for all of you to be a part of as well.

    So again, for those of you whom aren't aware, my Skype name is BMCDONALD1919. Feel free to add me.

    Also if you have ant suggestions or comments please contact me via PM
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