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There is Hope

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    Dreams and Aspirations - There is Hope.

    I ran into my former coach of my aau team today. And told him that I was not having the best year academically or personally, lots of stuff going on in my personal life and debated on if life is really worth living in or not. He gave me the best bit of advice I could have ever heard.

    Now understand, I was not his best player on a team full of division 1 athletes, I probably was the worst out of the 14 people. But he still treated me like I was his own son, and for that I commend him.

    I was talking to him today about what was going on in my life, quitting the college team, and not even wanting to go to class. He then told me that he went through the same stuff as me as a young adult. So I thought to myself... "Wow, this man, the one I looked up to for so long struggled with depression and social anxiety like I do, and does a good job at hiding the fact to this day." the next piece of information he gave me gave me a new outlook on life.

    He told me, look your life right now seems like it's hard, but it's only going to get harder if you let yourself slide into this hole that easily. Learn from your mistakes, and take advantage of the time you have. Don't make this portion of your life something you'll think about 20 years from now and say well damn, I regret doing all of that back then. Truth is, this is the easiest portion of your life, but the hardest at the same time. College gives you a preview of who you're going to be as an adult, but it is also where you have no responsibilities at all, just school. So why waste this opportunity by clamming up and wallowing in self pity? Everyone has dreams, but not everyone will achieve them. Aim high, but let your dream be reachable enough to where you can achieve happiness in life.

    These words struck me hard. They made me want to get out of this funk that I am in, and better position myself for my future. Moral of the story is... Never let yourself get so far down in the dumps that you cannot climb out of the hole you have dug, and if you are in the hole, you always have people that are here for you whether it be coaches, teammates, parents, friends, or anyone. Just let them know what is happening in your life, and they will ultimately surprise you

    I know this isn't NHL related, but I thought I would share the words from someone I truly look up to.​

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    I read this as anal team.
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    Everyone goes through the same ebbs and flows. That's good advice from your coach. I'd like to add, though, don't be afraid to make a change.

    Sometimes what you're currently doing just isn't right for you, point blank. You'll just keep falling back into that funk so long as you keep doing something that might seem like the right choice for everyone else, but isn't right for you.

    The first time I dropped out of college all I heard from everyone was how I needed to go back and what they thought my priorities should be. I went back to college a few months later but ended up in the same place. This time I decided to make a decision for myself and not what everyone else wanted or said was the proper decision. I was 19 years old, left the University of Cincinnati and joined the Army. I'm 27 now, been married going on 5 years, travelled the world, deployed 7 times, own a house, provide for my family, and I'm flying fucking helicopters every day.

    Don't be afraid to be yourself and find your own path.
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