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    General Conduct
    No talking about anyone’s Family at any point while you are in this league. Failure to do so will result in an immediate removal from this league. We will respect each other at all times. During League Business: If you are in this league you represent the league even if you are in/on Twitch. You always represent the league at all times. If League staff determines or feels you have broken the general code of conduct you could be held to suspension or ban from the LGNFL.
    Thanks and good luck to you all.
    The Commissioners and Staff

    1.1. All games start at 9:00pm and 10:15pm eastern time. If your 9pm game is not started by 9:10pm you cannot play that game and must get ready for 10:15pm game. All teams must be online and in the 3 vs 3 lobby with the lobby name team vs team. (LG BAL VS DAL) All 6 players must be in that lobby 15 minutes before start time if players are not in their team lobby your game will not count.(you must start game from team room/lobby) All games have a ten minute start (9:00pm game must start no later than 9:10pm. 10:15pm game must start no later than 10:25pm. If these games are not started by designated start times or a team does not show up or communicate with their opponents, team owner, or scheduling BOG, you will receive a 2-0 forfeit (There are no excuses for not showing up and playing your scheduled games) By not doing so you are not respecting the League or players) Be responsible and play your scheduled games or suffer a forfeit. Any games that need to be rescheduled must be rescheduled with the scheduling BOG. If it is not, it will not count. Both owners have to communicate with each other and find a tie that works for both teams. The scheduling BOG gets notified and needs to approve it.

    Each game is in team play lobby with 6 min quarters no accelerated clock on, clear weather, all Madden, and whomever is home has to play at their stadium. Away team picks away jerseys, and home team picks home jerseys. Sometimes you will have to communicate to the other team which color jerseys you are wearing (cowboys) because their home and away colors are messed up.

    It will now be mandatory for you to schedule three players plus one extra player as a stand by player for each game. That stand by player needs to be on just in case someone on your team doesn't show up. This way you are not scrambling around for an alternate player at the last min. Example of this would be DEN VS ARI @ 9:15pm on 4/27/2015 So wrecked QB, Bow4beer WR, Oh so country RB, Rayqwan29 RB all in green and Bow would let me know I am on stand by for that game.

    1.2. All stats must be submitted in two formats
    1a. Photos must be taken of game stat screen (box score so forth and so on), then change to players stats screen and photos must be taken with both teams player stats being at same time. You must take photos of QB, Screen RB Screen, WR Screen and then the defensive stat screen. You must take clear photos if you do not take clear photos your stats will not count. (Clear photos means be close enough to TV so that they clear but also large enough to see)
    Both teams must take photos of both teams stats. The losing team takes photos first. Once they get their photos, they will send a message to the winning team and let them know they can take their photos. Only one person should be going through stats at a time per team. Stats must be entered within 24hrs of that night’s games. Failure to do so will result in no stats credited for your game and player stats, and the result of the game will be counted as a loss for the team that failed to enter their stats in on time. If both teams do not enter in stats, the score of the game is 0-0. Owners and GM's that don't enter in stats within 24hrs will both be suspended for one game each.
    1.2a. Stats also must be submitted for each week’s games within 24hrs from last night’s previous games. Again failure to do so will result in a loss for your team and no game or player stats recorded. Changing stats and or scores without a commissioners permission after the 24 hrs will result in the game being a forfeit for whatever team changed the stats and that person being suspended for one game. If it happens more than once that player could be banned.
    1.3a. Owners and Management have to have the schedule/availability posted in their locker room by 5pm est on Friday and must have their schedule confirmed by Sunday at 5pm est. Any players that post that they are available to play on certain days and times, but are not confirmed to play, might be used to play in case of scheduling conflicts. Owners and Mangers will ask the alternates/training camp players to play first, but if you post that you are available to play, and you refuse to play, you will be suspended for one game first offense 2nd offense will be 2 games and a third time will be a check mark and a week suspension. The same goes for alternate/training camp players.
    1.4a. Owners, GM's and management are a team. If a rule is broken such as stats not being entered in correctly the Owner will receive a strike and the members of their management staff will receive a verbal warning. If your management keeps on breaking rules your punishment will become worse and worse and may lead to becoming suspended and or banned. Make sure you are accountable for one another at all times during the season.

    1.3 BOGS: They are as followed: Senior Bog: CKxWhalefan26
    RulesBog: CKxWhalefan26
    (1.3a.) RulesBog:credited: CKxWhalefan26
    Any questions, concerns, and or rules violation or infractions are to be submitted to the rules bog with proof (example:video photo etc.) Then the issue at hand will be reviewed by the rules bog and league committee.
    (1.3b.) Player Personal Bog:CKxWhalefan26
    All trades and any other player personnel concerns or question go through this BOG.
    (1.3c.) Stats Bog: CKxWhalefan26
    All stats, questions, and concerns and all game stats submitted to in the format as stated above in stats rules go through this BOG

    1.4 Commissioners: Phillies2299, Rayqwan29, and Oh So Country

    1.5 All questions, concerns, and or violations go through THE ACTION CENTER DO NOT MESSAGE STAFF. If you have a complaint, File it under THE ACTION CENTER. Failure to do so will result in your situation not being heard or reviewed. Please follow the league policies and procedures. Example: (rules violation during game, play the game out and submit proper evidence after game.)
    1.6. When you come to any member of staff on the website with a problem AKA THROUGH THE ACTION CENTER, be civil with them. No yelling or swearing. If you violate this, that staff member will ask you to calm down and talk with them the next day. If you aren't civil with them, you will receive a pending strike and your case will not be heard. If you spam them with invites or messages, again your case will not be heard and you will receive a pending strike again ALL VIOLATIONS GO THROUGH THE ACTION CENTER YOU DONT HAVE TO COME TO STAFF.
    Again gentlemen failure to follow procedure will result in your case not to be reviewed or heard and potentially a suspension and or possible removal from the league.


    2.1 In the first half, if you lag out, you must finish that half and take stats. The score will stay the same for the second half. Restart the game and only play the remaining half. Take stats of that half and combine the two for a full game. If a player lags out the second half, play through that half. There will be no restarts for the second half.
    2.3 If a player lags out twice in the same game, too bad. Play it out.

    2.4 If a QB lags out in the 1[SUP]st[/SUP] or 3[SUP]rd[/SUP] quarters, restart the game if in the 1[SUP]st[/SUP] quarter, restart first half if in the 3[SUP]rd[/SUP] quarter restart the second half with scores staying the same.
    2.5 The position you start as is the position you play the whole game. You can’t change positions if there is a lag out or restart.
    2.6 If a game freezes the whole game must be restarted as if you never played yet,do to the fact that teams and players can't get stats. The score stays the same and you replay the whole game.
    2.7 Quitting a game will not be tolerated if every member quits the game on your team no matter what this will result in a loss. That game will not be played. If you quit a game this falls under the quitting policy and you could be banned for 3 seasons.


    No pausing the game until after 5 plays after the kickoff. Home team will pause the game the first time so you can reorder depth chart. After that each team is only allowed to pause the game two times or if someone lags out and you need to get stats. If you lag out and restart the game, the pauses will restart just as if it is the beginning of the game.

    3.1. No QB or RB is allowed to throw outside the numbers. If you do, you must punt the ball. If you scored a TD by throwing outside the numbers, you must let the other team score a TD and then punt the ball to them on your next possession. Throwing outside the numbers and not completing the ball is still against the rules. You will have to punt the ball. The only exception to this is throwing the ball away. You can go outside the numbers and then come back inside the numbers and throw the ball.

    3.2. No “Glitch” routes or “Nano” blitzing. No Fade routes. If a play has a Fade route, you must audible out of the fade to a slant, Out route, in route, zig, comeback, streak, or curl.

    3.3. If you have the lead in a game by 28 points by or before the 4[SUP]th[/SUP] quarter, you must run, run, pass when you are on offense NO HUDDLEING WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED IF YOU ARE IN THE LEAD. If you violate this, you must punt the ball to your opponent on the next play. If you score a TD by violating this rule, you must let the other team score, and on your next possession, you must punt them the ball.

    3.4. If you are not able to pick a play after 5 tries, do to the game screwing up, you keep the score and restart the game. The team that has possession of the ball will receive the ball upon the restarted game.
    3.5. You may only go for it on 4[SUP]th[/SUP] down in the 4[SUP]th[/SUP] quarter. If you are winning, you may only go for it on 4[SUP]th[/SUP] down if it’s 4[SUP]th[/SUP] and inches unless you are up by 14 points. If you are down in the 4[SUP]th[/SUP] quarter, you may go for 4[SUP]th[/SUP] down at anytime. If the game is tied you must punt the ball

    3.6. Your game balance must be 65/35. This means your pass to run ratio, or run to pass ratio, may not exceed 65/35.

    3.7. No Line Backers are allowed to be placed on the D-Line unless it is out of a sub package. You are only allowed to run these packages 3 times a drive and not back to back. If the other team no huddles this rule is not in effect.

    3.8. You may only go for 2pt conversions any time if it mathematically makes sense. Ex. if a team goes for it to make the game a 9 point game instead of a 10 point game this does not make sense. You may not go for 2 point conversion to win the game.

    3.9. You must have some of your D-Line rushing the QB at all times. If you are running 3 D-Line men, two have to go after the QB. If you are running 4 D-Line, 3 have to rush the QB. If you have 5 D-Line 3 have to rush the QB. You can't have all D-line back in coverage. Unless the play picked dictates other wise.

    3.10. You may sub in (DB’s for SS’s and FS’s) (LB's for LB's) and (DL for DE or DT).

    3.11. No “Superman Diving” with a QB, RB, FB, or WR if the WR is on a running play. This is where you dive over the offensive and defensive lineman to get a first down or TD. This is considered a glitch.

    3.12. The RB may not back juke behind the line of scrimmage unless a defensive player is engaging them.(QB runs count for this rule as well) You can back juke behind the line of scrimmage once you are outside the tackles and or pass the numbers.

    3.13. You must lock into a position prior to game starting. No Any’s

    3.14. Running backs may be motioned into 5 wide sets, but must be set for two seconds. Unless the play dictates otherwise

    3.15. Sub Package Blitz and Blitzing alone may only be done 5 times a drive and never back to back. if the other team no huddles you must audible out off your blitz.

    3.16. The QB option play can only be ran 3 times a DRIVE. An Option is considered an Option no matter who gets the ball.

    3.17. No blocking PAT’s. You are allowed to block Field Goals.

    3.18. Sportsmanship Rule. No kneeling the ball and then throwing a pass or a pass TD. If your team is up by 42pts, you must run the ball from under center. Congratulate your opponent win, lose, or draw.

    3.19. No running out of bounds on kickoffs or on punts for the kickoff team. Normal kickoffs have to be kicked to your opponents 10 yd line. You can squib kick and onside kick anytime you want. No kicking the ball off out of bounds. No Glitch punting.

    3.20. A play that has a preset motion is legal or any pass preset motion. Any man made preset motion must be set in formation for two seconds before the snap for a pass. On a run play you can have a WR in motion and hike the ball without the WR being set for two seconds. The manual motion must clear the tackle or tight end (if on the play) You can snap the ball once the motion play has cleared the tight end.

    3.21. If you lose, you lose. No whining. If you think something is wrong, follow the procedures and file a complaint IN THE ACTION CENTER. You must have evidence or your case will not be heard.

    3.22. You may only run a “Hurry Up Offense” 3 times in a row. If you run it a 4[SUP]th[/SUP] time, you must punt the ball. If you scored on a 4[SUP]th[/SUP] hurry up, you must let the other team score and punt them the ball on your next possession. You can run the hurry up offense as many times as you want while under the 2 min warning unless your the team up 28 points this will not be tolerated.

    3.23. Don’t user “pull” a route until it is at the top of the route unless its a streak do it beyond 5 yards.

    3.24. You are not allowed to run manual routes off the smoke screens.

    3.25. On defense you may move a defensive player around but once in position you must keep them set. No circling. Also you can't audible LB's over and over again on defense and must be set prior to the QB hiking the ball. ( Guessing the QB snap which causes the LB's to get free untouched through the offensive line which is a "Glitch")
    3.25a. You may not manually move LB's as deep as the secondary. Example moving them near the safety's.

    3.26. After all league games are played no matter what the outcome was, show your opponents some class and sportsmanship by telling them good game.

    3.27. No stiff arm glitch is allowed.

    3.28 A QB is not allowed to run backwards 10 yds. (FROM WERE THE QB TOUCHES THE BALL) to escape pressure from the defense and throw the ball downfield for a completion. The QB can try and run to get away from the pressure but no farther then 10 yds. and gain as many yds as they can with their feet or they can throw the ball away. Punt the ball if this rule is broken

    3.29 Repetitive plays on offense and or defense will not be tolerated during league games and or pick up games.

    3.30 If a game goes into OT you are only allowed one QT TO WIN!!! If each team does not score or it is still tied by the end of the QT that game will result in a tie.

    Article 4: Players

    1.0 All players must pick their offensive and defensive position before the season starts. Once the season starts, your offensive position is locked in we do not have a defense lock at this time. Owners and Gm can change their position prior to game time based off team need. Ex if a owner is a RB and your fill in player is a RB the owner would have to switch positions and the fill in player would play RB. However if your line up is all fill in players with no management then at that time it would be based of team need to decide who plays were. If you have 2 fill in players and 1 management the management still has to change their position. Failure to do so will result in a forfeit loss for your team and a one game suspension. In order to be picked for a post season award a player has to play their position 80% of the season.

    2.0 A player can request a trade only once during the season. Once they have put in the request through the ACTION CENTER, the owner has 7 days to trade them. If they can't trade them, they must be put on waivers and the player that requested the trade will be allowed to have another trade request once they are put on a team. Ex if you put your request in on a Tuesday that owner has 7 days from the day the request was put in the action center to trade you. If you do not allow the owner 7 days for you to be traded your request will be denied. Ex you put your request in 5 days before the trade deadline that request will be denied. All Random assignments need to play for their team for one whole week before asking for a trade request. If they get put on a team a week before trade deadline, they are stuck playing for that team for the remainder of the season.

    3.0 A player can refuse a contract from a team. If they refuse the contract, they will only play for that team for that season. If they agree to a contract such as two or three seasons, they must fulfill their contract. If they retire and or quit during their contract, they will be suspended from the league for three seasons.

    4.0 Anyone streaming the game live on a website such as Twitch, will not be able to host the game do to lag issues.


    * If there is a tie for who get's into the playoffs, There will be a one game playoff to determine the winner.

    * Every Round will be a 7 game series

    * During any seasons this constitution might be changed at any given time to benefit league play. Any new changes that are made will be posted in the forums so all the players are made aware of the changes.


    Sunday-2 games Monday-2 games Tuesday-2 games Wensday-1 game. Total 7 games
    Players can play a max amount of 4 games and a minimum of 3 games per week. (This also includes training camp players, but is based off of team owner's discretion.)
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