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    Greetings Anaheim Ducks NHL 23 Launch Tournament players,

    Here is a link to the official ESHL Discord ->

    All communication for this event will be held under the "Anaheim Ducks NHL 23 Launch Tournament presented by McDonald's of Southern California" channels.



    • Upon entering the server, you will be prompted to accept the Discord Policy as outlined.
    • This is created to ensure that all players are knowing of what will happen in the event something occurs on the Discord server.
    • As a reminder, the Discord server is a part of the website and any issues that occur on the server will be dealt with punishments on the website as well.
    • Once the Discord Policy has been read through, you may react to the green checkmark to gain access to the next channel where you may choose your landing home for any events.
    • You will also have a copy of the policy for your reference for the future as well.
    • This channel will serve the purpose of which set of channels you would like to be a part of. Every channel requires a role reaction. Once you react to the role, you will be in those channels. Keep in mind that when the role is toggled BLUE, that means that you have the role currently. If you want to remove it, just toggle again.
      • You may join the ESHL Xbox or ESHL PSN set of channels.
      • You may also choose your position of Forward, Defense, or Goalie to be recognized across the server when someone is looking for a position to play a game or challenge a team.
      • You may also choose to be a FREE AGENT for any of the leagues listed above, or if you are looking to challenge another team to a scrimmage match, you may also toggle to receive those set of roles as well.
    • Everything you need to gain access to the server will be provided in this channel.
    • Once you have chosen your roles above for your desired league, you will also see another category for requesting a team role.
      • The role-request channel is the one channel where you can choose your role for the on-going event.
        • If a team signs up but does not choose a role, a randomly generated role will be given to the team.
        • Simply find the role you want (your team), and toggle the reaction. You will get access to the role instantly. If you wish to remove the role, un-toggle the reaction.
    • Roles will be added in bunches by @ShortyxLOSE. Do not PM or DM them as they will be done daily when possible.
    • In order to get access to the Ducks Gaming NHL 23 Tournament channels, you’ll need to react to the role in the ducksgaming-role channel.
    • This is a separate section in the server, so simply react to the role by toggling it to gain access.
    • The ESHL Discord has many channels for communication. The channels range from chatting about random things, looking for matchups to play another team, or posting for position/free agency.
    • On game nights, simply go to the desired chatbox and find the opposing team by tagging their team role. If you are an Owner or Manager, you will have your own set of channels as well and you may use those channels to tag those team roles as well.
    • If there are any issues on game nights, you may contact the appropriate league staff for these issues. In the server, you can ping the @Ducks Gaming Staff, when needed. You can also send a site PM if there is an emergency.
    • Game night issues can be dealt with on Discord by any staff member. But, if it's a stats related issue, or something else, send a site PM to the Ducks Gaming Event Admins.
    The ESHL Discord is run and operated by @ShortyxLOSE. If there are any questions or concerns, please contact them via a PM on the website or DM on Discord.

    Welcome to the Ducks Gaming NHL 23 Launch Tournamnet and have a blast!
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